File Title
1 Astronomers detect largest cosmic explosion ever seen
2 Wildfire smoke from Alberta and British Columbia reaches US
3 Welsh space firm devises 'shuttlecock' heatshield
4 Wind is main source of UK electricity for first time
5 Which European nations are winning the heat pump race?
6 Renewable energy projects worth billions stuck on hold
7 Updated DNA map better reflects human diversity
8 Father challenges BP at meeting after son's death
9 Heatwave: Is India ready to deal with extreme temperatures?
10 Coventry exhibition highlights dangers of space debris
11 Meteosat-12: Europe's new weather satellite takes first photos
12 Fears for wildlife as polystyrene balls enter sea
13 Hydrogen buses start running across region
14 Sheep methane emissions testing 'a UK first'
15 Cyclone Mocha: Myanmar's Rakhine state declared disaster area
16 Rare rainbow sea slug found in Falmouth rock pool
17 Cyclone Mocha: Deadly storm hits Myanmar and Bangladesh coasts
18 Suffolk man kayaks up Greenland coast in 'poo-centric expedition'
19 Tracing Scotland's unique place in the Roman world
20 Life-sized human plastic waste sculpture on display
21 Oxfordshire zero-emission fire engine project awarded 4 million pounds
22 Scientist makes alien weather forecast for distant planet
23 Giant East Yorkshire puffin statues to be auctioned for charity
24 Swiss village of Brienz evacuated over risk of imminent rockslide
25 Wild lion Loonkiito, 'one of the world's oldest,' killed in Kenya
26 Defra too reliant on outdated computers, MPs warn
27 Coastal town's 42.9 million pounds flood defences completed
28 North Devon surfers mark world status for area
29 Green energy projects awarded 91 million pounds in government funding
30 Should social media face-altering filters be regulated?
31 Elon Musk names Linda Yaccarino new Twitter boss
32 YouTuber Trevor Jacob admits to crashing plane for views
33 Pakistan shut down the internet--but that didn't stop the protests
34 Mike Lynch: Autonomy founder extradited to US in criminal case
35 Tears of the Kingdom: Fans react to Zelda sequel launch
36 Hacker marketplace still active despite police 'takedown' claim
37 UK further restricts Microsoft and Activision merge
38 Twitter launches encrypted private messages, says Elon Musk
39 Google reveals AI updates as it vies with Microsoft
40 Vodafone 3G turn-off sparks internet access fears
41 Can a wind turbine handle hurricane speed winds?
42 Why teaching robots to blink is hard but important
43 The people turning time into a currency
44 Fruit producers turn to nets for better crops
45 Oxford care home residents trial virtual reality walking
46 UK's first driverless bus begins passenger service in Edinburgh
47 'Suspected drone' disrupts Gatwick Airport flights
48 AI creator on the risks, opportunities and how it may make humans 'boring'
49 King Charles III: Councillor explains Kill the King song use
50 Elon Musk says he has appointed new Twitter boss
51 How has TikTok taken over Eurovision 2023
52 A-levels and GCSEs: COVID support in place as exams begin
53 Stormont budget: Hundreds of nursing student places to be cut in NI
54 Sats reading paper: Government defends 'challenging' tests
55 University marking boycott response an absolute disgrace, say students
56 Free school meals: Rising food prices 'harming Wales plan'
57 Head wants Sats scrapped after pupils 'broken'
58 Childcare: Northern Ireland parents at 'crisis point' over UK-NI gap
59 ChatGPT: Can students pass using AI tools at university?
60 Sadiq Khan: Affordable new homes target for London met
61 Stockton Council's children's services need improvement--Ofsted
62 Teachers' strike dates: When and where are schools affected?
63 Stormont budget: Youth centre funding freeze to 'hurt hundreds'
64 Fault leaves sewage trapped under disabled Coventry man's flat
65 Lambeth school announces closure amid falling numbers
66 Union calls for action after teachers hospitalised at Johnstone High School
67 PDA: Mother says primary schooling failed autistic son
68 A-levels, T-levels and BTecs: A guide to the 2023 exams
69 Skipton: Will deposit-free mortgages help budding first-time buyers?
70 Bristol rents: Woman says finding a home 'almost impossible'
71 Craigavon school campus closure decision was flawed, court told.
72 Education: Cannabis linked to increase in school exclusions
73 Unfounded allegations from school pupils put teachers at risk--union
74 Gloucester City councillor backs plans to develop playing fields
75 Cancer: 'The real work starts when your hair grows back'
76 Staffordshire University provides free period products
77 Gaza cancer patients face life-threatening treatment delays
78 ADHD: Private clinics exposed by BBC undercover investigation
79 Florida professor breaks record for time spent living underwater
80 Monkeypox: WHO declares global emergency over
81 Scrap tax on sunscreen, say cancer charities
82 FDA panel backs first over-the-counter birth control pill in US
83 Kambo: Australia investigates suspected frog mucus ritual deaths
84 What the NHS is learning from Brazil
85 Lip fillers: Call for tighter regulation after botched treatments
86 Australia to ban recreational vaping in major public health move
87 Livvy Haydock: 'Disabled gangsters supported me with my MS diagnosis'
88 What is the Marburg virus and how dangerous is it?
89 'I lost my leg to cancer, now I want to be a nurse'
90 NHS scraps plans for town's GP hub
91 Bromsgrove father calls for more support for stammer treatment
92 Surge in over 45s seeking sexual health help
93 Needle-free COVID vaccination trials taking place in Cambridge
94 Senior doctor strike ballot opens over pay dispute
95 Black Country, New Road: 'The music is never bigger than the friendship'
96 Allergy deaths: London mothers renew plea for government tsar
97 New blood test for ovarian cancer could save 'thousands'
98 I don't have ADHD, but three private clinics say I do
99 Baby heart death parents left waiting 14 months for answers
100 Errol Graham: Chances missed to help man who starved to death
101 Pat Cullen: Nursing union calls for double-digit pay rise to restart talks
102 Roller skating event for girl who died from inhaling deodorant
103 Amputees want more help for limb loss mental anguish
104 Coleraine: Protest over Causeway Hospital maternity services decision
105 China sentences 78-year-old US citizen to life in prison for spying
106 Suppressing China won't make America great--Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang
107 US-China trade hits record high despite rising tensions
108 'Godfather of Poker' Doyle Brunson dies aged 89
109 Vice and Motherboard owner files for bankruptcy
110 Ex-Marine charged with New York subway chokehold death of Jordan Neely
111 Lori Vallow: US doomsday cult mum guilty of murdering children, rival
112 Brittney Griner plays first match for Phoenix Mercury since release from Russian custody
113 How Trump presidency could change Ukraine war
114 Jordan Neely: What happened in NYC subway chokehold case?
115 Texas mall shooting witness is not credible, police say
116 Cities far from US-Mexico border still grapple with migrant crisis
117 Race Across the World: Cathie and Tricia's special friendship
118 17-year-old Honduran migrant dies in US custody
119 ARC refuses to recall 67 million airbag inflators after regulator's request
120 The $135 million cost of finding an alleged killer's victims
121 Title 42: What is the immigration rule and why has it ended?