File Title
1 Are Viral Infections Leading to Neurodegenerative Diseases?
2 Researchers Make Headway on Insect-Sized Jumping Robots
3 Migraine History May Increase Risk for Pregnancy Complications
4 American and Canadian Cannabis Advertising Regulations Show Lack of Consistency in the US
5 Chronic Stress Leads to Loss of Pleasure
6 Personalized brain models may improve surgical epilepsy treatment
7 Squirrels who gamble might have better fitness
8 Microbial Life Exploits the Unique Chemistry of a Volcanic Island
9 Cancer Patients at Elevated Risk of Suicide
10 The Awe-Inspiring and Majestic Rings of Saturn / Solar System Wonders
11 Researchers Create and Experiment with Quantum Mechanical Entanglement
12 Neurons Can Smell a Threat
13 Cannabis Use Linked to Increased Sexual Satisfaction
14 Compound in Beetroot Juice Significantly Improves Muscle Force
15 How Often is Cannabis Now Used to Treat Pain?
16 Potential New Vaccine for Deadly Re-Emerging Virus
17 Finding new uses for food processing waste
18 ARFID--a Heritable Eating Disorder
19 Histotripsy--a New Sound-Based Cancer Treatment Stimulates Immunity
20 Wolves on Pleasant Island, AK have a New Item on the Menu: Sea Otters
21 Biomathematics, Mosquitoes, and Diseases / Cole Butler, PhD Student at North Carolina State University / Grad Student Highlights
