File Title
1 Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Risk of Dementia by Up to 23%
2 Deep Impact: Heat Waves Happen at the Bottom of the Ocean Too
3 DOE Researchers Show How Window Shades Provide Up to 24% Heating Energy Savings
4 Long COVID Pain: Increased Rates of Chest Pain Up to a Year After Infection
5 A Better Measure of Metabolic Health: What Is Your Biological BMI?
6 Landmark Solid Material Changes How We Use Sunlight
7 Cancer Breakthrough: "Hard to Lose" Mutations in Tumors May Predict Response to Immunotherapy
8 Surviving the Extreme: Scientists Discover Life in the Smoke of Underwater Volcanoes
9 Human Antibodies Discovered that Can Block Multiple Coronaviruses Including COVID-19
10 Disturbing Findings: Child Drug Use Vastly Underestimated
11 Fourier Transformations Reveal How AI Learns Complex Physics
12 Revolutionary Gigapixel 3D Microscope Captures Life in Jaw-Dropping Detail
13 Physicists Detect Subatomic Neutrinos Made by a Particle Collider for the First Time
14 Brain-Busting Diets: Why a High-Fat Diet Could Reduce Your Brain's Ability to Regulate Food Consumption
15 Breakthrough Discovery Unlocks Mysteries Surrounding Parasite Immunity and Development
16 CDC Warns of Deadly Fungus Spreading at Alarming Rate in U.S. Healthcare Facilities
17 Molecular Teamwork to Boost Performance of Smartwatches and Solar Cells
18 Hubble Movie of DART Asteroid Impact Debris Reveals Surprising and Remarkable Changes
19 The Dark Side of Urban Growth: Study Reveals Rampant Inequality in Cities
20 Massive Solar Eruption Blasts NASA Probe Head-On Before Impacting Earth
21 Time Can Do Tricks: Why Children and Adults Experience Time Differently
22 Component of RNA Found in Asteroid Ryugu Samples
23 The Language We Speak Shapes the Connectivity in Our Brains
24 NASA Begins Building VIPER--Its First Robotic Moon Rover
25 Get Fit and Fertile: Strong Link Found Between Physical Labor and Male Reproductive Health
26 How the Hypercarnivore "Marsupial Sabertooth" Achieved 3D Predator Vision
27 Fascinating Geology on Mars: Deep Fractures and Water-Carved Valleys
28 Promising New Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease: Modifying Key Messenger RNA
29 Unexplained Digestive Problems? Lone Star Tick Bites May Be to Blame
30 New, Better Models Show How Infectious Diseases like COVID-19 Spread
31 Glow-in-the-Dark Proteins: The Future of Viral Disease Detection?
32 Scientists Uncover Potential Explanation for Sex Differences in Pancreatic Cancer
33 A Recipe for 3D-Printing Food: Additive Manufacturing of Edible Materials
34 10-Minute Scan Enables Detection and Cure of Common Cause of High Blood Pressure
35 Cornell Scientists Discover that Losing Key Type of Pancreatic Cell May Contribute to Diabetes
36 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Where Did Our Moon Come From?
37 Unprecedented Breakthrough in Manipulating "Quantum Light"
38 Does Ancient Virus Genome Drive Autism?
39 A Hairy Tale of Beethoven's Maladies: The Genetic Key to His Life's Crescendo
40 Chemicals Commonly Found in Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products Could Contribute to Preterm Birth
