File Title
1 How Heavy Alcohol Use Causes Inflammation in the Brain
2 Macrophages at work: immune cells repair hearing loss
3 New Headset Could Give Users X-Ray Vision
4 A Mutation that Enables Bacteria to Resist Phages
5 FDA mandate decreased acetaminophen liver failure
6 Obesity: New Findings on Causes, Consequences, and Treatment
7 Why Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy Can Lead to Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
8 Food Supply Chain Workers Face Serious Safety Risks
9 Genome sequencing reveals a detailed history of grape domestication
10 Is it Ritual? Nope, it's just a Copper-Age Childs Toy!
11 CBD May Increase THC's Adverse Effects in Edible Cannabis Products
12 Physicists Observe Quantum Tunneling in Experiments
13 Why Automation is Outpacing Traditional Methods for Single-Cell Cloning
14 New Smartphone Apps Can Detect MPox & Anemia
15 How Researchers Engineered a Mouse Model of Bipolar Disorder
16 Soft Robotic Hearts Make it Easier to Plan Treatment for Heart Conditions
17 The Impacts of High Altitude on Metabolism & Health
18 A Urine Test to Screen for Cancer?
19 Immunotherapy Duo Eliminates Metastatic Breast Cancer in Mice
20 Can Cannabis Cause an Allergic Reaction?
21 Study Provides Insights into Consumption Trends of Older Medical Cannabis Patients
22 Microalgae Could Be Used to Reduce Carbon Emissions
23 15 Minutes Less on Social Media Improves Immune Function and Mental Health
24 Daily Walk Reduces Premature Death Risk
25 Dramatic Increases in Gastrointestinal Problems from COVID-19
26 A Fungal Pathogen Can Halt a Protective Process in Lung Cells
27 Can You Hallucinate from Cannabis Consumption?
28 Hydrogels Increase Neural Regeneration
29 Tadpole Gas Cloud Potentially Orbiting Black Hole
30 Bonding Molecules with UV Light
31 In a First, an mRNA Vaccine for a Deadly Bacterium is Created
32 New Polymer Material Could Improve the Life of EV Batteries
33 An Adaptive-Like Cell of the Innate Immune System is Discovered
34 Oldest Fossilized Gnat Provides Clues into Life Following the Greatest Mass Extinction Event
35 New Cybersecurity Technique Could Trick Hackers
36 Life Finds a Way in Underwater Volcanoes
37 THC and Autotaxin Interaction Linked to Lysophosphatidic Acid (LPA) Signaling
38 Good Sleep Reduces Infection Susceptibility
39 Using blood pressure medications to treat diabetes: how does it work?
40 Organic Molecules on Asteroid Ryugu
41 Free-Flying Atoms Can Be Tossed Around Using Light
42 Searching for Biosignatures on Mars and Other Planetary Bodies Using Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning
43 A Novel Anti-Aging Process is Revealed
44 A Bacterial Enzyme that Breaks Down PFAS Forever Chemicals is Discovered
45 Experimental Anti-amyloid Treatment Fails to Slow Cognitive Decline
46 New Blood Test Could Personalize Anxiety Treatments
47 New Data from Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Released
48 Academia and Toyota Research Institute Team Up to Create Smarter Robots
49 A Promising New Chemical Compound to Treat Autoimmune Diseases like Multiple sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
50 Why an Infection Gives Us that Sick Feeling
51 Proposed Radio Telescope on Far Side of the Moon Could Explore Early Universe
52 Algae-Produced Chalk Plates Could Impact Ocean Life and the Earth's Carbon Cycle
53 Combating the global antibiotic resistance with an unexpected creature: maggots
54 Gut Microbes Can Leave the Intestine to Battle Cancerous Tumors
55 Natural Selection in Humans Still Occurs in Regions Impacting Fertility
56 Insomnia Linked to Heart Attack Risk
57 Advanced Imaging Could Help with Diagnosing and Treating Prostate Cancer
58 Discovery Changes What We Knew About B Cell Activation
59 Diabetes Drug Relieves Blinding Headaches in Phase II Trial
