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1 Landmark study finds no difference in psychological wellbeing or quality of family relationships between children born by assisted reproduction (egg or sperm donation or surrogacy) and those born naturally at age 20--ScienceDaily
2 How did Earth get its water? Exoplanet discoveries inform new model that could explain the origin of some of Earth's signature features, such as its abundance of water--ScienceDaily
3 Solar sails could guide interplanetary travel, says new study
4 People who think positively about aging are more likely to recover memory--ScienceDaily
5 School discipline can be predicted, new research says. Is it preventable?
6 Vaccinations could increase survival rates, study suggests--ScienceDaily
7 Wet winter boosts California's reservoirs
8 Time-restricted fasting could cause fertility problems--ScienceDaily
9 Is coding a good career?
10 Researchers develop carbon-negative concrete
11 Not such small things: Microplastics in our streams
12 How electricity can heal wounds three times as fast--ScienceDaily
13 The Mac Mini 2 is ideal for students, and it's on sale right now
14 Astronomers detect a massive brown dwarf orbiting the star TOI-5375
15 Spectacular galactic merger Arp 220--ScienceDaily
16 Colossal iceberg trapped near Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' for 20 years is finally on the move
17 Metal-poor stars are more life-friendly, suggests study
18 Bird feeding helps small birds fight infection--ScienceDaily
19 Expert discusses how atmospheric rivers bring historic rainfall to California
20 Teasing strange matter from the ordinary--ScienceDaily
21 Severed hands buried in ancient Egyptian palace were likely 'trophies' exchanged for gold
22 Biological invasions as costly as natural disasters, study finds
23 Swimming secrets of prehistoric reptiles unlocked by new study--ScienceDaily
24 10 common skin conditions / Live Science
25 Why 'born digital firms' should have a physical presence in foreign markets
26 Researchers develop carbon-negative concrete--ScienceDaily
27 Chernobyl: The world's worst nuclear disaster
28 Great Pacific Garbage Patch now home to thriving ecosystem, scientists say--National
29 A machine learning model for identifying new compounds to fight against global warming
30 Observations using the human-occupied vehicle Alvin are the first of deep-sea coral reefs in the Galapagos Marine Reserve--ScienceDaily
31 Ethereal whirlpool of light grows into a giant, perfect spiral above Alaska. What was it?
32 Coastal species persist on high seas on floating plastic debris--ScienceDaily
33 Research shows that cod love the artificial reef at a wind farm
34 3D scanning of enigmatic fossil may have brought an end to debate about whether it is a vertebrate or invertebrate--ScienceDaily
