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1 U.S. Supreme Court to decide on abortion pill access as lawsuit continues--National
2 Supreme Court poised to rule on abortion pill restrictions
3 MillerKnoll CEO Andi Owen blasted for 'leave pity city' leaked video: NPR
4 Brain tumour symptoms may include vomiting--girl's first sign
5 4 are killed in Maine home and 3 others are wounded in linked highway shooting: NPR
6 Best supplements for stress as recommended by a nutritionist
7 Tyre Nichols' family will sue Memphis and police for his beating death: NPR
8 Dad in coma after being punched at Grand National stag do
9 Republicans say New York crime is up. Experts say not at all: NPR
10 In Jess Row's 'The New Earth,' a family's pain echoes America's suffering: NPR
11 Here's how some rural communities are trying to save their grocery stores: Shots
12 Mental health not considered in "life of the mother" exceptions: NPR
13 Supreme Court hears a case about whether the intention behind threats matters: NPR
14 2 Texas cheerleaders shot after approaching the wrong car in a parking lot: NPR
15 Study: Milder autism far outpacing 'profound' diagnoses
16 Televangelist Charles Stanley dies at age 90: NPR
17 As federal aid winds down, long COVID patients feel left behind: Shots
18 Study Calls Poverty a 'Major Risk Factor for Death in the U.S.'
19 12 arrested after 29 killed: NPR
20 As street drugs get deadlier, test kits may not detect dangerous new substances--National
21 2 teens are charged with murder in Alabama birthday party shooting: NPR
22 Personal Experience with Weight Gain
23 Sudan fighting forces Khartoum residents to live under siege: NPR
24 Longer Mealtimes Helps Kids Eat More Fruits and Veggies
25 In fight over mifepristone, generic abortion pill maker sues FDA: NPR
26 Supreme Court delays ruling on mifepristone restrictions until Friday: NPR
27 Dementia diagnosis could be predicted 10 years prior with simple memory test
28 Can a drastic change in weather make you sick? What experts say--National
29 Mississippi governor touts 'culture of life' with new laws
30 McCarthy proposes lifting the debt limit for one year: NPR
31 2nd abortion regulation bill vetoed by Kansas governor
32 The NFL star collapsed due to commotio cordis earlier this year.: NPR
33 As courts weigh abortion pill rules, patients ask: What now?
34 Stampede in Yemen at Ramadan charity event kills at least 78: NPR
35 Junk Food 'Brainwashes' You so You're Wired to Eat More
36 SpaceX will try to launch its Starship rocket for a second time on Thursday: NPR
37 Working During Pregnancy? 5 Expert-Backed Ways to Maintain Healthy Work-Life Balance for Moms-to-Be
38 Facebook users can apply for their portion of a $725 million lawsuit settlement: NPR
39 High cholesterol: Four foods that could help keep your levels in
40 Black and Hispanic pre-med students face extra barriers to medical school: Shots
41 K-pop star Moon Bin found dead at his home at the age of 25: NPR
42 Leukaemia symptoms include feeling breathless and finding a lump--woman shares story
43 The Supreme Court fight over an abortion pill: What's next?
44 The Picture Show (Ukraine War): NPR
45 People lost faith in childhood vaccines during COVID pandemic, says UNICEF report
46 New Zealand feral cat-hunting contest for kids is scrapped after backlash: NPR
47 How to live longer: Three anti-cancer foods to add to your diet
48 Han Kang's 'Greek Lessons' is an intimate portrayal of two lonely people: NPR
49 A rare hybrid solar eclipse wows viewers in Australia and Indonesia: NPR
50 Gene loss weakens antibacterial defense in inflammatory bowel disease in mouse study--ScienceDaily
51 What's the highest a mountain can grow on Earth?
52 Deepest fish ever recorded caught on camera over 8,000 metres down trench--National
53 Sowing the seeds of success
54 As Colombian volcano rumbles to life, villagers resist evacuation
55 Chemist helped shed light on the formation of an air-clearing molecule--ScienceDaily
56 Are aliens real? / Live Science
57 First Peoples' knowledge of 'mysterious fairy circles' in Australian deserts has upended a long-standing science debate
