File Title
1 Sodium Surprise: Asteroid's Comet-Like Tail Is Not Made of Dust
2 Superconductor Superhighways: Moving Energy, People and Cargo at 400 Miles per Hour
3 New Hope for High-Risk Prostate Cancer--Promising Immunotherapy Agent Proven to Be Safe
4 The Hidden Impact: Lingering Brain Injury Symptoms Haunt Concussion Patients
5 MIT Unveils Simple Paper Test for Early Cancer Detection
6 Breaking Binary: Physicists Fully Entangle Two Quantum Digits
7 Igniting Unrivaled Brilliance: Astronomers Solve 60-Year Mystery of Quasars--The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe
8 Safer Blood Thinners: Innovative Treatment Prevents Blood Clots Without Increased Bleeding Risk
9 Scientists Reveal How Incurable Skin Cancer Resists Treatment
10 The Quantum Twist: Heating Liquid to Create Supersolid Structures
11 If It Pays to Be a Jerk, Why Isn't Everyone that Way? Unraveling the Evolutionary Puzzle
12 New, Very Promising Drug Has the "Unique Ability to Prevent Malaria"
13 Johns Hopkins' Revolutionary New Gel Cured 100% of Mice with Aggressive Brain Cancer
14 Hidden Dangers: How Pregnancy Complications Can Haunt Mothers for 50 Years
15 A Flash of Genius: Taming Electrons with Laser Precision for 1,000,000x Faster Electronics
16 Simplifying the Future of Solar Energy: A Single-Step Solution-Coating Process for Perovskite Solar Cells
17 Massive Black Holes and "Glue" Particles--Physicists Uncover a Remarkable Correspondence
18 Appetite-Control Capsule: Ingestible Electroceutical Tames Hunger Hormones
19 Webb Glitch: Issue with Space Telescope's Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI)
20 Exploring the Future of Desalination: A Comprehensive Review of Interfacial Solar Evaporation Systems
21 New Research Reveals Why You Shouldn't Immediately Grab Medication When You Have a Fever
22 Researchers Uncover the Genetics Driving Facial Changes in Down Syndrome
23 Heat Highway: Graphite's Liquid-Like Pathway for Heat Dissipation in Electronics
24 New Study Sheds Light on the Cause of Severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease
25 Nanotech Breakthrough: Ultra-Thin Ferroelectric Film to Unleash Smaller, More Efficient Electronic Devices
26 Shedding Light on Darkness: Historic First Direct Image of a Black Hole Emitting a Powerful Jet
28 New Study: Vitamin A May Reduce Pancreatitis Risk During ALL Treatment
29 Crustivoltaics--a New Way to Replace Biocrusts Damaged by Humans
30 Astronauts Prep for Critical Spacewalk in the Midst of Advanced Microgravity Research
31 A Dangerous Connection Unveiled: Long COVID & Physical Inactivity
32 Long COVID: Cedars-Sinai Researchers Find COVID-19 Vaccine Produces Antibodies Far Longer than Expected
33 The Looming Climate Apocalypse: Ocean Twilight Zone's Future Hangs in the Balance
34 Astrophysicists Uncover the First Bubble in an Intergalactic Stew
35 Neurodevelopmental Disorders like Autism and ADHD May Increase Your Risk of Testicular Cancer
36 ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer: Juice's First Sip of Science from Space
37 Simpler and Much Cheaper--a New Way to Test Antibiotic Resistance
38 Capturing the Meaning of Moments: The Science of Selfies and Why People Include Themselves in Photos
39 Revolutionizing Lung Transplantation: Donor Lungs Can Live Up to 4x Longer with New Storage Method
40 The Alarming Decline of Elephant Ecosystems in Asia
41 A Grizzly Discovery: Search for Ancient Bears in Alaskan Cave Leads to an Important Human Revelation
42 Zoonomia Project: A Genomic Odyssey Across 240 Mammalian Species Explains Human Disease Risks and More
43 The Unexpected Evolutionary Key of Blinking
44 Diabetes Alert: Big Babies Could Spell Big Trouble for Mothers Years Later
45 Researchers Point to the Source of Serious Side Effects in Widely-Used Painkiller
46 Icy Moonquakes: Explaining the Mysterious Smooth Terrain of Icy Moons
47 Urgent Warning from Researchers: Up to 2% of Adults in Europe, North America, Israel Likely Have Heart Failure
48 CryoSat Exposes Alarming Glacier Ice Loss Across the Globe
49 BRACE Yourself: Unexpected Ineffectiveness of BCG Vaccine Against COVID-19 in Healthcare Workers
50 How Music Can Keep the Brain Young
51 SOHO Chases Asteroid's Tail--Unmasks "Rock Comet" Phaethon's Sodium Glow
52 New Method to Cure HIV Yields Long-Term Successful Results
53 Expedition 69 Crew GO for U.S. Spacewalk, Next Roscosmos Spacewalk in the Pipeline
54 COVID Cages: Pandemic Has Reduced Diverse Urban Interactions
55 Mammalian Mysteries: How 240 Species Unravel the Secrets of Human Genes
56 Unveiling Ancient Climate Change: Australia's Transformation from Lush to Dust
57 Pet Ownership, Stress, and Loneliness: A Complex Relationship Unveiled During COVID-19
58 Ultra-High Energy Absorption Breakthrough: Chinese Researchers Unveil Game-Changing Nanolattice Metamaterials
59 The Lager Legacy: German Researchers Discover How a 400-Year-Old Mistake Revolutionized Beer
60 Conquering the Abyss: Navy's New DSEND Suit Revolutionizes Deep Sea Diving
61 AI vs. MD: ChatGTP Outperforms Physicians in Providing High-Quality, Empathetic Healthcare Advice
62 Scientist Solves Nearly 60-Year-Old Game Theory Conundrum
