File Title
1 Supernova Showers: A Deadly Rain of X-rays Threatens Planets
2 Rust in the Brain: Iron's Surprising Role in Alzheimer's Uncovered
3 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover: We Made It to the Top!
4 From Theory to Reality: A Groundbreaking Manifestation of Interdependent Networks in a Physics Lab
5 Peeking into the Cosmic Cradle: Webb Telescope Unveils a Massive Protocluster's Baby Photos
6 Octopamine: The Brain's SOS Signal Plays Crucial Role in Neurodegeneration
7 First-Ever Identification of Schizophrenia Risk Markers in Newborns via DNA Methylation
8 Feeding the Future: Artificial Photosynthesis Transforms CO2 into Food
9 Mapping the Path to Survival: Columbia Study Links Mental Health Access to Lower Suicide Rates
10 A Deeper Look into M87*: New Black Hole Images Reveal a Glowing, Fluffy Ring and a High-Speed Jet
11 Silent Epidemic: Oral Sex Is Now the Leading Risk Factor for Throat Cancer
12 Exploring Earth from Space: Blooming California
13 The Power of Climate Change--New Research Sheds Light on the End of Ancient Indus Megacities
14 MIT Engineers Revolutionize Semiconductor Chip Technology with Atom-Thin Transistors
15 NIH Research: Antibiotic Can Help Prevent Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases
16 Not Science Fiction: Brain Activity Decoder Transforms Thoughts into Text
17 Insect Numbers Are on the Decline--What Is Happening?
18 Researchers Discover Hidden Chemical Order in Disordered Compound
19 A Seismic Shift: NASA's InSight Mission Unlocks Secrets of Mars' Core
20 Space Shuffle: Cosmonauts Gear Up for Airlock Relocation as Astronauts Unwind
21 The Last Spark: Consciousness in the Dying Brain Unveiled
22 Columbia Engineers Create Highly Dexterous Human-Like Robot Hand that Can Operate in the Dark
23 MIT Scientists Discover Surprising Anatomical Changes in the Brains of the Newly Sighted
24 Plankton Power: How Understanding Symbiodiniaceae Could Save Coral Reefs
25 Genomic Journeys: How 240 Mammal Species Help Explain Human Disease Risks
26 AHA Rates 10 Popular Diets: What's Best for Heart-Healthy Eating--And What Misses the Mark
27 Wearable Wonders: How Your Apple Watch Could Gauge Your Mental Resilience
28 Revolutionizing Quantum Circuits: Precision Engineering with Graphene
29 Waves of Extinction--Prehistoric Poo Tells the Story of Megafauna Extinction in Colombian Andes
30 The Power of Prevention: Transforming Healthcare for a Healthier Future
31 Revolutionizing Highways: Superconductors Unlock High-Speed Travel and Energy Transportation
32 MIT's Vaccine Printer: The Game-Changer in Vaccine Distribution
33 Hubble's Stunning Glimpse into a Rare Galactic Hybrid
34 Don't Miss: "Peak Venus" and Jupiter Occultation
35 The Spark Within: Previously Unknown Intracellular Electricity May Power Biology
36 Breathing Moon Dust: NASA's Breakthrough in Lunar Oxygen Extraction
37 Mathematicians Solve a Knotty Mystery: How to Untangle a Worm Ball
38 Broad-Spectrum Antivirals: A New Frontier in the Fight Against Emerging Diseases
39 Mirror-Image Molecules Open the Door to Better Cancer Treatments
40 Steamy Space Mystery: Webb Telescope Finds Water Vapor, but from a Rocky Planet or Its Star?
41 Quantum Entanglement Takes Navigation Sensors to New Heights
42 Internet: The New Dementia Deterrent?
43 Let There Be Light: Emerging from the Cosmic Dark Ages in the Early Universe
44 Double Danger for Young Women: High Risk of Rehospitalization After Heart Attack
45 Unlocking the Mysteries of Liver Cancer with Organoids
46 How the Reduction of a Gene Variant Found in the Brain's Immune Cells Could Diminish the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
