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1 Ever wondered why you keep having the same dream?
2 This Ayurvedic candy will help keep cough and cold at bay, especially in kids
3 Know your body: Why a song or tune gets stuck in your head
4 Nutrition alert: One cup (190 grams) of litchis contain...
5 Concussion: almost half of people still show signs of brain injury after six months
6 Turns out, drinking water may not be enough to stay hydrated during summer
7 If you spot this tree, 'take the bark, wash, clean, dry it, make a powder, and boil it'; here's why
8 This rare disorder causes the mother's body to mirror symptoms of an unhealthy foetus
9 Deep diving into a 'magical form' of coconut known for its 'incredible health benefits'
10 Know your body: If the brain doesn't have pain receptors, why do we get a headache?
11 This is how you can identify artificially ripened mangoes
12 Understanding lion diet, an eating pattern that may help you recognise potential food sensitivities
13 Role of nuclear medicine in cancer care: From timely diagnosis, detection of potential relapses, to better treatment planning
14 Baby born with three people's DNA in United Kingdom; know more about this one-of-a-kind IVF procedure
15 Experts weigh in on whether amla can regularise menstrual cycle
16 Cooking or storing food in copper, brass utensils comes with its share of health risks
17 True or false: Green chilies not only spice up meals, they can also help you lose weight
18 Practising the legs up the wall pose before sleeping could be a game changer--here's how
19 Experts explain whether migraine attacks are 'least likely to occur between 11pm-7am'
20 Nutrition alert: One cup (151 grams) of grapes contain...
21 Sonnalli Seygall suggests doing this 'to instantly release negative emotions'
22 While no one specific diet may cure or treat endometriosis, these foods can certainly help manage symptoms
23 How electric and automated cars are aggravating motion sickness
24 Know your body: Do our ears never stop growing?
25 Signs that vitamin and mineral supplements are probably not suiting you
26 White (amba) vs. yellow haldi: Find out the difference(s) between the two forms of turmeric
27 This is what makes khichdi the best 'post-vacation indulgence'
28 Understanding the debate between 'hot' and 'cold' foods
29 Diabetics, here are a few things to know if you consume rice flour
30 Know your body: Those tiny bumps on your tongue are not tastebuds; so what are they?
31 Understanding the link between chronic fatigue syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder
32 Nutrition alert: One cup (135 grams) of jamun contains...
33 With or without the yolk: The best way to consume eggs is...
34 Fact or myth: Deodorants cause breast cancer and Alzheimer's
35 Traditional medicine plant may combat drug-resistant malaria: Study
36 Demi Lovato shares she was 'so relieved' to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder
37 Brain activity driving return to drug use following abstinence examined
38 Obesity speeds up loss of immunity from COVID vaccines--new research
39 Between sugar and jaggery, find out which is better for your skin
40 Know Your Body: Why wiggling your toes is extremely important for blood circulation
41 Nightmare: Understanding the causes, impacts, dealing strategies, and when to seek professional help
42 The real reason behind your hair fall could be...
43 Turns out, eating late at night can actually make you hungrier!
44 Know your body: If there are no muscles in the fingers, how do they move?
45 For good gut health, you must avoid these six food items
46 Understanding the link between gas flaring and increased leukaemia risk
47 Nutrition alert: One watermelon (approx 6.8 kg) contains...
48 This is what happens to your body if you get infected with dengue multiple times
49 Reconstructing ancient bacterial genomes can revive previously unknown molecules--offering a potential source for new antibiotics
50 Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte rides a bicycle; know why those in their 50s should also undertake this physical activity