63 NASA's OPERA: Revolutionizing Earth Observation Through Satellite Synergy
64 Microbes Meet Machine Learning: A pHenomenal Discovery
65 Guardians of the Reef: How Scientists Are Harnessing NASA Satellite Data to Protect Belize's Coral
66 Scary Barbie: Supermassive Black Hole Tears Apart a Giant Star with "Terrifying" Energy
67 Skincredible: MIT's Wearable Patch Revolutionizes Drug Delivery
68 The Secret Power of Japanese Cuisine: Fighting Liver Fibrosis
69 Converting CO2: Breakthrough Catalyst Flips Climate Change Enemy into Valuable Resource
70 MIT's Tiny Terahertz Receiver Preserves IoT Battery Life
71 Defying the Eddington Limit: NASA Unveils the Secret Behind Ultra-Luminous X-Ray Sources
72 Quantum Conundrum: Exploring Stronger Nonlocality with Rock, Paper, Scissors
73 Unlocking New Smells--a Game-Changing Breakthrough in the World of Scents
74 Just Add Water--Stanford Researchers Have Discovered a Simple and Eco-Friendly Way to Make Ammonia
75 Sticky Situation: Critical Antenna on ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer Fails to Deploy
76 Mathematics Behind Wiggly Worm Knots Could Inspire Shapeshifting Robotics
77 A Dual Discovery: Improving Seasonal Flu Vaccines and Enhancing Pandemic Prediction
78 Infant Formulas Exposed: New Research Finds Flaws in Health Claims
79 Caltech's Enzyme Discovery Enables New Mechanism for Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier
80 Powered by Neural Networks--Scientists Develop More Precise Model of the Earth's Ionosphere
81 New Hope for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Stanford Researchers Uncover New Pathway for Clearing Misfolded Proteins
82 Scientists Discover Surprising Consequence of a High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy
83 Humanity's Outpost in Space: Partners Pledge Extension of the International Space Station
84 Mysterious Class of "Strange Metals" Yields Quantum Secrets
85 The Brewmasters of the Insect World--The Fascinating Biology of Cellophane Bees
86 Hubble Space Telescope: Celebrating 33 Years of Cosmic Discovery
87 Divergent Thought Processes: Why Some People Feel Lonely, Even in a Crowded Room
88 The Social Drinking Dilemma: Does More Drinking Equal More Money?
89 Murder Mystery in the Marine World: Unmasking the Sea Urchin Assassin
90 Johns Hopkins Researchers Explore the Psychedelic Transformation of Beliefs
91 No Sweat: Superhydrophobic Biosensor Reads Your Body's Invisible Signals
92 China's Zhurong Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Water in Martian Sand Dunes
93 Sweet Irony: The Twisted Behavior of Starving Argentine Ants
94 Cracking the Code of Autoimmune Diseases: New Approach Identifies Key Protein Fragments
95 Exploring Cosmic Mysteries: A Deep Dive into Our Nearest Star-Forming Galaxy
96 New Drug Successfully Treats Fatty Liver Disease in Primate Model
97 Outperforming Human Pathologists--New Harvard-Developed AI Tool Predicts Colon Cancer Survival, Treatment Response
98 Echolocation and Wing Morphology: The Dynamic Duo of Bat Evolution
99 New Study Reveals How Nanoplastics Can Impact Metabolism
100 Breaking the Limits of Chiral Structures: First Time Control of Twist in Nanoparticles
101 MIT's Ingestible "Electroceutical" Capsule Controls Appetite by Hormone Modulation
102 Bridging Time and Space: Researchers Decipher Ancient Mystery of Maya Calendar
103 Rainfall Sparks Electric Chatter Among Forest Mushrooms
104 Turning the Tables: How Bioplastics Could Transform the Climate Crisis
105 This Week @NASA: Space Station Power Upgrades, New Eye-Popping Views of Earth from Space
106 Mammalian Tree of Life Redefined: Genomic Time Machine Traces Back 100 Million Years of Evolution
107 Navigating the Storm: Atmospheric Rivers Now Ranked like Hurricanes
108 Capturing a Superflare: The Fury of Massive, High-Velocity Prominence Eruptions
109 Cognitive Decline Mystery: It's Not Just About Dementia
110 Uncovering the Past of Ancient Puerto Rico: New Study Challenges Simplistic Assumptions
111 Turning Back the Clock: Genetic Engineers Rewire Cells for an 82% Increase in Lifespan
112 How Tree Diversity Can Help Fight Climate Change
113 Amazing--Astrophysicists Have Identified the Shortest-Period, Low-Mass Stellar Binary System Ever Observed
114 Causing Heart Disease--Estrogen Negatively Impacts Heartbeat Regulation
115 Turning Your Smartphone into a Quantum Sensor: The Power of OLEDs
116 The Brain's "Chill Pill"--Gene that Suppresses Anxiety Discovered by Scientists
117 Double Trouble: Unmasking the Alcohol Harm Paradox in Anxiety and Mood Disorders
118 Stunning New Photographic Mars Map with Observations Made by the Emirates Mars Mission
119 Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Explained
120 How Do Nutrients Enter Cells? Solving the Mystery
121 Hubble Space Telescope Spots a Ghostly Galactic Jellyfish
122 Speed Demons: Giant Proteins Behind World's Fastest Biological Movement Unveiled
123 Quantum Ghosts: Atoms Become Transparent to Certain Frequencies of Light
124 Cognitive Impairment: An Extremely Common, yet Underestimated Aftermath of Stroke
125 Balanced Meal Timing: A Recipe for Enhanced Cognitive Health
126 Encoding Breakthrough Unlocks New Potential in Neutral-Atom Quantum Computing