File Title
1 A Multi-National Effort Leads to the Characterization of Emerging Plant Virus
2 Ginger Can Activate Immune Cells
3 A Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Superbugs
4 James Webb Observes Merging Galaxies 500 Million Light-Years Away
5 Spaceflight Linked to Short and Long Term Neurological Changes
6 Shooting Star Spotted Before Impact
7 A New Layer of Gene Regulation is Revealed in mRNA
8 Cannabis as a Substitute for Those Observing Dry January
9 Prospective Quantum Device Could Create a Building Block for Quantum Computing
10 From Canary in the Coal Mine to Nematode in the Office--Monitoring Indoor Air Quality
11 Why Don't 50% Cancer Patients Respond to Immunotherapy?
12 Moderate Alcohol Consumption Accelerates Alzheimer's Disease
13 First Ladies and their Cancer Journeys
14 Healing Nature Through Soil Transplants
15 500,000 Fossils Used to Solve 200-Year-Old Scientific Mystery
16 Virus from Danish Creek Kills Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
17 New Neurotech Stimulates Spinal Cord to Improve Arm Mobility After Stroke
18 The Inactive X is Shown to be Active Behind the Scenes
19 Smartphone app helps rapidly detect stroke symptoms
20 Neuroscience Explains the Joy of Movie Watching
21 Scientists discover a new drug that can prevent peanut allergy-induced anaphylaxis
22 New Shape-Shifting Devices Can Melt and Reform
23 Understanding the Link Between Breast Density and Breast Cancer
24 Researchers Address Potential Noise Concerns from Artemis 1 Launch
25 A Potential Cause of Long COVID is Identified
26 Early Heart Disease May Lead to Poor Brain Health Later in Life
27 The Various Strains of Cannabis
28 Antimicrobial suture reduces infection risk, simplifies post-operation monitoring
29 Looking for custom media? We are here to help.
30 A Protein-Coding Portion of Telomeres is Discovered
31 Astronomers Find Four Classes of Planetary Systems
32 A Revolutionary Pharmacological Approach to Quicky Treat Depression
33 A Potentially Deadly Combination of Drugs on the Streets of America
34 Light Sensor Reaches "Quantum Efficiency" of 200 Percent
35 Non-Invasive Nanotechnology Can Improve Sleep
36 In a First, Bat Stem Cells Created to Study Virus Ecology
37 Various Cannabinoids Known to Date, and What They Do
38 Medication made from celery seed improves stroke outcomes after clot treatment
39 IBS Linked to Increased Incidence of Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation
40 Psoriasis Drug May Treat Alcohol Use Disorder
41 Claude Monet's Art May Hold Clues About Trends in Air Pollution
42 A Multitude of New Strategies Emerge as Potential MS Treatments
43 The Grand Canyon of Mars, Valles Marineris / Solar System Wonders
44 Engineers Use Lasers to Control "Qubits"
45 Caloric Restriction May Slow Aging
46 Oldest ancient 'marine crocodile' found off the UK Coastline
47 Neandertals Hunted and Feasted on Giant Prehistoric Elephants
48 Diet changes in early life can reduce risk of digestive issues in dogs
49 Agriculture, Aquaponics, and Floral Hemp Production / Mona Farnisa, MS Student at the University of Nevada, Reno / Grad Student Highlights
