File Title
1 Individual Genetics Modifies How Bacteria Influences Gastric Cancer Risk
2 Sugar Molecule in Blood Could Predict Alzheimer's
3 Exoplanets Could Teach Us About the Origins of Earth's Water
4 New Phosphorus Material Could Result from a 2012 Lightning Strike
5 Multidrug-resistant Bacteria Pass Between Owners, Cats and Dogs
6 How Cannabis Reduces Inflammation
7 New Insights into How Exercise Improves Brain Health
8 Good Sleep Makes It Easier to Lose Weight and Exercise
9 Epigenetic Changes Explain Why Childhood Trauma May Lead to Psychosis
10 Robotic Hand Uses "Skin" to Identify Objects
11 Non-drug Interventions for Alzheimer's are Cost Effective
12 Air Pollution Exposure May Increase Dementia Risk
13 Cannabis and Alzheimer's
14 Why COVID-19 Vaccination is Better than Natural Immunity from an Infection
15 Rising Sea Levels Affected African Penguin Populations--and Will Continue to Do So
16 Wildfires Emitting Massive Amounts of Greenhouse Gas
17 6G Wireless Communication Could Get Boost from New Photonic Filter
18 Deep Ocean Spring Could Be Regulating Stress of Offshore Fault
19 Comprehensive Sex Education Reduces Homophobia and Transphobia
20 Cannabinoid Agonist Receptor May Have Potential Therapeutic Uses for Rare Autoimmune Disorder
21 Gut Microbes Swap Resistance Genes Even More Easily than We Knew
22 Eating Lots of Fruits and Vegetables Could Lower Miscarriage Risk
23 Ingestible Battery Runs for 100 Years on Bacteria
24 Floating Plastic Contributes to Jump in Coastal Marine Colonies
25 Study Sheds Light on the Neural Processes Involved in Everyday Creativity
26 Scientists Enhance Pesticide Exposure Monitoring Methods
27 Brain Surgery Debate Settled: To Replace or Not to Replace the Skull Flap?
28 New Black Hole Characteristics Puzzle Astronomers, Simulations Suggest Something Else
29 Crucial Niche Factors for Organoid Cultures
30 Antibiotic Exposure Reduces Survival Rates in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
31 Renal Cell Cancer Treatment Regimen for Patients After Immunotherapy
32 Human Unfriendly Environments Could Be Overcome by Remotely Operated Body Extensions
33 How much melatonin is in your nighttime gummy? JAMA study puts the labels to the test
34 Non-invasive imaging reveals contents of ancient Egyptian animal coffins
35 The Role of Machine Learning in Drug Discovery
36 Four-day Work Week May Improve Heart Health
37 The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Drug Discovery
38 African Open Habitats Existed 10 Million Years Earlier than Previously Estimated
39 New Study Shows that Marijuana Has Similar Effects on Nematode Worms as it Does Human Appetites
40 10-year old immune cells still activate and target infection
41 Dramatic Increases in Chikungunya Virus Cases
42 A Smartphone App that Could Detect Prediabetes
43 A Gene that Can Control Anxiety
44 New Applications for ChatGPT in Cancer Care
45 Memory Test Can Predict Cognitive Decline 10 Years Later
46 Stars with Less Metal Allow for Greater Ozone Layer on Their Planets
47 Cannabis Product Labels May Be Inaccurate: Study Finds Lower THC Potency than Labeled on Packaging
48 Sedentary Time May Enlarge Hearts in Young People
49 The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Drug Discovery
50 From Bench to Cloud: How Cloud Computing is Streamlining Drug Discovery and Development
51 Smartphone App Helps College Students with Eating Disorders
52 Prostate Cancer Mutation Screen Moves to the Clinic for Improved Treatment
53 Researchers Slow Aging in Cells
54 Eating Walnuts Improves Attention in Teens
55 Ridesharing Platforms, Not Taxi Services, Do Better in Emergency Situations
56 Defeating the Next Pandemic: The Promise of Broad Spetrum Antiviral Solutions
57 Study Finds Link Between Regional Opioid Prescriptions and Suicide Rates
58 Chemical Cues May Have Enabled the Rise of Multicellularity
59 Nature-Based Management of Rivers Has Potential to Combat the Water Crisis
