File Title
1 Why are there so few insects in the ocean?
2 Secret behind Amazonian 'dark earth' could help speed up forest restoration across the globe
3 Illegal miners threaten Ghana's forests: govt.
4 Progressive climate change: desertification threatens Mediterranean forests
5 Nuances of the forest-water connection
6 Libya green group battles to save remaining forests
7 World's 'oldest' tree able to reveal planet's secrets
8 Indigenous Brazilians demand more land reserves
9 EU lawmakers adopt ban on imports speeding deforestation
10 Archaeologists map hidden NT landscape where first Australians lived more than 60,000 years ago
11 India's new mums live in hope and fear for next generation
12 Do people and monkeys see colors the same way?
13 'A new history': Brazil's Lula decrees six Indigenous reserves
14 India to pass China as world's most populous nation: UN
15 Focus on reproductive rights rather than population numbers, UN urges
16 A new peptide may hold potential as an Alzheimer's treatment
17 New evidence pushes open habitats in Africa back by 10 million years
18 Composition of joint lubricant potential culprit behind osteoarthritis
19 What the Jetsons got right and wrong about the future of work
20 Amazon Indigenous lands prevent disease, save billions: study
21 April heat in western Med 'almost impossible without climate change'
22 Colombia nabs over 300 tons of illegally caught fish in a decade
23 Joint venture announced to build 'underwater space station of the ocean'
24 NGOs slam missed chance to prevent seabed mining
25 Vietnam reports record-high temperature
26 Spain, Portugal smash April temperature records
27 Spain hit by summer-strength heat in April
28 'Hotter and hotter': Swathes of Asia sweat in heatwave
29 Heatstroke kills 11 at India awards event
30 Aftershocks shake Japan after quake kills one, destroys homes
31 Magnitude 6.3 quake shakes central Japan: weather agency
32 Powerful Indonesia quake sends islanders fleeing
33 Evacuees return home after Guatemala volcano dies down: official
34 More than 1,000 evacuated as Guatemala volcano erupts
35 Colombia urges evacuation near volcano
36 Tongan volcanic explosion in 2022 was largest natural explosion in a century
37 Rwanda to spend almost $100 million rebuilding after floods
38 Canada police find bodies of two firefighters after floods
39 US troops ordered to Mexico border for migrant surge
40 Zelensky says asked Xi for help with deported children
41 China evacuates 1,300 citizens, other nationals from Sudan; Exhausted Iraqis back in Baghdad
42 Peru deploys military to block undocumented migrants
43 Damascus slams EU sanctions as 'threat' to quake-hit Syrians
44 Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossing landslide toll rises to eight
45 Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response Operations (ACERO)
46 New concept for lithium-air batteries
47 Recycling of valuable metals from spent lithium ion batteries using spinning reactors
48 Dyson plans new battery plant in Singapore
49 Dalian develops 2D pseudocapacitive multi-electron reaction lithium storage material
50 Progress in alternative battery technology
51 Tiny biobattery with 100-year shelf life runs on bacteria
52 China's CATL unveils battery planned to power planes
53 Fish-inspired, self-charging electric battery may help power space applications
54 Team finds major storage capacity in water-based batteries
55 Novel supercapacitor for energy storage applications
56 North American Helium brings 6th facility online
57 Speedy composite manufacturing
58 Heed the reed: thatcher scientist on mission to revive craft
59 Paving the way for truly intelligent materials
60 Researchers develop carbon-negative concrete
61 Fungi makes meal of hard-to-recycle plastic: new study
62 UIUC researchers image magnetic behavior at the smallest scales to date
63 Lightning strike creates phosphorus material for the first time on Earth
64 What can we do about all the plastic waste
65 Spire Global launches a space-powered weather insights platform for the maritime industry
66 Foxconn founder vows to 'preserve peace' with China if elected Taiwan president
67 Rising iPhone sales help Apple beat forecasts
68 Samsung Electronics logs worst quarterly earnings in 14 years
69 AFRL further backs longtime Liquid Crystal supplier to meet DOD needs
70 Apple opens first India store in market push
71 Global PC shipments plunge 29% in rough economy
72 Huawei reports huge drop in profits as US sanctions bite
73 Hong Kong's bamboo scaffolders preserve ancient technique
74 Markets rise after strong US jobs, rebound in banks
75 Taking the high road: India infrastructure drive counters China
76 US pick Ajay Banga confirmed as new World Bank president
77 Hong Kong reports Q1 GDP growth after 2022 contraction
78 Biden, Marcos discuss securing tense South China Sea
79 White House summons tech giants over AI dangers
80 Pentagon leaks suspect made 'violent' threats, US says
81 Thales seizes control of ESA satellite in first Cybersecurity Exercise of its kind
82 US sanctions Chinese men linked to North Korean hackers
83 The researchers aiming to foresee--and prevent--war
84 China pursuing Dutch aerospace tech: Netherlands intel
85 US arrests two over Chinese 'police station' in New York
86 China allegedly gave Australian a spying 'shopping list'
87 US senators launch renewed push to thwart China
88 China to revamp science, tech in face of foreign 'suppression'
89 French region's drought prompts pool sale ban
90 Nestle faces mineral water problems in drought-hit France
91 Insults, threats target Spain forecasters over climate 'conspiracy'
92 Germany's climate activists find sanctuary in churches
93 Watchdog raps Murdoch's Australian broadcaster over climate coverage
94 Undeterred by jail, Germany's climate activists ramp up protests
95 Media's climate crisis coverage favours denial and avoidance: study
96 UK climate protester jailed for three years; as 1000s rally over biodiversity
97 Biden urges climate forum to 'step up' against global warming
98 NASA launches climate-focused Startup Studio with Technology Incubator
99 Nicaraguan paradise draws Americans, Europeans despite political strife
100 Chinese fast fashion giant Shein denies low prices due to forced labour
101 Brazil, Spain want EU-South America deal by year end
102 Argentina to pay for Chinese imports in yuan instead of dollars
103 UK's Cleverly to urge against isolating China
104 China blasts potential US investment curbs as 'economic coercion'
105 Scientists find link between photosynthesis and 'fifth state of matter'
106 Nifty nanoparticles help 'peel back the curtain' into the world of super small things
107 Scientists open door to manipulating 'quantum light'
108 Sculpting quantum materials for the electronics of the future
109 In the world's smallest ball game, scientists throw and catch single atoms using light
110 Cosmology: On the trail of a mysterious force in space