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1 Expert shares 3 food groups that could reduce blood sugar spikes
2 Elevated cancer rates found near Kansas chemical spill
3 Lionel Richie underwent hip replacement after years of wearing big boots on stage
4 Ukraine says its newly fielded U.S. Patriot system downed a Russian hypersonic missile: NPR
5 Unsold Yeezys collect dust as Adidas lags on a plan to repurpose them: NPR
6 New NHS strikes would be 'final nail in the coffin,' experts warn
7 Seven ways to beat a bloated belly--including what foods to eat
8 Five common diet mistakes people are making in their forties--expert
9 Shiitake mushrooms could hold anti-cancer properties
10 Mage has won the Kentucky Derby, at a race meeting marred by 7 horse deaths: NPR
11 Symptoms in the eyes can signal serious health problems--what to spot
12 5 Best 'Food Combos' to Try for Maximum Nutrient Absorption
13 A California panel has called for billions in reparations for black residents: NPR
14 Over 200 people are dead and many more are missing after floods in eastern Congo: NPR
15 The Healthy Back Kitchen shows people with back pain how to cook with ease: Shots
16 Syria is allowed to return to the Arab League: NPR
17 Intrepid women seaweed divers of India face risks yet persist: Goats and Soda: NPR
18 Hay fever sufferers can sleep better at night by following 10 expert tips
19 Horse deaths before Kentucky Derby mounts scrutiny: NPR
20 Out-of-control wildfires cause evacuations in western Canada: NPR
21 Exposure to sunlight could cause cataracts and cornea damage, expert warns
22 Fire deep in gold mine in southern Peru kills 27 workers: NPR
23 Yoon, Kishida vow better Seoul-Tokyo ties following summit: NPR
24 People are arguing in court that real images are deepfakes: NPR
25 Risk of dementia could be lowered by taking up music as a hobby in later life--study
26 Jonathan Mitchell devised a Texas abortion ban that relies on civil lawsuits: NPR
27 Vida Blue, who won 3 World Championships with the Athletics, dies at 73: NPR
28 How an Indiana hospital fought to recover from a cyberattack: Shots
29 Mum will 'never be free' of skin cancer after spotting first symptoms 12 years ago
30 Govt. to discuss declaring COVID endemic in India, as WHO says global emergency over
31 Diabetes symptoms include three colourful patches on the skin--what to look for
32 Skin cancer symptoms may include sores that don't heal, expert warns
33 US backs study of safe injection sites, overdose prevention
34 Tania Branigan's 'Red Memory' looks deep at China's Cultural Revolution: NPR
35 Alzheimer's disease risk could be lowered by getting deep sleep at night
36 Antibiotic Cuts Risk of HIV, STDs After Exposure, Study Says
37 Congress must raise the debt limit to avoid 'calamity,' Yellen says: NPR
38 For Long COVID Parents, Everyday Life Is Still a Struggle
39 Biden wants airlines to pay passengers with flights hit by preventable delays: NPR
40 Russia marks WWII Victory Day, as Ukraine war rolls on: NPR
41 Masking could be a 'positive legacy' of the COVID-19 pandemic. Will it?--National
42 Brownsville driver who hit crowd of asylum-seekers is charged with manslaughter: NPR
43 Everyday Internet Use by Older Adults Might Help Keep Dementia at Bay
44 Ukraine, Sudan conflicts fuel alarming surge in tuberculosis
45 Here are the 2023 Pulitzer Prize winners: NPR
46 Health Canada recalls Emerade epinephrine auto-injectors
47 New Hope Against Painful Skin Issues Caused by Radiation Therapy
48 The U.S. COVID public health emergency ends this week: Shots
49 Michael J Fox reveals struggle with Parkinson's diagnosis in new documentary / Celebrity News / Showbiz & TV
50 2020 census missed many noncitizens, bureau estimates: NPR
51 Abortion clinics in 3 states sue to protect pill access
52 More details emerge about the victims and the gunman in Allen, Texas shooting: NPR
53 Abortion-restriction effort reintroduced in Nebraska
54 Teens' social media use should be monitored by parents, APA says: Shots
