File Title
1 Cosmic Cradle: Hubble Discovers Newborn Planets Hidden in Dancing Shadows
2 Metamaterial Concrete: Reinventing the Most Widely Used Construction Material
3 1600-Feet Giant Underwater Waves: The Hidden Players in Ocean Heat and Carbon Storage
4 How Do Circadian Rhythms Work? New Research Sheds Light
5 New Study: Gene Therapy Can Effectively Eliminate HIV Infection
6 Origami Robotics: Scientists Push the Boundaries of Autonomous Capabilities
7 Photonic Cellulose Nanocrystal Sensor Revolutionizes Biomedical Monitoring
8 Defeating Blood Cancer: New Strategies for Effective Treatment
9 Caught in the Act: Astronomers Detect a Star Devouring a Planet for the First Time
10 Dreaming Away Dementia: Berkeley Research Shows Deep Sleep Alleviates Alzheimer's Memory Loss
11 Stone Age Molecules Resurrected from Ancient Dental Plaque
12 iPODs Transforms Microfluidic Testing for a Faster, Portable Future
13 Bird Feeding Boosts Winter Survival of Small Birds by Helping Fight Infections
14 Ancient Woman's DNA Recovered from 20,000-Year-Old Deer Tooth Pendant
15 Walking Your Dog Could Increase Your Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury
16 Planting Seeds of Hope: "Zero Plant Extinction" Is Possible
17 The Dangers of Self-Directed Ageism
18 Worlds Largest "Raptor" Dinosaurs Lived 10 Million Years Earlier than Thought
19 Turning Back the Hands of Time: New Study Shows that Relieving Stress Can Reverse Biological Age
20 The Two Faces of Shyness: A New Study Analyzes Shyness in Children
21 Time Twisted in Quantum Physics: How the Future Might Influence the Past
22 Longer Naps Linked to Higher Risk of Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, and High Blood Pressure
23 From Waste Pile to Diamond Discovery: How a Humble Piece of Rock Solved a Long-Standing Diamond Mystery
24 Closer to Earth than Ever Before: MIT Astronomers Detect Black Hole Devouring a Star
25 The Power of Perspective: Selfies and Other Third-Person Photos Help Us Capture the Meaning of Moments
26 Better than Antibiotics--Stool Transplants Show Promising Results in Treating Life-Threatening Infections
27 Cosmic Leviathan: Hubble Unveils an Exceptionally Massive Galaxy Cluster
28 New Technology Could Make Missing Important Doses of Medicines and Vaccines a Thing of the Past
29 Transformative Technology for Deep Tissue Monitoring: Wearable Ultrasound Patches
30 Galaxy's Hottest Exoplanet: Alien Atmosphere Holds Rare Terbium Surprise
31 Cold Climate Adaptation: Neanderthal Genetics Shape Our Facial Features
32 Waves of Wonder: Physicists Unravel Spin Excitons in Nickel Magnets
33 How Gender and Race Can Make You Forgettable
34 M87 Unveiled: 3D Analysis Reveals Asymmetrical Galaxy and Massive Black Hole
35 Shapeshifting Structures: Can Buildings Evolve like Organisms?
36 The Early Roots of the Gender Pay Gap--New Study Reveals the Impact of Job Search Behaviors
