File Title
1 SpaceX will try to launch most powerful rocket ever Monday
2 SpaceX prepares for rehearsal, test flight of Starship rocket
3 Exolaunch deploys 21 satellites on Transporter-7 rideshare mission
4 SmartSat funds research projects for Space Qualification Mission Waratah Seed
5 Satellite family launched into orbit from Shanxi
6 Exolaunch slots in over 15 customer satellites onto Spacex Transporter-7 from Vandenberg
7 NASA's Small Spacecraft Technology State of the Art Report
8 HawkEye 360's latest Cluster 7 satellites successfully launched
9 Safran to provide GNSS simulation solutions for Xona's LEO constellation
10 Unseenlabs ready for Bro-9 satellite launch dedicated vessel geolocation from space
11 Momentus launches Vigoride-6 OSV on SpaceX Transporter-7 Mission
12 Intelsat to Extend Life of Satellite with new Mission Extension Pod
13 Kenya launches first operational satellite into orbit
14 Russia will use International Space Station 'until 2028'
15 Practice makes perfect
16 Europe's JUICE mission blasts off towards Jupiter's icy moons
17 Ariane 5 flight VA260, Juice: fully integrated and ready for rollout
18 Guiding JUICE to Jupiter
19 An unprecedented journey to Jupiter
20 Juice testing--down to the wire
21 Elon Musk forms X.AI artificial intelligence company
22 Juno Marks 50 Orbits Around Jupiter
23 Slip and Pivot: Sol 3797
24 Curiosity software upgrade complete: Sol 3796
25 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completes 50th flight
26 'The Space Economy'--an Essential Guide for Investors and Entrepreneurs
27 China bans ships from area north of Taiwan Sunday due to 'falling rocket wreckage'
28 China releases rocket rideshare schedule in 2023, 2024
29 Rocket Lab updates launch location for NASA's TROPICS mission
30 UTA research uses seawater to remove carbon dioxide from atmosphere
31 Long-forgotten equation provides new tool for converting carbon dioxide
32 Aston University biomass expert calls for more exploration of power bioenergy with carbon capture and storage
33 Path to net-zero carbon capture and storage may lead to ocean
34 Where did the first sugars come from?
35 How did Earth get its water
36 Analysis of dinosaur eggshells: bird-like Troodon laid 4 to 6 eggs in a communal nest
37 The hidden culprit behind nitrogen dioxide emissions
38 Thousands evacuated as fire rages at US plastics facility
39 US EPA moves to reduce exposure to carcinogenic sterilizer
40 Plastic pollution is scourge of English coastal region
41 Work-from-home order issued as Thai city tops world pollution table
42 Amazon forests save $2 billion in pollution healthcare: study
43 How did the Andes Mountains get so huge
44 Was plate tectonics occurring when life first formed on Earth?
45 French villages run dry as water warnings rise
46 US mulling forced cuts of Colorado River use as water dwindles
47 COP28 head urges 'accessible' global climate finance
48 Unsound climate studies sneak into print: scientists
49 NASA launches climate-focused Startup Studio with Technology Incubator
50 UK eco-activists rail against judge's ban on using climate defence
51 'Really hard'--the life of an Amazon Brazil nut harvester
52 Historic drought adds to Argentina's economic woes
53 UAE and China promise Pakistan $1.3 bln. to get IMF deal on track
54 Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response Operations (ACERO)
55 World Bank could lend $50 billion more over decade with reform: Yellen
56 Stress and trauma: Mental toll of Turkey's deadly quake
57 Turkey police tortured earthquake looting suspects: rights groups
58 Iraqis in asylum limbo in Jordan fashion their future
59 China official visits Nicaragua to launch housing initiative
60 Biden to hold first meeting with Colombia's leftist president
61 Climate focus shouldn't 'dilute' Africa development needs: World Bank official
62 UN chief sounds alarm on Somalia's 'massive' need for aid
63 Five Niger soldiers die in desert attack on gold convoy
64 Forest plundering threatens Aka pygmies of Central Africa
65 Turkey's quake survivors fear being left out of May vote
66 US condemns jail terms for Chinese human rights lawyers
67 Tennessee lawmaker expelled over gun control protest reseated
68 Myanmar jails Christian pastor for six years: lawyer
69 Cyclone hits Australia bringing 'record-breaking' wind speeds
70 'Flash drought' frequency increasing due to climate change: study
71 The 2022 Durban floods were the most catastrophic yet recorded in KwaZulu-Natal
72 Two found dead after flooding in Israel
73 Critical observations of sinking coasts
74 Scientists use NASA satellite data to determine Belize coral reef risk
75 California bursts into 'super bloom' after wet winter
76 Monkey business: Sri Lanka considers macaque sales to China
77 Poachers kill five elephants in Chad
78 Ranchers battle wolves in Colorado wilds as reintroduction looms
79 India's tiger population rises above 3,000
80 Bear kills jogger in Italy
81 Tunisia drought threatens 'catastrophic' grain harvest
82 Drought pushes Kenya's refugee mega-camp to 'breaking point'
83 Humans need Earth-like ecosystem for deep-space living
84 New book explores possibilities of colonizing planets, moons and beyond
85 Weather scientists say conditions 'favorable' for return of El Nino
86 Germany vows further support for Sahel after Mali exit
87 Sniff test: Japan declares war on hayfever woes
88 Scientists discover a way Earth's atmosphere cleans itself
89 Calm returns to Ethiopian region hit by protests
90 Mutation risks due to residual radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster
91 3D-printed rocket maker to focus on bigger vehicle for commercial launches
92 MIT 3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving
93 Investigation will test 3D printed materials for satellite manufacturing
94 Snowball Earth might have been a slushball
95 The ice in Antarctica has melted before
96 Revealing invisible Himalaya glacier loss
97 An invisible underwater glacier loss in the Himalayas
98 Ice sheets can collapse faster than previously thought possible
99 Ice age data raises new concerns about future ice melt, rising sea levels
100 Russian volcano spews ash across Kamchatka peninsula
101 As Colombian volcano rumbles to life, villagers resist evacuation
102 Quake-prone Bucharest trembles over rickety buildings
103 Government leak: Water sinks Cyprus online services
104 What the Jetsons got right and wrong about the future of work
105 Composition of joint lubricant potential culprit behind osteoarthritis
106 Analysis of dinosaur eggshells: bird-like Troodon laid 4 to 6 eggs in a communal nest
107 Cities will need more resilient electricity networks to cope with extreme weather
108 Sun, wind power make record 12% of world electricity: survey
109 Fossil fuel pledges divide G7 in 'critical decade' for climate
110 Fish-inspired, self-charging electric battery may help power space applications
111 Team finds major storage capacity in water-based batteries
112 Tesla to build battery plant in Shanghai: state media
113 New 'smart layer' could enhance durability and efficiency of solid-state batteries
114 Underground water could be the solution to green heating and cooling
115 Team finds major storage capacity in water-based batteries