File Title
1 Embracing the Quantum Age: NASA Marks World Quantum Day with Pioneering Research
2 A Fiery Surprise: Magellan Spacecraft Uncovers Signs of Active Volcanism on Venus
3 From Alpha to Omicron: Uncovering the Secrets of Natural COVID-19 Immunity
4 Unleashing the Mind of a Fly: Synapse-by-Synapse Mapping of Drosophila Brain
5 Edible Electronics--Scientists Have Developed the First-Ever Rechargeable Battery Made Out of Food
6 Unlocking the Secrets of the Early Universe: Scientists Double Sensitivity of HERA Radio Telescope
7 New Study Uncovers Secret of Mammals' Evolutionary Success
8 Mission Impossible? NASA Calls in Expert Panel to Review Mars Sample Return Plans
9 Telomere Twist: Unraveling the Hidden Protein Secrets of Cancer and Aging
10 Geologists Discover a Critical Kill Mechanism Behind a 350 Million-Year-Old Series of Extinctions
11 A Rice Idea: Old Farming Techniques Unlock New Sustainable Solutions
12 1,000% Difference: Major Storage Capacity in Water-Based Batteries Found
13 Researchers Identify Potential Cellular Origin of Gestational Iron Deficiency Impairments
14 90% of Papers Miss Crucial Experimental Information: A "Best Practice" Protocol for Piezoelectrics
15 Small but Mighty: James Webb Telescope Unveils a Star-Generating Juggernaut in the Early Universe
16 Quantum Breakthrough: New Method Protects Information from Decoherence and Leaks
17 Thought to Be Safe: Replacement PFAS Used in Food Packaging Are Actually Hazardous
18 New Potential Probiotic Treatment Reduces Alcohol Absorption, Prolongs Alcohol Tolerance, and Shortens Recovery Time
19 Opioid Prescriptions and Suicide: New Study Unveils Complex Connection
20 Saving Money and Improving Lives: The Benefits of Non-Drug Interventions for Alzheimer's Care
21 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Star
22 Illuminating the Money Trail: MIT Political Scientist Shines a Bright Light on the Dark Art of Political Lobbying
23 From the Depths of Earth: Seismic Waves May Unlock Gravity's Secrets
24 Researchers Have Developed a Blood Test for Anxiety
25 Warning: Antibiotic-Resistant "Superbugs" Are Being Passed Between Dogs and Cats and Their Owners
26 New Evidence Sheds Light on the Evolutionary Mystery of North American Wolves
27 NASA's Quesst Mission: X-59 Quiet Supersonic Technology Aircraft Gets Its Tail
28 The Secret Language of Plants: How Stressed Plants Speak in Ultrasonic Clicks
29 Splashdown! SpaceX Cargo Dragon Returns Science Experiments to Earth for NASA
30 New Target that May Prevent Blood Cancer Identified
31 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is There Life on Mars?
