File Title
1 We Asked a NASA Technologist: What Happens to Old Satellites?
2 Dark Mysteries of the Cosmos: Unraveling the Secrets of an Invisible Galaxy
3 Scientists Have Overcome the "Biggest Roadblock" to Regenerating the Human Heart
4 Divine Discovery: Ultraviolet Rays Illuminate 1,750-Year-Old New Testament Translation
5 Cosmic Tentacles: The Unexpected Star Factory in Jellyfish Galaxies
6 New Findings Suggest a Potential Treatment for Fibrosis
7 Glioblastoma's Kryptonite? Compounds Identified for Inhibiting Growth of Brain Tumor Cells
8 Sleeping Too Little or Too Much Is Linked with a Shorter Life--But There Is a Simple Way to Counteract These Negative Effects
9 Troubled Waters: Record-Breaking Rates of Sea-Level Rise Found Along the U.S. Southeast and Gulf Coasts
10 New Potential for Immunotherapy: Scientists Shed Light on How Immune Cells Respond to Cancer Cells
11 Gone for Good? California's Carbon-Storing Pine Forests May Not Come Back
12 Bigger Bites, Smaller Sizes: Gigantic Swimming Mouths of Ancient Armor-Clad Placoderms
13 Curving the Fabric of Space--Scientists Develop a New Quantum Material
14 Double Trouble: Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Unveil a Fiery Tale of Twin Mass Extinctions
15 Explosive Secret of Massive Quasar: Relativistic Jets Blowing Bubbles in the Teacup Galaxy's Core
16 CHARA Array's Star Power Gets a Boost with New Fiber-Optic Telescope
17 Preventing Extinction: Predicting the Future to Save Our Wildlife
18 Tails of Survival: The Luna Moth's Secret Weapon Against Bats
19 Stellar Revelation: AI Discovers the Universe's First Stars Weren't Alone
20 How to Overcome Noise in Quantum Computations--a New Formula
21 NASA Upgrades Powerful SLS Rocket Engines--Production Restarted for Next Era of Space Exploration
22 Game-Changing COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine Passes Initial Tests
23 From Steroids to Climate: Baseball's Newest Performance Enhancer Is Global Warming
24 The Himalayas' Vanishing Act: Underestimated Glacier Loss Unveiled
25 Cosmic Collisions: Dwarf Galaxies with Giant Black Holes Unveil Early Universe Secrets
26 Beige Is the New Black: Cornell Researchers Unlock the Secret to Age-Defying Weight Management
27 HIV Genomes: Johns Hopkins Scientists Discover New Target to Eliminate Infections
28 Thinking Outside the (Nano)Box: Supersized Nanocages Revolutionize Drug Delivery
29 Unraveling the Mystery of Alkaline Taste: Scientists Discover a Molecular Basis
30 A Mysterious Connection: Scientists Discover that Suicide Significantly Increases During the Full Moon
31 Results in 8 Minutes: New Handheld Sensor Tests Sweat for Disease-Related Hormone
32 Cosmic Cartography: MIT Astronomers Map "Disk Winds" in a Distant Neutron Star System
33 Ancient Bones Reveal Their Secrets with Cutting-Edge Hyperspectral Imaging
34 New Discovery Challenges Previously Held Beliefs About the Origin of Branching in Plants
35 Researchers Develop Soft Robot that Can Seamlessly Shift from Land to Sea
36 Invisible Inhabitants: Your Baby's Gut Is Crawling with Unknown Viruses
37 Auroras Unplugged: NASA's EZIE to Unveil the Charged Link Between Earth and Space
38 Mechanical Nanosurgery: How Precision Magnetics Is Tackling Aggressive Brain Tumors
39 Seeing Cells in 4D: The Nanoplasmonic Future of Disease Treatment and Drug Discovery
40 Are Americans Getting Less Intelligent? Study Reveals Concerning Trend in IQ Scores
41 Ancient Volcanic Clues from the Deep: Hazards and Climate Impacts of Massive Underwater Eruptions
42 TikTok's Unhealthy Obsession: The Dark Side of Food and Nutrition Content
43 Sunscreen Enhancer: Rosemary's Natural Power Boosts SPF and Fights Aging
44 The Superconductive Connection: Crystal Stripes and Quantum Electron Behavior
45 Bending Over Backwards: Vitamin Deficiency's Surprising Role in Double-Jointedness and EDS
46 Baking Soda Saves the World: New Additive in Concrete Mix Could Slash Carbon Emissions
47 Scientists Discover Hormone Shot Can Alleviate Symptoms of Drunkenness
48 Baffling Results--Harvard Scientists Shed New Light on the Viruses that Infect Microbes in the Deep Sea
49 Appetite Control: Ancient Roots of Hunger Regulation Revealed by Jellyfish and Fruit Flies
50 New Polar Bear-Inspired Fabric Is 30% Lighter than Cotton and Far Warmer
51 New Study: ChatGPT Can Influence Users' Moral Judgments
52 EZIE Does It: NASA's Next Step in Unraveling Earth's Electrifying Space Connections
53 Heart Studies Before SpaceX Dragon Departs and Spacewalks Begin at International Space Station
54 Groundbreaking New Dark Matter Map Validates Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
55 AI-Descartes: A Scientific Renaissance in the World of Artificial Intelligence
56 Irregular Sleeping Habits May Increase Risk of Atherosclerosis
57 The "Long Read" for Cancer: A New, Broader Genomic View