41 Stay Sharp: Healthy Lifestyle Linked to Slower Memory Decline in Older Adults
42 Concerning--Hairdressers of Color Exposed to Potentially Hazardous Mix of Unknown Chemicals
43 Scientists Warn of Spike in "Flesh-Eating" Infections in Parts of the U.S. Due to Climate Change
44 Astronomers Identify Unknown Class of Water-Rich Asteroids
45 Biomarker Discovery May Lead to Blood Test for Brain Cancer
46 Major Breakthrough for "Futuristic" Light-Activated Cancer Treatment
47 Chinese Breakthrough in High-Pressure Superconducting Magnetic Detection
48 Alien Sandstorms: NASA's Webb Unravels the Mysteries of Planet VHS 1256 b's Silicate Clouds
49 Nasal Vaccines: Stopping the COVID-19 Virus Before It Reaches the Lungs
50 Researchers Have Identified Two Previously Unknown Genes Linked to Schizophrenia
51 Tinnitus Takedown: Top Tips from a Hearing Specialist
52 Behold! Rare Quasar Triplet Forms Most Massive Object in Universe
53 Cracking the 'Oumuamua Code: Alien Spaceship or Natural Phenomenon?
54 Incredible Potential: A New Way to Prevent Common Causes of Vision Loss
55 Urethra of Healthy Men Is Teeming with Microbial Life--Vaginal Sex Results in Distinct Microbiome
56 Quantum Chaos Unleashed: Surprising Breakthrough in Pursuit of Energy-Efficient Quantum Technologies
57 Stickier than We Thought: Exciting Discovery Could Lead to New Alzheimer's Therapies
58 Negative Emotions Spark Success--But There Is a Cost
59 Melatonin Sleep Aid May Reduce Self-Harm in Young People with Anxiety and Depression
60 Scientists Reveal New Molecular Associations with Obesity
61 New "Biohybrid" Neural Implant Could Restore Function in Paralyzed Limbs
62 Beware the Roar of Traffic: Study Shows Road Noise Makes Your Blood Pressure Rise--Literally
63 Hunting Venus 2.0: Scientists Zero in on 5 Planets Beyond Our Solar System
64 Contrary to Popular Belief: New Study Finds Early Return to School Can Accelerate Concussion Recovery
65 State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence Sheds New Light on the Mysterious First Stars
66 Obesity Paradox Debunked in New Research
67 The Far-Flung Origin of Life's Building Blocks: Researchers Uncover "Completely Unexpected" Findings
68 Harvard Study Indicates that Face Blindness Is More Common than Previously Thought
69 Climate Change Is Increasing Human-Wildlife Conflicts Globally
70 Unlocking the Secrets of Distant Worlds: How Webb's Coronagraphs Reveal Exoplanets in the Infrared
71 Magnesium Helps Reduce the Risk of Dementia--"Less Age-Related Brain Shrinkage"
72 Quantum Breakthrough: A New Understanding of Quantum Turbulence
73 Unlock the Full Potential of Vaccines: The Surprising Power of Sleep
74 A Stellar Achievement: NASA's Webb Telescope Honored with Michael Collins Trophy
75 A Promising New Pathway in the Battle Against Aggressive Prostate Cancer
76 Unlocking Beethoven's Secrets: Groundbreaking DNA Analysis Reveals Health Mysteries and Family Scandal
77 New Study Identifies 5 Key Factors that Can Reduce the Risk of Low Birth Weight
78 Climate Change: A "Win-Win" Between Farmers and an Apex Predator
79 New Explanation Uncovered for the Mysterious Motion of Europa's Icy Shell
80 Foodborne E. coli Menace: Bacteria from Meat Causes 480,000+ Urinary Tract Infections in the U.S. Every Year
81 New Technique Could Increase the Number of Usable Donated Hearts by 30%
82 Why Are Viral Infections More Severe in Men? Researchers May Have Solved the Mystery
83 World War II-Style Rationing: A Fairer Way to Fight Climate Change?
84 A Race Against Time: NASA Readies for Historic Asteroid Sample Delivery
85 Researchers Discover that Purple Vegetables and Fruits Have Anti-Diabetic Properties
86 Researchers Discover Link Between Chronic Pain and Dementia
87 A New Field of Computing Powered by Human Brain Cells: "Organoid Intelligence"
88 Mosquitoes No More? New Research Could Help Control Infectious Pests
89 Too Little or Too Much Sleep Can Have Serious Health Consequences
90 NASA Artemis II Milestone: All Major Structures of Moon Rocket Core Stage Connected
91 Unraveling the Mystery of Eye Damage in Alzheimer's Disease Patients
92 How Copper Deposits Turned a Village into One of the Most Important Trade Hubs of the Late Bronze Age
93 Cancer Breakthrough: How Genome Doubling Helps Cancer Develop
94 Ingenious Photosynthesis "Hack" Paves Way for Renewable Energy Breakthroughs
95 Caltech Engineers Have Developed an Unusually Tough New Material
96 Invasion Alert: Disease Fears Raised Over New Mosquito Species Reported in Florida
97 New Drug Could Treat "Blinding" IIH Headaches
98 Revealing Quantum Properties of Radiation--2D Interaction Takes Researchers by Surprise
99 Scientists Debunk Controversial Theory of Stonehenge as a Solar Calendar
100 Unfathomable Z 229-15: Everything, in One Place, All at Once
101 Unlocking Academic Success: How Pre-Pandemic Campus Sports Boosted Resilience During Lockdowns
102 Interplanetary Weather Observer: Hubble Spies Spectacular Changing Seasons at Jupiter and Uranus
103 Genes Linked to Heart Disease Unexpectedly Found in Genetics Tests--Now What?
104 Fooling Biology: Can Synthetic Polymers Replace the Body's Natural Proteins?
105 New Wood-Based Technology Can Easily Purify Contaminated Water
106 COVID-19 Infection During Pregnancy Linked to Higher Risk of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
107 1 in 3 Parents May Unnecessarily Give Children Fever-Reducing Medicine
108 Planets Beyond Our Solar System: What Do Exoplanets Look Like?
109 Chinese Scientists Discover Water Reservoir on the Moon
110 New Study: We Need to Learn to Live with Less Steel
111 New Understanding of Brain Aging Offers Hope for Treating Neurological Diseases like Alzheimer's