60 Mediterranean Diet Reduces Dementia Risk by 23%
61 2D Semiconductors Could Replace Silicon-Based Computer Chips
62 Solving the Mystery of Water in our Solar System
63 Vaccines could also go EV!--a new vaccine delivery system that improves antigen presentation
64 Drawings Reveal High Levels of COVID-19 Knowledge among Children
65 48,500-Year-Old Virus Recovered from Permafrost Can Still Infect Cells
66 Experts Conclude Genome Editing in Human Embryos Still Too Risky
67 Solar System More Fragile than We Thought
68 How to Cultivate Cannabis Through Hydroponics
69 Massive Study Shows for Most, COVID-19 had a Limited Impact on Mental Health
70 500 More Steps Per Day Leads to Lower Heart Risk
71 NASA's VERITAS Mission has Funding Cut, Delays Mission by Minimum of Three Years
72 An Advanced Method Reveals Structural Details of Mitochondria
73 Olive Oil by-Product Could Improve Exercise Capacity
74 A Traditional St. Patrick's Day Dinner: Cabbage and Rashers
75 Heart "Tissue-on-a-Chip" Heading to International Space Station
76 COVID-19 Survey Reveals Parental Deception Regarding Their Child's COVID Status
77 What Synchronizing to a Beat Reveals about Shared Attention Between Individuals
78 Closed Loop System in Cannabis
79 Increased Risk of Heart Attacks Associated with Daylight Saving Time
80 Hair Analysis Reveals Greater Substance Use Among Older Children
81 Detecting Anemia with a Smartphone App
82 Do You Know What a Preprint Is? Most People Don't
83 Climate-Related Snowstorms Prevent Entire Antarctic Bird Populations from Breeding
84 Using Obstacles to Trap Rolling Microparticles in Fluid
85 Hurricanes Could Start Hitting Back-to-Back More Frequently
86 Researchers Develop a Chemovar Indexing System to Assess Differences in Treatment Effectiveness
87 Is this Common Dry Cleaning Chemical Causing Parkinson's Disease?
88 Cocoa's Health Benefits are Increased by Processing Techniques
89 The Resurfacing of Venus
90 Supermassive Black Holes are Activated and Fed by Intergalactic Gas
91 Biomolecular Tweaks Can Activate Neurons
92 Researchers Create Mice from Two Fathers
93 Raccoon Dogs May be the Animal Origin of SARS-CoV-2
94 Mild Side Effects Predict Response to Immunotherapy
95 Quieter Propeller Allows for Better Electric Aviation
96 Using Quantum Computing for Atmospheric CO2 Capture
97 Mild Fevers Can Help Eliminate an Infection Faster
98 Does Gender Influence Patient Preferences?
99 Deer Antler Stem Cells Can Drive Bone Regeneration
100 Could Artificial Turf Increase Brain Cancer Risk?
101 Children Ages 2-6 with Type 1 Diabetes Could Get Help with Artificial Pancreas
102 Examining Oil to Learn About Earth's Extinction History
103 A Potential Biomarker of Depression in Blood
104 Poor Sleep Is Linked to Heart Disease
105 Recombinant Antibody Production in Drug Discovery
106 How to Program Your Child's Brain for Obesity: Mother's diet alters the circuitry of eating
107 New Drug May Prevent the Evolution of COVID Variants
108 Researchers Suggest Letting Mild Fever Run Its Course and Postponing Medications
109 Advanced Gene Editing Method Restores Vision in Mouse Model
110 Mothers Transmit Microbes to Newborns, Regardless of Birth Mode
111 Healthy Adrenal System Staves Off Cytokine Storms
112 Bottles or Cans: Which are Better for Beer?
113 Blueberries, Green Beans on 2023's Dirty Dozen List
114 Overwhelming Space Junk Prompts Need for Global Consensus
115 An Artificial Sweetener Dampens Immune Cell Responses
116 Short Sleep Duration Linked to Clogged Leg Arteries
117 New App "MyDiaMate" Improves Mental Wellbeing of People with Type 1 Diabetes
118 Why is Scott's Miracle-Gro So Popular Amongst Cannabis Growers?
119 A breakthrough for RSV vaccine--end of a journey
120 A Cause of Neurodegeneration in ALS & Potentially Other Diseases is Revealed