32 Cracking the Alzheimer's Code: A Groundbreaking New Approach to Visualizing the True Culprit
33 Lucy in the Sky with Asteroids: NASA's Mission Reveals First Images of Jupiter's Trojans
34 New Research Identifies the Best Way to Close Gender Pay Gaps
35 Researchers Discover New Way to Reverse Infertility
36 Clearing the Path for CO2 Capture: MIT's Anti-Fouling Breakthrough in Photobioreactor Technology
37 Welcome to Mars! Caltech's Jaw-Dropping, 5.7 Terapixel Virtual Expedition Across the Red Planet
38 This Week @NASA: Experimental Supersonic Airplane, Orion's Wings & Trojan Asteroids
39 The "New Normal": Climate Changing Is Causing a Shift to Flash Droughts
40 New Research: Taking Care of Your Teeth Could Help Prevent Chronic Joint Pain
41 Striking Discovery: Unique Image Reveals How Lightning Rods Work
42 Artificial Intelligence Reveals a Stunning, High-Definition View of M87's Big Black Hole
43 Over 1 Million Lives Saved Across Europe by COVID-19 Vaccines
44 Long COVID and Post-Flu Syndrome: A Surprising Similarity in Severity
45 The Silent Saboteur: How Depression Influences Breast Cancer Survival
46 Orion Flexes Its Solar Muscles: Prepping for the First Crewed Artemis Adventure
47 Galactic Surprise: James Webb Space Telescope Unveils Hidden Companion Galaxy
48 A Game-Changer in Male Contraception: Researchers Identify Key Gene
49 NASA's Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response Operations (ACERO) Project
50 Nature's Nano-Syringes: Harnessing Bacterial Machines for Next-Gen. Medicine
51 Warning: Study Finds Superbugs Lurking in 40% of Supermarket Meat
52 New Study Reveals that a Four-Day Work Week Can Improve Health
53 High Power EV Chargers: A Green Light for Cardiac Device Patients?
54 Solar Orbiter Sheds Light on the Sun's Burning Mystery
55 Scientists Discover New Property of Immune Cells--"Like Guided Missiles"
56 Processing Data at the Speed of Light--"Nano-Excitonic Transistor"
57 Neuroscientists Find Long COVID Smell Loss Linked to Changes in the Brain
58 Scientists Determine the Origins of One the World's Oldest Crops
59 Behind the Scenes at NASA: Supercomputers Empower NASA Mission Success
60 Popular Back Pain Treatment Revealed to Be Ineffective and Potentially Harmful
61 Spacewalks and Cargo Ships: Space Station Crew Gears Up for a Busy Week in Orbit
62 Cosmic Collision Ignites a Trillion-Sun Spectacle: James Webb Space Telescope Unveils Arp 220
63 Space's Secret Symphony: Join NASA's HARP to Uncover the Melodies of the Cosmos
64 How the Brain's Support Cells Impact OCD and Open New Doors for Treatment
65 Ultrafast Film Reveals Exciton Fission in Solar Cells: How One Photon Becomes Four Charge Carriers
66 Revolutionary Brain Tumor Treatment Discovered in Traditional Chinese Medicine
67 A Sweet Clue to Alzheimer's: Sugar Molecule Predicts Disease Risk
68 Fireball Finale: RHESSI's Fiery Reentry After 16 Years of Solar Observation
69 Scientists Discover Toxic "Forever Chemicals" in Fast-Food Packaging
70 Tiny Transformers: Physicists Unveil Shape-Shifting Nano-Scale Electronic Devices
71 New AI-Generated T-Cell Vaccine Showcases Long-Lasting Immunity Against COVID-19
72 Brain Imaging Breakthrough: 64 Million Times Sharper
73 Accepted Theory of Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Is Incorrect
74 Warning: Intermittent Fasting Could Cause Fertility Problems
75 Scientists Uncover the Unexpected True Identity of "Tequila" Worms
76 Bird-Brained AI: Pigeons and Artificial Intelligence Share Surprising Learning Techniques
77 COVID-19's Double Whammy: Cedars-Sinai Investigation Shows Increased Diabetes Risk
78 Cosmonauts Begin Spacewalk to Move Roscosmos Radiator on Space Station
79 Scientists Discover a Simple Way to Improve Medication Efficacy: Listen to Your Favorite Song
80 Faux Hole Phenomenon: Could this Copycat Black Hole Be a New Type of Star?
81 New Research Reveals a Simple Way to Reduce Risk of Gestational Diabetes
82 New Research Reveals How High Altitude Changes Your Body's Metabolism
83 Scientists Have Created Bio-Printed "Patches" that Can Mend Broken Hearts
84 Less Is More: The Diet Strategy Proven to Slow Aging in Healthy Adults
85 ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) Gets Wings
86 Loops, Flags and Tension in DNA
87 Driving Genetic Discovery: New Insights into DNA Replication's Molecular Motor
88 Ancient Tibetans' Secret Weapon for Thriving on the Roof of the World
89 Why You Should Eat More Live Microorganisms
90 Concerning--New Detection Method Uncovers Massive Amount of Methane
91 The Bizarre Tully Monster Mystery: Solved at Last?
92 New Vaccine Helps Decrease the Likelihood of Skin Cancer Recurrence and Death
93 50% More Accurate: Aerospace Engineers Design Dart that Is Less Sensitive to Player Errors
94 An Unlikely Hero: How the Common Cold Shields Children from COVID-19
95 Quantum "Magic" and Black Hole Chaos Could Help Explain the Origin of Spacetime
96 Spacewalk Success: Cosmonauts Move Roscosmos Radiator on International Space Station
97 Magnet Mayhem: How Meteorite Hunters Accidentally Destroy Scientific Goldmines
98 Decade of the Worst: Polar Ice Sheet Melting Shatters Records
99 Eye and Brain Study, Fluid Physics Research on Space Station After Cosmonaut Spacewalk
100 Unraveling the Mysteries of Protons--Neutrino Experiment Delivers Groundbreaking Results
101 Hidden Linkages: Scientists Find Mind-Body Connection Is Built into Brain
102 Debunking the Myth: Is Deep Learning Necessary for Artificial Intelligence?
103 Scientists Uncover a New Approach to Treating Liver Cancer
104 JPL and the Space Age: Saving Galileo (NASA Documentary)
105 Unlocking the Secrets of Developmental Disorders: 5,500 People Receive Life-Changing Diagnoses
106 Extremely Surprising--Nuclear Physicists Have a Groundbreaking Observation of "Strange Matter"
107 High Appetites: Worms Get the Munchies from Cannabinoids Just like Humans
108 Could COVID-19 Cause Type 1 Diabetes?
109 Swahili Secrets: Ancient DNA Reveals When Asian Ancestry Was Introduced to East Africa
110 New Study: Your Mindset Can Influence the Outcome of Childbirth
111 Checkmate, Proteins! Reinforcement Learning Transforms Molecular Biology
112 The Evolution of Stickiness: Orb Weaver Spiders' Glue Gets a Genetic Twist
113 SOLARIS: ESA's Bold Venture into Space-Based Solar Power Plants
114 The Sweet Divide: Sugar Is Processed Differently in the Brains of Obesity-Prone
115 The Cost of Sunshine: Calculating Humans' Impact on the Planet
116 Cancer's New Kryptonite: Nanoparticles Tackle Tumors Without Side Effects
117 Wonder Material Graphene Stuns Again: Shatters Magnetoresistance Records
118 Dark Order in the Universe: Distant Galaxies Align to Support Einstein's General Relativity
119 The Curious Case of Mpox: The "Sexual Network" Theory on Why the Monkeypox Epidemic Waned
120 Shared Interests or Shared Essence? How We Misjudge Attraction to Others
121 The BOAT Show: Unprecedented Gamma-Ray Burst Illuminates the Universe
122 Activating Adult-Born Neurons: A Promising Approach for Alzheimer's Treatment
123 The Skate's Great DNA Unveiling: Shedding Light on Stingray Cousins
124 Fluid Endeavors and Fiery Farewells: ISS Crew Explores New Tech, Readies Cargo Ship Departure