22 How Do We Get High?
23 With a New Technique, a Mystery About mRNA is Solved
24 The (Unimportant?) Role of Love Hormones in Prairie Voles
25 Tzield: Newest Type 1 Diabetes Drug
26 JWST Uncovers Mysteries of Pre-stellar Ice Chemistry
27 A Drug Mimics the Revitalizing Effects of Young Blood
28 Climate Change Exposes Vulnerabilities with Red Sea Urchins in California
29 Evolution Guides a New Kind of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine
30 There's Something in the Sky! Organic Matter in Meteorite Linked to Mars
31 The Real Fungus that Inspired the Last of Us
32 Neutrino "Ghost Particles" Used to Investigate Proton Structures
33 How the Loss of a Protein May Improve Stroke Recovery
34 The Tissue-Specific Needs of Macrophages May Make Them Therapeutic Targets
35 Do Side Effects from Cancer Treatment Have Racial Disparities?
36 Researchers Draw Correlation Between Electric Vehicles, Air Pollution, and Health
37 Rapid Mammalian Cell Harvest for Antibody Purification
38 The Link Between Coffee & Kidney Disease Depends on a Gene Variant
39 Restoring Function to a Damaged Kidney
40 Humans Can Understand Ape Gestures, Illuminating the Origins of Language
41 A new class of drugs to potentially stop the spread of malaria
42 Radiation counter-measuring, a treatment for oral mucositis: RRx-001
43 Understanding the Complicated Relationship Between the Butterfly Nebula and its Wings
44 Who Introduced Hemp to Ancient Ireland?
45 Processed Food Addiction Common in Older Americans
46 Snacking on tree nuts could reduce cardiovascular disease risk
47 The First Direct Image of a Brown Dwarf Orbiting a Star
48 The Keanu Molecule--a Pesticide Alternative
49 Training insects to detect cancer
50 ALS Breakthrough: Two Targets Touted to Treat TDP-43 Trafficking Trouble
51 Exploring Cryovolcanism in our Galaxy
52 An Unintended Consequence of Antidepressant Use May be Antibiotic Resistance
53 Next Generation Lasers Get Boost from Producing "Mirrors"
54 What Are HHC and HHC-O Cannabinoids?
55 One in Three Health Care Workers Threatened During COVID
56 Artificial skin helps reveal details about how skin cancer develops
57 Intermittent Fasting Triggers Liver Cell Growth in Mice
58 Containing a Deadly Weapon--New Insights into Immune Regulation
59 Dual Treatment Regimen for Colorectal Cancer
60 Understanding Latest Permian Mass Extinction Using the Heavy Metal, Mercury
61 Quantum Simulators One Step Closer to Reality
62 Do Cannabis Topicals Work?
63 Study Confirms Anti-inflammatory Properties of Hemp Root Extract
64 Hypertension Drug May Slow Aging
65 Wearable device provides real-time cardiac imaging
66 The Musically Active Have a Slightly Higher Risk of Some Mental Illness
67 Subatomic particles called muons help illuminate ancient archaeological sites
68 Single Dose of Common Antibiotic Reduces Maternal Sepsis Risk
69 Discovering Life on Other Worlds using Lasers
70 Revealing the Links Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Gut Microbes
71 Climate Change Increases Depression and Anxiety by 87% in Bangladesh
72 Personalized Brain Modeling Can Offer Insights into Seizure Activity
73 Connectomics--Understanding Neural Connections & Information Flow in the Brain
74 Discovery of a New Type of Water Ice
75 Could Machine Learning Be Used to Find Extraterrestrial Life?
76 Machine Learning Used to Re-Examine Old Signals from Outer Space
77 Eventful Experiences Pass More Slowly for Children than Adults
78 New 10-Point Scale Predicts Death from Social Frailty
79 Extracts from Two Plants May Inhibit COVID-19 Infection
80 Artificial Intelligence and Pigeons Share a Common Trait
81 Quantum Communication Takes Leap Forward with Tel Aviv University Satellite Observatory
82 Report Offers Vaping Recommendations to Reduce Potential EVALI Cases
83 The Origins of Darwin's Evolutionary Theories on His 214th Birthday
84 Report: 41% of Infant Deaths Are Due to Genetic Disease
85 Salt Can Cut Off Immune Cells' Energy Supply
86 Bladder Cancer: Subtypes, Risk Factors, and Treatments
87 55-Year-Old Ice Core Record Reveals Facts About "Anti-Greenhouse" Gas
88 How to Achieve Pharma Compliance with Lab Balances
89 Ultrasound creates "vortex" to break up brain blood clots
90 A Bacterial Weapon Humans Could Harness
91 Marburg Virus Kills 9 in Equatorial Guinea's First Outbreak
92 Who made the first stone tools? Two new discoveries in Eastern Africa offer clues
93 The Dust Dynamics of Martian Helicopters
94 Valentine's Day Flowers May Represent More than Love
95 Meteorite Record Tells Story of "Poorly Mixed Cake Batter" for Early Solar System
96 Heart Failure Risk Is Higher in Rural Areas
97 ChatGPT: Overhyped or cause for concern?
98 Lion's Mane Mushrooms Can Boost the Growth of Neurons
99 Study Finds How Winter Day Length Might Effect Female Mood, but Overlooks Female Cycling
100 New Male Contraception Boasts 2.5 Hours of Infertility
101 CAR T Cells: A New Approach to Treating Cancer
102 Errors in the Genetic Data of Cancer Studies are Revealed
103 Soft Robot Mimics Liquid Metal from Science Fiction
104 Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Way to Improve Symptoms Without Drugs
105 Major New Insights into NASH--a Severe Type of Fatty Liver Disease
106 Coffee and milk together produce powerful anti-inflammatory effects
107 What is love to a Neandertal?
108 Can you really fail in drug development?
109 For the First Time, a Potential Treatment for DMD: Vamorolone
110 Study Recommends Emotional and Technological Strategies to Avoid 'Romance Fraud'
111 What Is the Difference Between Male and Female Cannabis Plants?
112 Prehistoric Archaeological Site in the Negev Desert of Israel Reveals a Taste for Ostrich Eggs
113 Molecular Chemistry of "Stellar Nurseries" Unveiled
114 Theory Developed to Investigate "Quantum Light"
115 Will the Toxic Train Spill Hurt My Heart?
116 Scientists Develop an Accurate Way to Measure Antidepressants in Patients
117 No Sharks Necessary, New semi-synthetic compounds found to replace shark squalene in vaccine emulsions
118 Loneliness and Isolation Increase Heart Failure Risk
119 Elephants may improve the carbon-storing features of African forests
120 Organ Damage Continues for at Least a Year in 59% of Long COVID Patients
121 What Role Do Trichomes Play in the Cannabis Plant?
122 New Molten Rock Layer Discovered Underneath Earth's Crust
123 Attack of the Killer Toilet Paper? "Forever Chemicals" Identified in Endangered Orca Species