47 The Future of Sustainable Clothing--New Breakthrough in Synthetic Spider Silk Fabrication
48 Saving Lives: Study Finds that Paxlovid Reduces Risk of COVID-19 Hospitalization and Death by 90%
49 Stellar "Ashes"--Astronomers Discover Traces of Universe's First Stars
50 Superflare Sparks of Life: How a Stormy Young Sun May Have Kickstarted Life on Earth
51 Astro Alchemy: Neutron Star Mergers and the Birth of Heavy Elements
52 Cosmic Cannibalism: Astronomers Witness Star Devouring Planet in Possible Preview of Earth's Ultimate Fate
53 Migraine Miracle: Atogepant Offers Hope for Tough Cases
54 The Skin's Secret Weapon: Researchers Uncover an Ancient Mechanism for Wound Repair
55 NASA Selects 12 Companies to Innovate on Key Moon and Mars Technology
56 The Anatomy of the Human Gut: More Different than We Thought
57 Utah's Hidden Time Capsule: The Dark Canyon Complex
58 Scientists Shine a Light into the "Black Box" of AI
59 Don't Ignore Your Slowing Mobility: It Could Be a Sign of Something More Sinister
60 Photon Precision: How Quantum Physicists Shattered the Bounds of Sensitivity
61 Nature's Quantum Secret: Link Discovered Between Photosynthesis and "Fifth State of Matter"
62 The Universe on Repeat: Doubling the Number of Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources
63 Cosmonauts Successfully Relocate Experiment Airlock in Seven Hour Spacewalk
64 Don't Miss: Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower Outburst Peak--Up to 160 Meteors per Hour
65 Astronomers Witness a Star Devouring a Planet--"We Are Seeing the Future of the Earth"
66 Brain Surgery Before Birth: First-of-Its-Kind, in-Utero Procedure to Fix Deadly Vascular Malformation
67 Improving Performance and Lifetime--Scientists Solve Battery Mystery
68 Mars in Unprecedented Detail: Get Lost in the Red Planet's 5.7 Terapixel Landscape!
69 Scientists Discover Source of Jet Lag's Harmful Health Consequences
70 Scientists Discover a Teeming World of Life at the Ice Cap
71 ESA's Euclid Spacecraft Arrives at Port Canaveral Launch Site
72 Humans vs. Monkeys--Do We See Colors the Same Way?
73 Stone Age Time Capsule: West Africa's Oldest Occupied Site Unearths 150,000 Years of History
74 Risk of Stroke Surges 50% Worldwide--What Can Be Done About It?
75 Breaking the Cycle: Diet and Exercise Alone Won't Stop Childhood Obesity
76 Intergalactic Upcycling: Recycled Gas Feeds a Massive Galaxy in the Early Universe
77 Researchers Assemble Pathogen "Tree of Life"
78 A Concerning Divide Widens: Study Finds Gap Between High and Low-Income Countries in Sustainability Efforts
79 Smarter Opioids: A New Approach to Pain Relief Without Addiction
80 Relativity Space 3D Printed Rocket Launched Using Innovative NASA Alloy
81 Nanoscale Changes Reveal Clues to Boost Solid-State Battery Performance
82 Beyond the Virus: The Devastating Long-Term Financial Toll of COVID-19
83 Star-Crossed Black Holes: The Cosmic Collision that Will Shake the Universe
84 Scientists Discover Method to Evaluate Highly Complex Feynman Integrals
85 Today's Lunar Eclipse Will Be a Subtle Show of Astronomical Wonder
86 Scientists "Revive" Stone Age Molecules From Ancient DNA
87 Old Dogs with Dementia Sleep Less Deeply, Just like People with Alzheimer's Disease
88 Indigenous People in South America Are Twice as Likely to Die from Wildfire Smoke Exposure
89 Education Quality Matters: Study Finds Link to Late-Life Cognition
90 Vast, Hidden Oceans Discovered on Four of Uranus' Large Moons
91 The Great Coral Divide: Atlantic Reefs Are Struggling and Indo-Pacific Reefs Aren't
92 Exciton Fission Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Photovoltaic Solar Cell Technology
93 AMaLiS 2.0: Electrifying New Concept for Lithium-Air Batteries
94 Alarming--Rates of Teen Suicide Continue to Surge in the United States
95 A New Hope: Diabetes Drug May Ward Off Dementia
96 Millions of Years Ago--Surprising Findings Reveal that Brain Circuits for Locomotion Evolved Long Before Appendages and Skeletons
97 Scientists Develop the World's First Transistor Made of Wood
98 Spooky Quantum Entanglement of Photons Doubles Microscope Resolution
99 Cardiologists Explain Risks of Myocarditis from COVID Vaccines vs. Risks of Heart Damage from Infection
100 Knotty by Nature: Blackworms and the Secrets of Rapid Untangling
101 Wavefront Shaping: Astronomical Techniques for Clearer Medical Imaging
102 Molecular Magic--Researchers Develop Lightweight 2D Material Stronger than Steel
103 Breaking the Cycle--How Sleep Spindles Can Help with PTSD
104 Toxic Time Bomb: The Dangers of Discarded Cigarette Butts
105 New Research Unveils the Gut's Surprising Role in Anorexia
106 Why Are There So Few Insects in the Ocean? Japanese Scientists May Have Solved the Mystery
107 74,963 Kinds of Ice [Video]
108 Brain Boost: Special Omega-3 Fatty Acid Lipid's Key Role in Aging Uncovered
109 Completely Reassessing Our Understanding of Plant Domestication--Early Crop Plants Were More Easily "Tamed"
110 Transforming Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: New Study Uncovers the Hallmarks of the Disease
111 Astronomers "Star Struck" by Webb Space Telescope's Deep-Field Image of the Pandora's Cluster
112 New Study: 70% of Type 2 Diabetes Cases Linked to Food Choices
113 Cytokine Storm Debunked: Machine Learning Exposes the True Killer of COVID-19 Patients
114 The Future of Particle Beam Experimentation--Innovative New Algorithm Improves Our Understanding
115 Asia's Elephant Crisis: A Staggering 64% Habitat Loss in Three Centuries
116 The Future of Farming on Mars--Gene-Edited Rice
117 30-Year-Old Eye Mystery Solved--Ion Channel Structure Deciphered
118 Unearthing the Amazon's Dark Secret: How Ancient Soil Can Boost Forest Restoration Across the Globe
119 NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer Reveals: The Heliosphere Has Ripples!
120 Nanoscale Breakthrough--a Single-Molecule Valve
121 How Scientists Are Using Bacteria to Make Salmon Healthier
122 A "Window into Evolution"--Mathematicians Uncover Universal Explanatory Framework
123 Scientists Synthesize a Tunable Ferromagnetic Quasicrystal with High Phase Purity