File Title
1 25 of the strangest ancient sea monsters
2 A universal protocol that inverts the evolution of a qubit with a high probability of success
3 Engineered plants produce sex perfume to trick pests and replace pesticides--ScienceDaily
4 Researchers explore radiation mechanism of 'brightest of all time' gamma-ray burst
5 Webb reveals never-before-seen details in Cassiopeia A--ScienceDaily
6 Once thought to be a biped, Sahelanthropus is instead the earliest known knuckle-walking ape, says study
7 Engineers invents bilayered fabric, 30% lighter than cotton and far warmer--ScienceDaily
8 New study suggests cold imagery creates perception of newness in advertisements
9 The 2D map of this 'disk wind' may reveal clues to galaxy formation.--ScienceDaily
10 What to know about mifepristone, the abortion pill facing a potential Supreme Court ruling
11 EPA issues strongest statement to date about danger of PFAS in drinking water
12 Brain maturation sequence renders youth sensitive to environmental impacts through adolescence--ScienceDaily
13 Watch an elephant peel a banana with her trunk in incredible first--of-its-kind footage
14 Easy and quick binding of targeting molecule and radiotracer to drug nanocarrier for cancer therapy
15 Early crop plants were more easily 'tamed'--ScienceDaily
16 Hidden' rings of Uranus revealed in dazzling new James Webb telescope images
17 Trees in areas prone to hurricanes have strong ability to survive even after severe damage
18 Novel immunotherapy agent safe, shows promise against high-risk prostate cancers--ScienceDaily
19 Mysterious 'cryptic' molecules made by zombie cells may drive aging, scientists say
20 Millennials driving sales of distilled spirits to surpass beer for first time
21 Four to 11-year-olds deem it wrong to attack either semi-intelligent robot--ScienceDaily
22 Scientists advocate for integration of biogeography and behavioral ecology to rapidly respond to biodiversity loss--ScienceDaily
23 Political scientist discusses key takeaways of state-by-state polling during the pandemic
24 If reactors are retired, polluting energy sources that fill the gap could cause more than 5,000 premature deaths, researchers estimate--ScienceDaily
25 Historic 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake photos contribute towards natural disaster resilience
26 This elephant's self-taught banana peeling offers glimpse of elephants' broader abilities--ScienceDaily
27 Those who avoided COVID-19 precautions early in the pandemic are more likely to buy firearms
28 Navigating the cosmos with CHARA Array--ScienceDaily
29 Light pollution may extend mosquitoes' biting season
30 Could a vitamin deficiency cause 'double-jointedness' and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome?--ScienceDaily
31 Non-biological factors and social determinants of health important in women's CVD risk assessment--ScienceDaily
32 Drought-ravaged Colorado River gets relief from snow, but long-term water crisis remains
33 Rates of sea-level rise of about a half an inch per year since 2010--three times higher than the global average over the same period--ScienceDaily
34 Apple at heart of US-China selective decoupling, says lawmaker
35 Rooting out how plants control nitrogen use--ScienceDaily
36 Court order halts horseshoe crab harvesting on many South Carolina beaches, protecting red knots
37 Worldwide, those with 'traditional' values adhered more strictly to COVID precautions
38 Findings can help identify coping mechanisms that alleviate teacher stress, which has implications for teacher shortages.--ScienceDaily