37 Humans Are Not Just Big Mice: Current Anatomical Predictions for Muscle Are Wrong
38 Scientists Use Nanoparticles to "Peel Back the Curtain" into the World of Super-Small Things
39 New Research Reveals How a Metabolite Causes Inflammation and Disease
40 No Evidence--New Study Challenges Accepted Limnology Theory
41 New Low-Cost Device Developed by MIT Can Measure Air Pollution Anywhere
42 Straightening Out AI: How MIT Researchers Bridge the Gap Between Human and Machine Vision
43 Aeolus' Fiery Demise: The Blaze of Glory that Lights the Path to Space Safety
44 SNAPping into Action: Revolutionizing T Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies
45 Shape-Shifting Serpent of Space: NASA's EELS Robot Revolutionizes Extraterrestrial Exploration
46 Sky-High Melting Menace: Atmospheric Rivers Linked to Melting Greenland Ice Sheet
47 Clearing Toxic Waste Linked to Alzheimer's--Study Finds Game-Changing Way to Boost Brain Immune Cells
48 Global Biodiversity Shift: Widespread Species on the Rise
49 JPL and the Space Age: Mission to Mars--Rising Again to the Red Planet (NASA Documentary)
50 Crab Crisis: Is a Lost Sense of Smell Decimating Populations?
51 Webb Explores Fomalhaut's Asteroid Belt and Discovers Evidence of Hidden Planets
52 Chilling Gun Violence Reality: 50% of Chicago Residents Witness a Shooting by Age 40
53 Popocatepetl Keeps on Puffing--One of Mexico's Most Active Volcanoes
54 Lighting the Path to High-Speed Computing: Terahertz Laser Pulses Transform Ferromagnetism
55 Galaxy Clusters Unveil New Evidence for Prevailing Theory of Universe
56 Dino Discoveries: Troodon's Surprising Nesting Habits Revealed
57 Tidal Surprises: Researchers Unravel the Secret Behind Greenland's Ice Meltdown
58 Scientists Discover that Antidepressants Could Help Slow Reproductive Aging
59 Uncovering the Hidden Role of Dust--Nourishing the Oceans and Regulating Climate Change
60 Geoscientists Unearth New Insights into Life's Evolution 800 Million Years Ago
61 Can the Human Brain Regenerate Itself? The Mystery of Brain Regeneration
62 Math Professor Debunks the Dunning-Kruger Effect
63 Short Night-Time Sleep Linked with 74% Increased Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
64 The Shark Nursery: Uncovering the Mystery of Live Birth in Cartilaginous Fish
65 Galactic Mistake? Astronomers May Have Solved the Mystery of the Runaway Supermassive Black Hole
66 Schlafen 12: Unlocking the Secret Weapon to Defeat HIV Latency
67 Sweet Deception: "Sugar Hypothesis" of Diabetic Cataract Development Gets an Eye-Opening Reality Check
68 Quantum Computing's Dynamic Duo: Ion Trap Meets Single-Photon Detector
69 Revealing the Mysteries of Enzyme Evolution--a New Breakthrough
70 Ice Age Odyssey: Tracing Ancient Human Migrations from China to the Americas and Japan
71 A Shot of Science: Perfecting Espresso Extraction for Maximum Flavor
72 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Why is Venus Called Earth's Evil Twin?
