File Title
1 Webb reveals primordial galaxy cluster 650 million years after the Big Bang
2 How different were galaxies in the early universe
3 CityU researchers improve perovskite solar cell efficiency with new additive
4 COP28 chair urges tripling of renewables capacity by 2030
5 Perovskite solar cells' instability must be addressed for global adoption
6 Moving perovskite advancements from the lab to the manufacturing floor
7 KISTERS unveils breakthrough HailSens360 technology for solar farms
8 Chemists propose ultrathin material for doubling solar cell efficiency
9 Using machine learning to find reliable and low-cost solar cells
10 ESA developing concepts for commercial-scale Space-Based Solar Power plants
11 ABC Solar closes $3 million in new contracts by Midnight of NEM 2.0 deadline
12 Microwaves advance solarcell production and recycling
13 Is the ocean a solution for ushering in the era of environmentally friendly energy?
14 Dalian develops 2D pseudocapacitive multi-electron reaction lithium storage material
15 Progress in alternative battery technology
16 Using solar farms to generate fresh desert soil crust
17 Perovskite solar cells protecting the Earth
18 Next decade decisive for PV growth on the path to 2050
19 Stable organic solar cells would enable cheaper electricity
20 European leaders vow to boost North Sea wind energy production
21 Aerovironment awarded $10 million JPL to co-design and develop two helicopters for Mars Sample Return mission
22 AFRL field-tests AI robot to improve DAF manufacturing capability
23 W. House says tech giants have 'moral' duty on AI
24 Microsoft expands AI access to public
25 Open-source platform simulates wildlife for soft robotics designers
26 ChatGPT sends shares in online learning giants into tailspin
27 IBM eyes hiring pause because AI does the job
28 Ensuring robotic arm safety during abrasions
29 Italy lifts block on ChatGPT, AI chatbot owner says
30 Highly dexterous robot hand can operate in the dark--just like us
31 Speedy robo-gripper reflexively organizes cluttered spaces
32 Jellyfish-like robots could one day clean up the world's oceans
33 Robot fish makes splash with motion breakthrough
34 Germany launches data protection inquiry over ChatGPT
35 Russia's Sber launches GPTChat rival Gigachat
36 Musk says he is out to create 'truth-seeking' AI
37 China plans to retrieve Martian soil by 2030
38 Mars reveals liquid core as scientists measure first seismic waves
39 New catalyst transforms carbon dioxide into sustainable byproduct
40 3D-printed biodegradable seed robot can change shape in response to humidity
41 Researchers cultivate microalgae for biofuel production
42 Dutch refinery to feed airlines' thirst for clean fuel
43 Low concentration CO2 can be reused as plastic precursor using artificial photosynthesis
44 NASA to announce a second Lunar lander partner for Moon Mission
45 NASA selects five teams to study Lunar science and sample analysis
46 Scientists to explore lunar construction materials, tech
47 Team Continues to Troubleshoot Propulsion for NASA's Lunar Flashlight
48 When it comes to satellite data, sometimes more is more
49 LiveEO and Capella Space offer fast, high-res SAR imaging to asset managers
50 AFRL, NASA partner with 8 universities for new mission concept program
51 NASA Provides Coverage of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Meeting
52 SSC Evolved Strategic SATCOM Program uses competition to drive threat-focused
53 What if all telecommunication satellites stopped?
54 Space waves offer new clues to space weather
55 Temperature of solar flares helps understand nature of solar plasma
56 SwRI scientists get close-up views of energetic particle jets ejected from the Sun
57 SwRI selected for Phase A study to develop next-generation NOAA coronagraph
58 paves way for new global weather forecasting service
59 China continues testing its 130-ton reusable liquid oxygen kerosene engine
60 For 191st time, SpaceX booster successfully returns after launch
61 Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site can launch new-generation rockets
62 China's reusable experimental spacecraft successfully lands
63 OU space scientists provide new insight into the evolution of Mars' atmosphere
64 Engineers keep an eye on fuel supply of NASA's oldest Mars orbiter
65 US 'space symphony' puts stunning NASA images to music
66 Study could help solve mystery of the disappearing twins
67 Celestial monsters at the origin of globular clusters
68 Galactic bubbles are more complex than imagined
69 NASA completes heart of Roman Space Telescope's primary instrument
70 ESO telescope reveals hidden views of vast stellar nurseries
71 Plateau observatory ready to advance knowledge of universe
72 BlackGEM telescopes begin hunt for gravitational-wave sources at La Silla
73 Webb finds water, and a new mystery, in rare main-belt comet
74 Warm Ice Age changed climate cycles
75 Out of this world control on Ice Age cycles
76 Chinese aerial remote sensing system obtains mountain, glacier detection data
77 Frigid US city becomes haven in climate change era
78 Meteorologists targeted in climate misinfo surge
79 Greenpeace, islanders launch legal action against Dutch
80 Patagonia's underwater defense against climate change
81 Belgium learns to share its beaches with sleepy seals
82 How desert dust nourishes the growth of phytoplankton at sea
83 UConn researcher explores impact of recreational homes on agricultural land use
84 Another step away from the farm: meat grown from immortal stem cells
85 African smoke over the Amazon
86 New study quantifies link between climate crisis, wildfires
87 Canada sends in army to battle Alberta wildfires
88 Spire and OroraTech to demo wildfire detection from space for Canadian Space Agency
89 'Perfect storm' of heat, dryness fuel western Canada's extreme wildfires
90 S. African taxidermists fret at UK hunting trophy ban
91 On Galapagos Islands, Darwin's flycatcher makes a tiny comeback
92 Largest debt-for-Nature conversion to benefit Ecuador's Galapagos Islands
93 Water woes shake up Spain's election campaign
94 Coming years 'critical' to slash plastic pollution: UN
95 Australia settles lawsuit over military base contaminations
96 Improved cookstoves emit more ultrafine particles than conventional stoves
97 Macron urges 'pause' in EU environment regulations
98 Dark clouds on the horizon
99 Taiwan's main opposition party picks popular mayor as presidential candidate
100 UK's Truss heads to Taiwan to show 'solidarity' against China
101 Spain to spend 2.2 billion euros to tackle drought
102 Automated agricultural machinery requires new approaches to ensuring safety
103 The number of the world's farms to halve by 2100, study shows
104 Top chocolate maker delays sustainability target date
105 Drought spells 'catastrophe' for Spain's olive harvest
106 Iraq's climate migrants flee parched land for crowded cities
107 Spire to provide TrueOcean with weather forecasts for offshore wind farm development
108 Sweden greenlights two offshore windpower farms
109 Italy treading carefully on China's Belt and Road
110 EU, India vow to boost trade ties despite differences
111 Australia trade minister hails 'positive momentum' in Beijing talks
112 Sam Altman: the quick, deep thinker leading OpenAI
113 Online search to make up lost time with AI
114 Google to show off AI and Pixel gadget innovations