35 Even as temperatures rise, this hydrogel material keeps absorbing moisture
36 Environmental toxin PCB found in deep sea trench--ScienceDaily
37 Bats' high-risk, high-gain hunting tactics increase prey profitability
38 How music can prevent cognitive decline--ScienceDaily
39 Towards more efficient and eco-friendly thermoelectric oxides with hydrogen substitution
40 Female butterflies breed despite male shortage--ScienceDaily
41 Demonstrating the computational power of ecosystems
42 Students learn better when their brainwaves are in sync with their classmates and teacher--ScienceDaily
43 Water rationed in Catalonia as drought bites deeper
44 Humans, and piglets, and bears, oh my! Preventing dangerous blood clots--ScienceDaily
45 Help discover the sounds of space played by NASA's HARP
46 First Nations populations at greater risk of severe flu, research finds--ScienceDaily
47 Clouds for your eclipse? NASA experiment will fly kite to rise above
48 Wearable device could help diabetic patients deal with foot pain, balance issues--ScienceDaily
49 Oppenheimer: Everything we know about the atomic bomb creator's biopic
50 Investigating the growth of snow algal blooms on Mount Gassan, Japan
51 Naturally fire-prone ecosystems tend to have more species of birds and mammals, new study reveals--ScienceDaily
52 How good is the PSVR2 for fitness?
53 Real-time monitoring may improve understanding of fracture dynamics
54 Where did the first sugars come from?--ScienceDaily
55 Bizarre, never-before-seen viruses discovered thriving throughout the world's oceans
56 El Nino is coming, and ocean temps are already at record highs. That can spell disaster for fish and corals
57 Recovering rare earth elements in environmental water--ScienceDaily
58 Out-of-control defunct NASA satellite will smash into Earth today
59 Scientists reveal how reduced sea ice in the Barents-Kara seas can increase snow cover in Eurasia
60 Study finds warming Atlantic waters threaten previously stable glaciers--ScienceDaily
61 Quantifying climate conditions for the formation of coals and evaporites
62 Study links 'stuck' stem cells to hair turning gray--ScienceDaily
63 Kaleidoscopic image of a mouse's brain is 64 million times sharper than a typical MRI
64 Getting purer berkelium, faster than ever
65 Using machine learning to find reliable and low-cost solar cells--ScienceDaily
66 Epic 11-foot-tall sea level rise drove Vikings out of Greenland
67 Companies' zero-deforestation commitments have potential to halve cattle-driven deforestation in Brazilian Amazon
68 Tiny biobattery with 100-year shelf life runs on bacteria--ScienceDaily
69 Dinosaur-killing asteroid did not trigger a long 'nuclear winter' after all
70 Engineers identified an unusually absorbent material that could be used for passive cooling or water harvesting in warm climates--ScienceDaily
71 Revisiting Raman gain and amplification in a silicon photonic platform
72 Rodents sent to the International Space Station uncover possible links between gut bacteria and bone loss in microgravity--ScienceDaily
73 Extremely rare albino dolphin spotted in Africa, possibly for the 1st time ever
74 Research shows how organizations evaluate whether to imitate or differentiate when a competitor adopts new technology
75 Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy increases risk for flu--ScienceDaily
76 Two ways researchers are studying marine microplastics
77 The mass die-off of the long-spined sea urchin--a loss that threatens the health of coral reefs from the Caribbean to Florida's east coast--was caused by a one-celled organism called a ciliate--ScienceDaily
78 Chicken breeding in Japan dates back to fourth century BCE
79 Cities can benefit from complex supply chains--ScienceDaily
80 Climate refugees from a distant past?
81 Stab-resistant fabric gains strength from carbon nanotubes, polyacrylate--ScienceDaily
82 A sustainable solution for closing the phosphorus cycle
83 Plate tectonic processes in the Pacific and Atlantic during the Cretaceous period have shaped the Caribbean region to this day--ScienceDaily
84 Study shows diatoms provide an attractive habitat for bacteria
85 Wonder drug-capsule may one day replace insulin injection for diabetics--ScienceDaily
86 Study shows human tendency to help others is universal
87 Osteoporosis treatments may benefit from discovery of key driver of low bone density--ScienceDaily
88 Scientists propose food-making as means of understanding species interactions--ScienceDaily
89 Thailand air pollution leads millions to seek medical help
90 Findings point to brain areas that integrate planning, purpose, physiology, behavior, movement--ScienceDaily
91 Low tech makes cleaner water in Iowa; so what's stopping it?
92 Loops, flags and tension in DNA--ScienceDaily
93 NASA satellite crash not source of mysterious flash of light above Ukraine capital, agency claims
94 Versatile, high-speed, and efficient crystal actuation with photothermally resonated natural vibrations
95 Neuroscientists identify cells especially vulnerable to Alzheimer's--ScienceDaily
96 Insights into sealed ancient Egyptian animal coffins
97 Scientists topple the prevailing explanation for how the incomplete breakdown of a protein causes neurological damage--ScienceDaily
98 For fossil-fuel reliant governments, climate action should start at home
99 In a new study, immunostimulatory drugs slowed tumor growth without producing systemic inflammation--ScienceDaily
100 See Venus and the moon dance with the 'Seven Sisters' during the Lyrid meteor shower Saturday
101 New study finds shifting climate regions leading to hotter, drier conditions across Kenya
102 Physicists analyze noise in Lambda-type quantum memory--ScienceDaily
103 2,000-year-old hoard of Roman coins may have been hidden by a soldier during a bloody civil war in Italy
104 Puerto Rico tsunami deposit could have come from pre-Columbian megathrust earthquake
105 Climate refugees from a distant past? A new study on the paleo-historical geographic range of the endangered African penguin since the last Ice Age paints a grave picture of a species in steep decline--ScienceDaily
106 Ancient princesses helped build vast warrior empire that prompted China to erect the Great Wall
107 Floods of nutrients from fertilisers and wastewater trash our rivers. Could offsetting help?
108 Chicken breeding in Japan dates back to fourth century BCE--ScienceDaily
109 Gigantic, 13-foot crocodile found with its head torn off on Australian beach
110 Pentagon video shows mysterious flying orb, says 650 UFOs are being tracked--National