File Title
1 Engineering cyanobacteria for cross-cultural exchange
2 Machine learning reconstructs new image from EHT data--ScienceDaily
3 In a 1st, scientists predicted that volcanic comet was due to pop 'like a Champagne bottle'--and it did
4 Glucose-responsive, charge-switchable lipid nanoparticles for insulin delivery
5 Some people may be attracted to others over minimal similarities--ScienceDaily
6 Nearly 150 genes involved in cartilage development may control human height, study suggests
7 Autophagy-related compound screening for the development of COVID-19 therapeutics
8 Research shows that by the end of the century the biggest rain and snow days will be 20 to 30% wetter than they are today--ScienceDaily
9 UV light reveals hidden, never-before-seen version of the Gospel of Matthew on ancient parchment
10 New insights into quantum materials
11 Mapping stellar velocities around giant elliptical galaxy reveals its asymmetric structure--ScienceDaily
12 Ancient ocean floor surrounds Earth's core, seismic imaging reveals
13 California sees another week of dramatic drought improvement. How does it compare to US?
14 James Webb Space Telescope images challenge theories of how universe evolved--ScienceDaily
15 The surface of the ocean is now so hot it's broken every record since satellite measurements began
16 Staff MRSA carriage and environmental contamination by other 'superbugs' found in Portuguese veterinary practices
17 Chemists redesign biological PHAs, 'dream' biodegradable plastics--ScienceDaily
18 Short-term memory illusions' can warp human recollections just seconds after events, study suggests
19 Study shows antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' are being passed between dogs and cats and their owners
20 Applying a small voltage to the walls of algae growing tanks can prevent cloudy buildup and allow more photosynthesis to happen--ScienceDaily
21 Never-before-seen 'crystal-like matter' hidden in a chunk of fossilized lightning is probably a brand new mineral
22 Cyclone hits Australia bringing 'record-breaking' wind speeds
23 Apes may have evolved upright stature for leaves, not fruit, in open woodland habitats--ScienceDaily
24 Why does polygamy endure in urban environments?
25 Galaxy is the smallest ever discovered at this distance--around 500 million years after the Big Bang--ScienceDaily
26 Surface shaking could trigger landslides
27 Humans need Earth-like ecosystem for deep-space living--ScienceDaily
28 Airport reopens as residents clean up mess
29 Whether physical exertion feels 'easy' or 'hard' may be due to dopamine levels, study suggests--ScienceDaily
30 2022 Tongan volcanic eruption was largest natural explosion in more than a century, new study finds
31 How does an aging-associated enzyme access our genetic material?
32 The 51-square kilometer (20-square-mile) pileup is an important yet poorly quantified part of the carbon cycle, scientists say--ScienceDaily