58 New Study: Brazilian Cachaca Yeast Can Prevent Asthma
59 Flex Your Artificial Muscles: The New Low-Voltage Breakthrough
60 Scientists Discover "A New Way that Biology Works"
61 Fin-tastic DNA: How Skates Evolved to Fly Through Water
62 Guns Over Masks: Avoiding COVID-19 Precautions Linked to Increased Firearm Purchases
63 Scientists Discover that Eating Too Much During Development Permanently Alters the Brain
64 Got Milk? Ancient Tibetans' Dairy Secrets Revealed in Groundbreaking Study
65 ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer Mission: How to Follow the Juice Launch Live
66 A Super Muffin: Scientists Develop a Delicious, Fluffy, and Healthy Muffin
67 New Drug Shows Promise in Alleviating Heart Failure
68 Tricking Pests with Sex Pheromones: New Engineered Plants Could Replace Pesticides
69 Black Hole Brawl: Astronomers Discover Rare Quasar Pair Ready to Rumble
70 World's Largest Logjam Found: Storing 3.4 Million Tons of Carbon in the Arctic
71 Cosmic Probes: Astronomers Discover Massively Powerful Fast Radio Bursts that Skewer Nearby Galaxy
72 New Study Reveals Surprising Key to Better Exam Results
73 From Tragedy to Triumph: A Promising New Treatment for Pediatric Brain Cancer
74 Researchers Discover New Circuit Element--The Meminductor
75 Space Station Crew Finishing Science & Packing Cargo Before SpaceX Dragon Departure
76 Squeezing Secrets from Jupiter's Moons: Juice's Expedition to the Outer Solar System
77 Remarkable Brain Boosting Peptide: MIT Neuroscientists Discover Way to Reverse Alzheimer's Disease
78 Defending Earth from Cosmic Threats: Planetary Defense Experts Unite!
79 The Green IoT Dream: New Solar Cells and AI Create a Sustainable Powerhouse
80 MIT Scientists Uncover Rapid Microbial Evolution on Eczema-Afflicted Skin
81 Hidden Glacier Meltdown: Satellites Miss Underwater Ice Loss in Himalayas
82 The Webb of Life: Exploring New Star Formation and the Universe's Ancient Secrets
83 Scientists Sound the Alarm on Emerging Tick-Borne Disease Babesiosis
84 Beating Heart Disease: Daily Statin Lowers Cardiovascular Risk in People with HIV
85 New Study: Corruption in Sweden May Be More Common than Thought
86 Cosmic Time Travel: Webb Unveils Physical Properties of Compact Galaxy from the Early Universe
87 Heavy Consequences: Excess Weight & Obesity Are Far More Deadly than We Realized
88 Bad News: Light Pollution Could Extend Mosquito Season
89 A Quantum Leap Through Time: Famous Double-Slit Experiment Reimagined
90 Pangolins Are at Risk--Illegal Trade and Poor Regulation
91 Peering into the Abyss: Machine Learning Enhances M87 Black Hole Image
92 Satisfying Relationships: The Surprising Secret to Lowering Your Risk of Multiple Chronic Diseases?
93 Cheaper and More Efficient: New Camera Could Help Scientists Forecast Volcano Eruptions Affecting Millions
94 No More Toxic Chemicals--The World's First Fully Recyclable Printed Electronics
95 Space Station Crew Prepping Cargo Dragon for Departure Ahead of Spacewalks
96 The Mucus Miracle: How Mucosal Vaccines Could Revolutionize COVID-19 Fight
97 52-Million-Year-Old Bat Skeleton Unveils New Species and Clues to Evolution of Flying Mammals
98 World Quantum Day: Celebrating the Best and Brightest in Quantum Research
99 Meltdown Alert: Greenland Ice Sheet Nearing the Point of No Return
100 Lightning Fast Material Discovery: Unleashing the Power of Optical Manipulation
101 Maternally Inherited Diseases: New Technology Uncovers Hidden Mitochondrial DNA Mutations
102 Breaking Bad: How a Virus Infecting 90% of the World's Population Unleashes Cancer
103 Modern Treasure Hunt: Baker's Yeast Used to Extract Rare Earth Elements from Hot Springs and Seawater
104 A Cost-Effective Solution to Climate Change: Burying Biomass in Dry Landfills
105 Blasting Off to Jupiter's Moons: Ariane 5 Sends JUICE on a Chilling Expedition
106 Researchers Have Designed a 3D-Printed Robotic Hand that Can Grasp a Range of Objects
107 Magnetic Quantum Leap Unleashes Ultra-Fast Sustainable Computers
108 From Kombucha to Kimchi: Unveiling the Best Fermented Foods for Boosting Brain Health
109 Rewriting the Story of Human Evolution: Apes Lived in Open Habitats 10 Million Years Earlier than Expected
110 Wired for Climate Control: Microbes, Nanowires, and Methane's Big Role
111 A Simple Way to Improve Exercise Performance: Olive Fruit Water
112 Persisting Even After Weight Loss: Obesity Can Trigger Lasting Epigenetic Changes that Can Promote Inflammatory Disease
113 New Study Links Poor Literacy to Worse Mental Health
114 Jupiter's Icy Enigmas: ESA's Juice Launches on a Cosmic Treasure Hunt
115 New Research Reveals that Muscle Health Depends on Lipid Synthesis
116 New Study: COVID-19 Omicron Variant Is More Deadly than the Seasonal Flu
117 Cosmic Dust Factories: Twinkling Stars and the Origins of Life
118 Fewer Unwanted Mutations--New Technique Opens the Door to Safer Gene Editing