50 New nanomaterial discovered that can enhance disinfectant potency
51 First and Only Treatment for Preventing Leading Cause of Blindness
52 The 'Sixth Sense' May be Far More Common than we Knew
53 Scientists Develop New, More Environmentally Friendly Method to Disinfect Water
54 Sweet Potato Flour Offers A Healthy Gluten-Free Substitute
55 National Engineers Week: An Exclusive Interview with NASA Engineer Peter Berg / Marshall Space Flight Center
56 NASA's Perseverance Rover Deposited a Collection of Samples on Mars
57 Common Gene Revealed to Empower Antimicrobial Resistance
58 Scientists Discover a "Thermal Cortex" in the Posterior Brain Region
59 Tiny Ferroelectric Semiconductor Could Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence
60 NASA's Hubble Images "Spoke" Season Features of Saturn
61 Study Examines Endocannabinoid Levels and Increased Risk for Alcohol Use Disorder
62 Saliva Protects Viral Particles, Keeping Them Infectious in Dry Air
63 Repetition Suppression using fMRI in Trademark Dispute Cases
64 Pluto's Giant Moon, Charon / Solar System Moons
65 Electronic Fitness Gadgets like Smartwatches Could Pose a Health Hazard
66 Researchers Record Combustion Reactions with World's Fastest Laser Camera
67 Understanding the Link Between Gum Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis
68 Safety of an AHR Inhibitor Demonstrated in Early Phase Clinical Trial
69 Earth's Inner Core Gets New Layer from Seismic Waves Discovery
70 Building More Resilient Wheat
71 Seven heart health factors linked to risk of dementia
72 How Often Do Cells Make Mistakes?
73 CDC Warns About a Rise in Antibiotic-Resistant Shigella Infections
74 Night of pleasure leads to sexual infection drug discovery
75 Colliding Neutron Stars Produce Spherical Explosion
76 Study Highlights Consumer Financial Vulnerability
77 Psychological Stress Hurts Athletic Performance
78 New Device Detects Cancer from Blood Sample
79 How Are Cannabinoids Removed from the Plant?
80 Advances in COVID-19 Diagnostics
81 Do You See What I'm Saying? Deciphering Tickertape Synesthesia
82 Burial of Bronze Age Brothers Provides Insights into Ancient Brain Surgery
83 Ice Sheet Movements Analyzed Using Artificial Intelligence
84 Study Examines PTSD Patients' Fear Memory Processing During REM Sleep
85 CBT through smartphone app helped improve blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes
86 FDA Committee Votes in Favor of Pfizer's RSV Vaccine
87 New Assessment for Immunotherapy Response Identified
88 Study Examines Electrodes Grown in the Brain
89 First Law of Thermodynamics Gets Limits Pushed
90 How to Grow Cannabis in the Cold
91 Oral Bacteria Increase Risk of Heart Disease
92 Long-term Sleep Disturbances Increase Dementia Risk
93 Herpesvirus May Have a Therapeutic Impact on a Rare Cancer
94 Scientists Discover a Cell that Can Promote Blood Vessel Formation
95 Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Cognitive Decline in People with MS
96 Allergy Desensitization: How We Can Phase Out 'Peanut-Free' Tables at School
97 Seismologists Study Fault Healing to Hopefully Predict Next Big Quake
98 SARS-CoV-2 Can Integrate into the Genome, Cause Positive Tests
99 The Influence of Gut Microbes Extends to Tissue Regeneration
100 Deforestation in Tropical Areas Linked to Reduced Rainfall
101 That's not Tinkerbell, It's a Light-Powered Fairy-Sized Flying Robot
102 How Bacteria Enter the Brain to Cause Meningitis
103 Custom Chip Turns Smartphones into Radio-Frequency Identification Readers
104 One Toxic Protein, Two Unique Genetic Disorders
105 Anti-cholesterol Drug Shows Promise Against Parkinson's
106 Adult Smokers with Mental Illness Drink More Coffee
107 Future Air Pollution Could Come from Natural Resources
108 New Strep A Variants are Found, Genetics Shows Why They Are Deadly
109 Digital Twins Provide Insight into Inflammatory Disease Treatment
110 Breast Milk Boosts Brain Development in Preterm Babies
111 New Anti-diabetic Drug May Reduce Risk for Respiratory and Renal Conditions
112 Does Fasting Hurt the Immune System?
113 Saturn's Moon, Mimas, Could Be an Ocean World After All
114 Drug Combo Best for Older Adults with Treatment-Resistant Depression