51 Can excess belly fat lead to hair loss?
52 With no extra calories, this cucumber-lemon-ginger water comes with detox benefits
53 All about the condition that can cause a person to sweat excessively, despite not being exposed to heat
54 Zone 2 exercise is beneficial for cardiovascular health; here's how you can calculate its intensity
55 In a rare case, woman diagnosed with black hairy tongue; know the causes, treatment
56 World Hypertension Day: Understanding if high blood pressure can affect periods
57 Know your body: Do we not breathe equally out of both nostrils?
58 Learning from COVID-19: The global health emergency has ended. Here's what is needed to prepare for the next one
59 Worried by study findings, we asked experts whether contact lenses contain cancer-causing chemicals; here's what they said
60 This simple thing will help you differentiate between real and artificial mishri
61 Too much ultra-processed food linked with depression risk: Study
62 As Tom Hanks opens up about feeling 'never-ending pressure,' find out how it affects you--physically, emotionally, mentally
63 Cellular mechanisms behind memory maturation as children age studied
64 Can your partner's beard give you acne?
65 The New Era of Bispecific Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy
66 Researchers Link 'Double-Jointedness' to Folate Deficiency
67 Investigating Active Tick-Borne Powassan Virus Transmission in New England
68 New Synthetic Organ Streamlines Vaccine Testing
69 New Recyclable Printed Electronics Use Water Instead of Chemicals
70 Unusual Parasite Found in Cat Poop is Killing Sea Otters
71 Study Highlights Racial Inequities in Newborn Drug Screening
72 The Wild Genetics of Crazy Ants
73 An Ancient Bacterial Gene May Have Enabled Human Vision
74 Engineered Plants Produce Pheromones that Reduce the Need for Pesticides
75 New Fabric Replicates the Warming Properties of Polar Bear Fur
76 New Therapy Starves Pancreatic Cancer Cells of an Important Amino Acid
77 New Photonic Time Crystals Could Improve Lasers and Wireless Communications
78 What causes the smell in cannabis?
79 Automated Cell Picking Platform Opens Universe of Possibilities
80 New Technique Improves Efficiency of Exoplanet Searches
81 Fitness May Reduce Death Risk for Those with High Blood Pressure
82 Balloon Pulmonary Angioplasty for Treating Lung Clots
83 Astrocytes are Linked to Obsessive-Complusive Disorder
84 Another Omicron Variant Emerges & May be Causing a New Symptom
85 $8 Million Grant Awarded to West Virginia University for Rare Earth Element Extraction Facility
86 What Are Cannabis Flavonoids?
87 Vaporized Cannabis has Similar Effects on Teens and Adults
88 Uterine Implant Helps Track Shark Births, Supporting Conservation
89 Epstein-Barr Virus Hones in on Fragile DNA to Cause Cancer
90 How a Natural Compound Tamps Down Immunity & May Treat Arthritis
91 Earth-Like Exoplanet Could Possess Magnetic Field
92 Hemorrhagic Fevers Move to Europe
93 High Blood Pressure in the 30's Increases Dementia Risk in 70's
94 Dietary Supplement Combats Drug Resistance in Advanced Breast Cancer
95 Strand of RNA Shuts Down Deadly Pediatric Cancer
96 NASA's James Webb Provides Spectacular New Image of Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A
97 Nuclear Physics Group Examines New Physics in Neutrons
98 Personalized Treatments Most Effective for Hypertension
99 New Drug Holds Promise for Severe Form of Fatty Liver Disease
100 Gene Transcription Gets Faster but Gains Flaws with Age
101 Revealing the Impact of Drastic RNA Editing Changes in Schizophrenia
102 Adding Immunotherapy to Chemotherapy Extends Survival in Endometrial Cancer Patients
103 Altering Winds in Earth's Upper Atmosphere Could Result in Stronger Hurricanes
104 Self-Folding Surgical Tools are Created for Minimally Invasive Procedures
105 Engineered Bacteria Can Recruit the Immune System to Fight Cancer
106 New Insights into the Mechanisms Underlying Huntington's Disease
107 Dark Matter "Clumpiness" Could Revise Models of the Mysterious Substance
108 A Diaper Analysis Reveals Many Viruses in the Infant Microbiome
109 Junk Food Changes Brain Functioning & May Lead to Obesity
110 Children Say Alexa is More Human-Like than Roomba
111 Human Motor Cortex Re-Mapped by Precision Imaging
112 Scientists Discover a Role for the Nervous System in Anaphylaxis
113 Modifying Apples to Resist Climate Change
114 Bone Density Changes in Space Linked to the Gut Microbiome