73 Human Pangenome Reference: A Deeper, More Accurate Understanding of Worldwide Genomic Diversity
74 Not Good--Results from First-Ever Maternal Health Report Card Released
75 Researchers Solve One Piece of Alzheimer's Puzzle
76 Brain Meets Origami: Ingenious Deployable Electrodes Transform Craniosurgery
77 Ultrafast Magnetism: Intense Lasers Magnetize Solids Within Attoseconds
78 Decoding Long COVID: NIH Study Exposes the Inner Workings of Neurological Symptoms
79 Taffy Galaxies' Collision Sculptures a Turbulent Bridge Devoid of Star Formation
80 First Evidence of the Beaufort Gyre's Stabilization: A Precursor to a Freshwater Catastrophe?
81 Engineered Bacteria Offer a Powerful New Way to Combat Climate Change
82 New Study: Widely Used Blood Pressure Medications Fail to Protect Against Delirium
83 A "Novel" Discovery: NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds a Book-Like Rock on Mars
84 Mississippi's Ostrich-Like Dinosaurs Among the World's Largest, Tipping the Scales at Over 1,700 Pounds
85 A Shiny, Steamy Surprise: NASA's Webb Takes Closest Look Yet at Mysterious Planet
86 Hangry Bacteria--New Research Sheds Light on Unusual Behavior
87 A Higher-Rank Twist on Chirality: Researchers Break New Ground in Directional Materials
88 ISS Crew Tackles Spacesuit Maintenance, Eye Exams, and Human Research
89 Algae in Swedish Lakes Unveil Secrets to the Evolution of Complex Life on Earth
90 Marine Monsters of the Jurassic Seas Were Twice the Size of Killer Whales
91 Novel Proteins Offer Hope for Improved Stroke Recovery
92 Clearing Out the Trash--Stem Cells' Battle Against Aging
93 Hubble Zooms in on Cosmic Light Show: Beautiful Luminous Seyfert Galaxy Revealed
94 Brain Food Unlocked: A Fishy Tale of Omega-3s and the Blood-Brain Barrier
95 New Harvard-Developed AI Predicts Future Pancreatic Cancer Up to Three Years Before Diagnosis
96 Breathing Uneasy: Sleep Apnea Linked with Increased Long COVID Risks
97 Focusing on the Future: New Lens Analysis Approach to Slow the Progression of Nearsightedness
98 Shrinking Immunity: Obesity's Role in Rapid COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Decline
99 Eavesdropping on the Universe: The Secrets of Extraterrestrial Sounds
100 Fire Hydrant Hydrophones Find Hidden Leaks in Water Distribution Networks
101 Quantum Entanglement Shatters Einstein's Local Causality: The Future of Computing and Cryptography
102 Cold-Blooded Secret: Hammerhead Sharks Hold Their Breath to Stay Warm as They Hunt
103 I've Never Seen Something that Eradicates a Tumor like this--New Therapeutic Permanently Eliminates Gastric Cancer
104 The Brightest Explosion Ever Seen: 1,000x More Energy than Our Sun Has Emitted Throughout Its 4.5 Billion Year Life
105 Talking Concrete--New Invention Could Significantly Reduce Traffic Jams
106 Answers to Long-Standing Mystery: How Dormant Bacteria Come Back to Life
107 Climate Change Is Causing Alarming Habitat Loss in European Alps
108 Brilliant Research Reveals How Exercise Boosts Brain Health with Chemical Signals
109 Copper Artifacts Unearth Centuries of Previously Unknown Connections in Southern Africa
110 International Space Station: Cosmonauts GO for Spacewalk, Astronauts Work on Science Gear
111 Dust Busters: AI and Ancient Wisdom Join Forces to Tackle $13 Billion Problem
112 FLASH Capsules: First-Ever Ingestible Electroceutical to Control Appetite by Hormone Modulation
113 Scientists Discover a New Class of "Molecular Motors"
114 Not Where You Expect--New Study Reveals Where Workplace Accidents Are Most Likely to Occur
115 Dark Clouds on the Horizon--The Most Accurate Measurements Yet of Black Carbon
116 High Stakes: Troubling Link Between Cannabis Use Disorder and Schizophrenia in Young Men
117 The Evolution of Communication: Chimpanzees Show Surprising Ability to Combine Calls
118 Ancient Giants Uncovered: Fossil Site Sheds Light on Arthropod Dominance 470 Million Years Ago
119 Desert Dust Plays a Vital Role in Fertilizing Phytoplankton Growth in Oceans
120 Successfully Deployed: Juice Spacecraft's RIME Antenna Finally Breaks Free
121 The Pangenome Breakthrough: A Crystal Clear Image of Human Genomic Diversity
122 Blood May Hold the Key to Reversing Aging
123 Two NASA Space Legends Ascend to the Astronaut Hall of Fame
124 The Social Virus: How Our Behaviors Can Spread Faster than a Pandemic
125 Storm Chasers of the Future: NASA, Rocket Lab Launch First Pair of TROPICS CubeSats
126 The Power of Solar: 35% of US Manufacturing Could Be Powered by Rooftop Solar Panels
127 Scientists Identify 4 Important Warning Signs of Early-Onset Colon Cancer
128 Weight Loss Medications Could Be Sold for Lower Prices: Semaglutide, Bupropion, Naltrexone, Tirzepatide
129 Living Below the Line: New Research Reveals Alarming Pay Gaps in Gig Economy
130 Electrifying Exotic Atoms: Pioneering Quantum Electrodynamics Verification