39 Hundreds flee from wildfire in South Korean seaside city
40 Manipulating multiple lasers on a single chip for a new generation of quantum devices
41 Environmental impact reports hugely underestimate consequences for wildlife--ScienceDaily
42 31 ancient temples from around the world, from Gobekli Tepe to the Parthenon
43 A protective probiotic blunts the ill effects of alcohol in mice
44 Significant breakthrough in understanding the evolution of the universe--ScienceDaily
45 There's a growing gap between countries advancing LGBTQ+ rights, and those going backwards
46 Cities will need more resilient electricity networks to cope with extreme weather--ScienceDaily
47 Exceedingly rare' fungal infection sickens dozens at Michigan paper mill
48 What are these blue creatures washing up on Southern California beaches?
49 Warm liquid spewing from Oregon seafloor comes from Cascadia fault, could offer clues to earthquake hazards--ScienceDaily
50 Scientists create 'slits in time' in mind-bending physics experiment
51 Life cycle assessment can help with the transition to the circular economy
52 Bizarre object 10 million times brighter than the sun defies physics, NASA says
53 Environmental groups accuse EPA of failing to update water pollution standards for oil refineries and other industries
54 Diverse teams survive longer when facing environmental changes--ScienceDaily
55 Centuries-old skeleton with massive, crippling bone growth unearthed in Portugal
56 How to cool your brain? These warm-blooded animals use their nose
57 Merons and antimerons--ScienceDaily
58 Einstein was right about invisible dark matter, massive new map of the universe suggests
59 Time-restricted fasting could cause fertility problems
60 The 2022 Durban floods were the most catastrophic yet recorded in KwaZulu-Natal--ScienceDaily
61 How an African bird might inspire a better water bottle
62 Thousands of unknown viruses hide in the DNA of unicellular organisms--ScienceDaily
63 Unlocking nature's biochemical recycling secrets
64 Male yellow crazy ants are real-life chimeras--ScienceDaily
65 Most plastic eaten by city vultures comes straight from food outlets
66 Jellyfish and fruit flies shed light on the origin of hunger regulation--ScienceDaily
67 Study finds only one type of consumer dictates price
68 Gossip influences who gets ahead in different cultures--ScienceDaily
69 Starting small and simple was key to success for evolution of mammals, reveals new study
70 Brain scans taken during table tennis reveal differences in how we respond to human versus machine opponents--ScienceDaily
71 Green Monster' supernova is the youngest in the Milky Way, James Webb telescope reveals
72 US ski season extended as record snowpack dents Western drought
73 Perfume component helps lure male moth pests--ScienceDaily
74 Researchers reveal stability origin of Dion-Jacobson 2D perovskites
75 Better understanding the physics of our universe--ScienceDaily
76 Tiny biobattery with potential 100-year shelf life runs on bacteria
77 Even though the vast majority of trees studied in Dominica--89%--were damaged during Hurricane Maria, only 10 percent were immediately killed--ScienceDaily
78 52 million-year-old bat skeleton is the oldest ever found and belongs to a never-before-seen species
79 Oldest bat skeletons ever found described from Wyoming fossils
80 How road rage really affects your driving--and the self-driving cars of the future--ScienceDaily
81 Researcher offers solution to coal conundrum on famous pirate shipwreck
82 Lightning strike creates phosphorus material--ScienceDaily
83 NASA discovers ultra-rare 'double quasar' about to collide into an unbelievably massive black hole
84 Timing of snowshoe hare winter color swap may leave them exposed in changing climate, study finds
85 Penn State researchers used a deep learning model to understand predictive value of each factor--ScienceDaily
86 China reported 1st human death from H3N8 bird flu, WHO says
87 New evidence that eastern wolves evolved separately from gray wolves
88 Study suggests light at night disrupts insects' winter dormancy--ScienceDaily
89 Living through high inflation increases home ownership
90 Your baby's gut is crawling with unknown viruses--ScienceDaily
91 Coronary artery disease: Causes, diagnosis and treatment
92 Increased droughts are disrupting carbon-capturing soil microbes, concerning ecologists--ScienceDaily
93 Wild African elephants may have domesticated themselves
94 James Webb Space Telescope images challenge theories of how universe evolved
95 Wonder material graphene claims yet another superlative--ScienceDaily
96 Mystery of Roman coins discovered on shipwreck island has archaeologists baffled
97 Elephant learns how to peel bananas, wowing researchers--but she's a picky eater--National
98 Reviewing and evaluating recent electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction with ionic liquids
99 How skates learned to fly through water--ScienceDaily
100 Ancient inscription on jar found in Israel links kingdoms of Solomon and Sheba
101 Air pollution is not just a human problem, it's also changing the guts of British bumble bees
102 An effort to map complex and understudied cells leads to a surprise discovery--ScienceDaily
103 The most elusive black holes in the universe could lurk at the Milky Way's center
104 Farmer beetle finds suitable host trees by tracing scent of its fungus crop
105 We all need a three-day weekend--ScienceDaily
106 Solar flares created in the lab for 1st time
107 Microplastics can help dangerous bacteria to survive on Scottish beaches
108 52-million-year-old fossils support idea that bats diversified rapidly on multiple continents during the Eocene--ScienceDaily
109 Night for day astrophotography guide: Using long exposure times to turn night to day
110 Unsound climate studies sneak into print: scientists
111 Sedentary time may significantly enlarge adolescents' heart--ScienceDaily
112 What coding language should I learn?
113 Europe's Jupiter probe set for new launch attempt
114 New exoplanet discovered--ScienceDaily
115 What is a brain freeze?