58 Lonely people's divergent thought processes may contribute to feeling 'alone in a crowded room'--ScienceDaily
59 Woolly mammoths weren't always shaggy. Here's when they evolved some of their trademark features.
60 Artemis II: Why NASA is sending a crew around the moon after 50 years--National
61 The future is bright for gold-based antibiotics
62 Scientists use peroxide to peer into metal oxide reactions--ScienceDaily
63 6 incredible egg facts, just in time for Easter
64 Regulator defends finding that Alberta's largest earthquake was caused by oilpatch
65 High blood pressure in your 30s is associated with worse brain health in your 70s--ScienceDaily
66 In rare cases, COVID-19 infection in pregnancy can cause brain damage to fetuses
67 Initiative signed to promote winter sports in China
68 Using the dark matter distribution to test our cosmological model--ScienceDaily
69 Hidden Ptolemy text, printed beneath a Latin manuscript, deciphered after 200 years
70 Study says warming may push more hurricanes toward US coasts
71 Students set to land first US rover on the moon--before NASA
72 US states consider ban on cosmetics with 'forever chemicals'
73 In Florida study, nonnative leaf-litter ants are replacing native ants--ScienceDaily
74 Benin Bronzes were crafted of metal from a completely unexpected place
75 Despite Lula's promises, deforestation still rampant in Brazil
76 Woolly mammoths evolved smaller ears and woolier coats over the 700,000 years that they roamed the Siberian steppes--ScienceDaily
77 Baseball home runs could increase by 10% in the next 80 years. Here's why
78 NASA reveals next-gen spacesuit for the next astronauts on the Moon--National
79 COVID-19 pandemic increased the frequency of intimate partner violence
80 Toward tunable molecular switches from organic compounds--ScienceDaily
81 Where is Alexander the Great's tomb
82 Senegal harvests first experimental homegrown wheat
83 Internet access must become human right or we risk ever-widening inequality--ScienceDaily
84 Plastic pollution is scourge of English coastal region
85 More than 500 home runs since 2010 due to warmer, thinner air caused by global warming--ScienceDaily
86 Research finds global emissions of several banned ozone-destroying chemicals are increasing
87 Researchers leverage cell self-destruction to treat brain tumors--ScienceDaily
88 Space exploration entering 'new era' with private firms: Canadian astronaut
89 Amazon Indigenous lands prevent disease, save billions: study
90 Physicians should be on alert for group A strep as cases experience historic rise, study finds--ScienceDaily
91 'Snowball Earth' might have been slushball
92 Case for Candida auris wastewater surveillance--ScienceDaily
93 Official 'San Fransico' Giants hats quickly sell out
94 Third massive whale in a month beaches itself, dies in Bali
95 Researchers clear the way for well-rounded view of cellular defects--ScienceDaily
96 Russian Yuskov sets world record in 1,500m speed skating
97 Engineered plants produce sex perfume to trick pests and replace pesticides
98 New atomic-scale understanding of catalysis could unlock massive energy savings--ScienceDaily
99 A new quantum approach to solve electronic structures of complex materials
100 First-of-its-kind demonstration suggests a more environmentally friendly future for the electronics industry is possible--ScienceDaily
101 Scientists discover a way Earth's atmosphere cleans itself
102 Model simulates variable flap stiffness for the best lift--ScienceDaily
103 How a worm's embryonic cells change its development potential
104 Researchers discover that a certain molecule in broccoli interacts with a receptor in mice to promote gut health--ScienceDaily
105 Researchers find comprehensive sex education reduces homophobia, transphobia
106 Reconstructed protein sequences in cyanobacteria reveal that protein interactions can evolve without direct selection pressure--ScienceDaily
107 Ranchers battle wolves in Colorado wilds as reintroduction looms
108 Long-forgotten equation provides new tool for converting carbon dioxide--ScienceDaily
109 Home-based workers became younger, more diverse in pandemic
110 Climate change not the only important thing for a species' niche--ScienceDaily
111 Study finds record-breaking rates of sea-level rise along the U.S. Southeast and Gulf coasts
112 New test could help identify type 2 diabetes risk--ScienceDaily
113 Why don't hurricanes form at the equator?
114 India's tiger population rises above 3,000
115 AI-equipped eyeglasses read silent speech--ScienceDaily