33 Ancient DNA reveals the multiethnic structure of Mongolia's first nomadic empire
34 As rising temperatures affect Alaskan rivers, effects ripple through Indigenous communities--ScienceDaily
35 Synchrotron technique reveals more details of mysterious underlying portrait in Renaissance painting
36 How an African bird might inspire a better water bottle--ScienceDaily
37 Electrification push will have enormous impacts on critical metals supply chain--ScienceDaily
38 Kenya deploys first earth observation satellite into space
39 Detailed overview of orca diets provides insight into potential impacts on Arctic food webs--ScienceDaily
40 How do we know how old Earth is?
41 Technology start-ups with research experience have faster international success, study finds
42 Pollution monitoring through precise detection of gold nanoparticles in woodlice--ScienceDaily
43 Scientists discover 1st 'neutron-rich' isotope of uranium since 1979
44 Juice embarks on its historic journey
45 Shift to 'flash droughts' as climate warms--ScienceDaily
46 Efficient heat dissipation perovskite lasers using a high-thermal-conductivity diamond substrate
47 Energy-efficient robot hand learns how not to drop the ball--ScienceDaily
48 New specimens and species of the Oligocene toothed baleen whale Coronodon
49 Expelled from sewer systems during intense rainstorms, massive water jets can cause significant flooding and damage--ScienceDaily
50 New family of wheel-like metallic clusters exhibit unique properties
51 Neutron and light scattering, along with atomic force microscopy and quartz crystal microbalance, illuminate a mechanism explaining the 'vicious circle' of osteoarthritis--ScienceDaily
52 Primordial black holes may have 'frozen' the early universe
53 Study re-evaluates hazards and climate impacts of massive underwater volcanic eruptions--ScienceDaily
54 Modification of titanium--organic cages for recognition and separation of molecular isomers
55 Multi-functional filter could help advance autonomous driving and the Internet of Things--ScienceDaily
56 Diet has a bigger impact on gut microbes than intestinal defense molecules, finds study
57 Detecting stress in the office from how people type and click--ScienceDaily
58 NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter completes 50th flight
59 Greater fat stores and cholesterol increase with brain volume, but beyond a certain point they are associated with faster brain aging--ScienceDaily
60 River pollution recovery slows down in the UK
61 Playing hide and seek with planets--ScienceDaily
62 Senescent cells aid regeneration in salamanders
63 Research reveals that the octopus explores the marine environment with sensing features that are evolutionarily related to human brain receptors--ScienceDaily
64 New software to untangle genetic factors linked to shared characteristics among different species
65 Researchers recover trace rare earth elements in hot springs water with inexpensive method
66 Scientists narrow down pool of potential height genes--ScienceDaily
67 How rainforest fish adapt to local conditions
68 Research reveals a promising stem cell approach to correct photoreceptor cell degeneration, which underlies several forms of visual decline and blindness.--ScienceDaily
69 Which fermented foods are best for your brain?--ScienceDaily
70 Research finds that exposure to air pollution changes bumblebee gut bacteria.--ScienceDaily
71 Why orchid bees concoct their own fragrance--ScienceDaily
72 Laser light hybrids control giant currents at ultrafast times--ScienceDaily
73 Iraq's ancient treasures sand-blasted by climate change
74 Dual vaccine comprising two diarrhea-causing viruses generates antibodies against both--ScienceDaily
75 G7 pledges to quit fossil fuels faster, but no new deadline
76 What to know about 1st test flight of SpaceX's big Starship
77 Which ancient Egyptian dynasty ruled the longest?
78 DNA study opens a window into African civilisations that left a lasting legacy
79 'Flash drought' frequency increasing due to climate change: study
80 Research reveals a 3,500-year history of dairy consumption on the Tibetan Plateau
81 Wooded grasslands flourished in Africa 21 million years ago--new research forces a rethink of ape evolution
82 New CO2 tech taps oceans to tackle global warming
83 Novel detection technique raises pollution policy questions
84 25 things found frozen in Europe's mountain ice
85 Spain vows to block farming near threatened wetlands
86 Gravity can transform into light, mind-bending physics paper suggests
87 Environmental toxin PCB found in deep sea trench
88 95 million-year-old land bridge across Antarctica carried dinosaurs between continents
89 Fungi makes a meal of hard-to-recycle plastic
90 Roman temple found in France may have been dedicated to war god Mars
91 Restaurant menu labels could help fight climate change, new research says
92 Italy is set to ban lab-grown meat--here's why it should think again
93 In rare attack, dingo repeatedly bites and holds girl underwater. (Luckily she survived.)
94 Expert discusses the rising political tide of young adults, Gen Z
95 Climate change, disease imperil North American bats
96 CRISPR-edited fat shrank tumors in mice. Someday, it could work in people, scientists say.
97 More women than men move out after widowhood, study finds
98 Skin: Facts about the body's largest organ and its functions
99 New types of chemicals found in Danish drinking water
100 New genetic target for male contraception identified--ScienceDaily
101 Novel detection technique raises pollution policy questions--ScienceDaily
102 Scientists trying to determine what will happen to massive carbon stores as rainforests dry out
103 New approach estimates long-term coastal cliff loss--ScienceDaily
104 Neutrons reveal how the pancratistatin preys on cancer, preserves healthy cells
105 A solar hydrogen system that co-generates heat and oxygen--ScienceDaily
106 Physicists discover first transformable nanoscale electronic devices
107 Despite size, the mega-tsunami generated enormous waves, claimed few lives--ScienceDaily
108 Astronomers create AI to better communicate their stellar research
109 How did the Andes Mountains get so huge? A new geological research method may hold the answer--ScienceDaily
110 Orb weaver spider glue properties evolve faster than their glue genes, scientists find