55 Why Do We Keep Feeding the Merchants of Death?
56 Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin says he'll put the millions raised into his charity: NPR
57 4 Myths Debunked About this Silent Killer
58 First wild koalas caught and vaccinated against chlamydia: NPR
59 Cholesterol could be lowered by drinking three hot drinks--expert
60 A 17-year-old died in the Outer Banks after a sand dune collapsed on top of him: NPR
61 Expert shares tips to boost mental health--including ping pong
62 Israeli strikes in Gaza kill 3 senior militants and 10 others: NPR
63 Bladder cancer symptoms to spot as 10,000 Britons diagnosed every year
64 FDA birth control pill over the counter: Shots
65 Heart age--find out how healthy your heart is with NHS online test
66 Chinese woman appeals in fight for right to freeze her eggs
67 Treating AAT Deficiency and COPD
68 Swastika Mountain in Oregon is renamed Mount Halo: NPR
69 Managing Genetic COPD
70 Imran Khan, former Pakistan prime minister, arrested in Islamabad: NPR
71 Heart disease risk could be slashed by consuming four fruit juices
72 Diagnosing Genetic COPD
73 Woman feared she could 'lose a finger' after reaction to gel manicure
74 Genetic COPD: My Story
75 Putin marks Victory day, assails West for unleashing 'real war' against Russia: NPR
76 2 Alzheimer's drugs have shown 'promising' results in trials. Why researchers are reacting with caution
77 Can You Inherit COPD?
78 Headaches may be caused by your sitting position at a desk, osteopath warns
79 Ohio constitution overhaul faces deadline, backlash
80 Women should get regular mammograms starting at 40, according to new guidelines: Shots
81 Tongue symptoms that could signal something wrong with your health
82 Fort Hood has been renamed for Hispanic 4-star general Richard Cavazos: NPR
83 For Some LASIK Patients, Complications Damage Mental Health
84 Maternity home provides a place for women who decide not to have an abortion: NPR
85 Start mammograms at 40, not 50, a US health panel recommends
86 Should All U.S. Newborns Undergo Genomic Testing?
87 Retired federal judge Michael Luttig calls for a Supreme Court ethics code: NPR
88 Sleepwalking and Insomnia: What's the Connection?
89 Senate Democrats demand more details from Harlan Crow on gifts to Justice Thomas: NPR
90 Robert De Niro has seventh child at 79: Do older dads pose a risk to their offspring?
91 Household Factors Can Raise a Child's Odds for IBD
92 Arizona Democratic minister under investigation for Bible prank: NPR
93 Minnesota prepares for near-total ban on 'forever chemicals'
94 How the End of the COVID Public Health Emergency May Affect You
95 When it comes to cars, there is no housing crisis (just an existential one): NPR
96 Transgender youth sue over Montana gender-affirming care ban
97 Comment on transgender issue roils Kentucky governor's race
98 Trump found liable for battery, defamation against E. Jean Carroll: NPR
99 Rheumatoid arthritis linked to chemical from barbecues--new study
100 Conservative bill reignites abortion debate as Liberals announce funding--National
101 Trans minors protected from parents under Washington law
102 Paramount Global announces cuts to 25% of its staff. MTV News will be shutdown.: NPR
103 More than 7,000 people die needlessly with diabetes every year, damning report finds
104 South Carolina Republicans advance new abortion restrictions
105 Rep. George Santos faces federal criminal charge: NPR
106 Alcohol-related fatty liver disease symptoms--signs can be 'vague'
107 Tucker Carlson says he'll take his show to Twitter: NPR
108 What is Lupus? Know Symptoms, Treatment of this Autoimmune Condition
109 Here are the '11 Most Endangered Historic Places' in the U.S.: NPR
110 Fears over scores of zoo animals caught in Sudan crossfire: NPR
111 Blood cancer: Leukaemia symptoms may include bruising
112 A deadly shooting takes place near one of Africa's oldest synagogues: NPR
113 High blood pressure symptoms could include bloodshot eyes, warns doctor
114 The landline telephone: NPR