60 Hair Turns Grey When Stem Cells Get Stuck
61 NASA's Webb Telescope Observes Formation and Evolution of the Universe's First Galaxies
62 Sea Levels Rising Along Southeast and Gulf Coasts More Quickly than Elsewhere on the Globe
63 Tiny Galaxy in Early Universe Observed to Rapidly Create New Stars
64 Unusual Properties Found in Known Layered Magnetic Crystal
65 Comparison of 240 Mammalian Genomes Reveals Many Unique & Shared Features
66 Martian Seismic Waves Observed in Historic First
67 How Changes in Genome Structure Triggered Human Brain Development
68 Surgical Interventions Could Improve Quality of Life for Testicular Cancer Survivors
69 Using Gold Nanoparticles to Treat Cancer
70 Establishing a Link Between Cannabinoids and Infant Respiratory Problems
71 A 20-Year Study Upends Dogma About Telomeres & Cancer
72 The Stages of Drug Development
73 Sonic Mapping: Echolocators Redefine Visual Cortex
74 A Fast & Inexpensive Method for Detecting Antibiotic Resistance
75 Preteen Obesity Linked to Lower Cognition Scores
76 Binary Star System in Another Galaxy Observed as Precursor for Black Holes
77 The Negative Impacts of Urban Honeybee-Keeping on Wild Bees
78 Size Matters: Male California Sea Lions Adapt to Competition by Getting Bigger
79 Mirusviruses--Relatives of Herpes & Giants are Revealed in the World's Oceans
80 Recent Peptide-MHC Exchange Publications Using QuickSwitch Technology!"
81 Social Determinants of Health Impact Women's Heart Risks
82 Examining Clean Energy Solutions from Oxide Catalysts
83 Predicting Future Drought Impact on the Amazon Rainforest
84 An E-Tattoo Can Provide Crucial Data About Heart Health
85 Is Vaping CBD Really Better than Nicotine? Research Shows CBD Can Be Harmful to Lungs
86 Asymmetric cell division improves memory T cell function
87 How to effectively manage Pre-eclampsia during whole pregnancy?
88 Researchers Discover Tiny but Powerful Electric Fields Within Cells
89 Increased Outreach to Rural Communities Encourages Cancer Screening
90 Long COVID Linked to Long Term Changes in Brain Circuitry
91 Asteroid's Tail Observed to be Made of Sodium Gas, Not Dust
92 Researchers Show How Stress Can Age Us--But It's also Reversible
93 Any Amount of Running is Linked to Greater Longevity
94 Could Wearable Devices Detect a Person's Psychological Wellbeing?
95 Researchers Study Gene Expression of Enzymes Responsible for Cannabinoid Biosynthesis
96 Urban Climate Residents Subject to Additional Heat Stress
97 Artificial Intelligence, Acoustic Technology Combination Used for Tsunami Early Warning System
98 A Human Protein that Helps SARS-CoV-2 Move Through Cells
99 Study Finds Topical CBD is Well Tolerated and Safe for Lower Extremity Pain
100 Talking on the Phone Could Increase Blood Pressure
101 Climate Change Threatens Ocean's 'Twilight Zone'
102 Water Vapor from Exoplanet Atmosphere or Starspots? Scientists Scratching Their Heads.
103 Cannabis Use Shown to Ease "Chemo Brain" Symptoms
104 The Ice Caps are Covered in Microbes
105 New Insight on Wilms Tumor Development
106 Extraterrestrial Signal Search Intensifies with Scientific Team-Up
107 Fossil Shine Hints at Formation Processes
108 This Plant is Not Cannabis, but it Generates Cannabinoids
109 Old Man of the Mountain Reproduced Using Online Interactive 3D Model
110 Does ET Know We're Here?
111 Study Will Examine CBD Treatments for Dogs in Post-Surgical Pain
112 New Method Maps Glucose Metabolism in the Brain without Radiation
113 Forgotten Illnesses are More Profitable than Expected
114 When haters hate the vmPFC protects your self-concept
115 Fungi Treatment Can Improve Cancer Survival
116 Task Force Updates Breast Cancer Screening Guidance
117 Secrets of Photosynthesis Protein Complex Revealed
118 Supermassive Black Holes are Highlighted in New NASA Animation
119 Myeloid Cell Differentiation Drives Therapeutic Efficacy
120 Finally, an Alzheimer's Drug Targeting Amyloid Plaques Slows Disease
121 Probing the Products of Paleolithic Bacteria