File Title
1 Doctor Is Charged with Sexually Abusing 2 Patients When They Were Minors
2 New York City Welcomes Growing Number of Out-of-State Abortion Patients
3 Second Expelled Democrat Is Sent Back to Tennessee House
4 North Dakota Bars Trans Girls and Women from Female Sports Teams
5 Trump Sues Michael Cohen, the Key Witness Against Him
6 Contractors Face Homicide Charges After Worker Crushed by Cinder Blocks
7 The Challenges that Await the New Rat Czar
8 Police Officers Answering a Burglary Call Kill 78-Year-Old Resident
9 It's a Dangerous Time for the LGBTQ+ Community; Here's How We Can All Help
10 Shop owners could face unlimited fines for selling vapes to under-18s
11 Restaurateur Keith McNally says English are the WORST tippers
12 The sex toy reviewer and nude artist who stripped in front of kids
13 King to beef up team with 80,000 pound-a-year assistant private secretary
14 'The right of 23 million Taiwanese': Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen to meet US politicians in California
15 Why the U.S. can't build EVs without China
16 Spirit Airlines flight attendant goes viral
17 We live in a once-thriving village but now it's a ghost town--here's why / the Sun
18 How the Louisville bank massacre unfolded
19 Easter Monday brings rain, hail and thunder after sunny weekend
20 Drug cartel force 'rats' to march barefoot in Game of Thrones 'walk of shame'
21 Elon Musk accuses BBC reporter of lying over hate speech on Twitter
22 Cat is spitting image of Ace Venturer: Pet Detective star Jim Carrey
23 Rampart fire west of Colorado Springs mostly snuffed
24 Was Daria Trepova framed over Vladlen Tatarsky killing in FSB plot?
25 Sex therapist loses latest round of battle with aristocratic landlords
26 PBS stops tweeting after Musk adds "government-funded" label
27 Meghan 'protecting herself from racist UK' with King coronation snub says expert
28 States confront medical debt that's bankrupting millions--The Denver Post
29 Why your tax refund might shrink in 2023
30 Strangeways prisoner who staged 12-hour rooftop protest stars in weird rap vids
31 Bond for Lilly Whitworth increased tenfold in school shooting plot
32 Ask Amy: Legacy employee contemplates retirement
33 Impact's Steve Maclin slams 's**t' Twitter trolls who target wife Deonna Purazzo
34 Deepest-ever fish caught and filmed off Japan by scientists
35 Repeating radio signal hints alien planet could host extraterrestrial life
36 Hubble spots difficult to classify distant celestial object
37 Skyroot testfires 3D-printed cryogenic engine
38 Study explains how primordial life survived on 'Snowball Earth'
39 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter breaks world records, again
40 SpaceX Starship rocket test could happen next week--FAA
41 Sleight-of-hand magic tricks can fool monkeys, but only if they have hands like ours
42 Two supermassive black holes spotted lighting up as galaxies collide
43 Early ingredients of life discovered about 1,000 light years away from Earth
44 NASA's Webb telescope takes pictures of rings around Uranus
45 SpaceX launches NASA's TEMPO air quality monitoring instrument
46 SpaceX says Starship is fully stacked ahead of first orbital launch test
47 Runaway black hole rockets through space, leaving behind trail of newborn stars
48 Musk says SpaceX Starship rocket launch slipping to later in April
49 James Webb Space Telescope captures image of cataclysmic space explosion
50 UAE's Sultan Al Neyadi set to become 1st Arab astronaut to conduct spacewalk
51 Stargazing alert: Mercury at its zenith this week, here's how to spot it
52 Children find Alexa smarter than Roomba, but say neither should be mistreated: Study
53 An ancient sunken ocean floor seems to lie above Earth's core, under the mantle
54 Shutting down nuclear plants in the US could cause thousands of deaths every year
55 European Space Agency's JUICE mission: How to watch the launch live
56 Antineutrinos detected using water for the first time
57 Scientists unveil new and improved 'skinny donut' black hole image
58 China wants to start using moon soil to build lunar bases as soon as this decade
59 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completes 50th flight, long after leaving 'Martian Kansas'
60 European spacecraft rockets toward Jupiter and its icy moons
61 Stormy Daniels says Trump should not go to prison in hush money case
62 Chinese President Xi calls for Ukraine peace talks
63 Rockets fired from Gaza raise tension as Passover begins
64 China holds the key to understanding COVID-19 origins: WHO chief
65 India-US working closely to address fentanyl challenge, says US health official
66 US acknowledges Afghanistan evacuation should have started sooner
67 In a rare move, Tennessee's House expels Democrat lawmakers over Nashville shooting protests
68 Israeli strikes target Hamas in Lebanon and Gaza after rocket attack
69 India and China to account for half of global economic growth in 2023, says IMF chief
70 Turkey: Who's running in the presidential elections?
71 South Korea, US, Japan call for support of ban on North Korea workers
72 Chinese researchers publish COVID-origin data from Wuhan market
73 Watch: Jacinda Ardern bids farewell to New Zealand parliament in tearful address
74 Russia, Ukraine battle over Bakhmut; Macron urges China to help in ending war
75 Taiwan won't be stopped from engaging with world, president says
76 Ukraine says data leak is Russian effort to sow doubt about counter-offensive
77 New batch of US classified documents appear on social media sites
78 Colonial-era file sheds light on Indian jewels in UK's royal treasury
79 Israeli authorities say attack wounds at least 7 in Tel Aviv
80 Judge invalidates FDA approval of abortion pill Mifepristone
81 Blast at north Iraqi airport raises tension in Kurdish area
82 Chinese planes cross Taiwan Strait median line as angry China starts drills
83 Israel Palestinian tensions high after deadly attacks
84 Ukraine's coal miners dig deep to power a nation at war
85 Ben Ferencz, last living Nuremberg prosecutor of Nazis, dies
86 Thailand's unemployed elephants are back home, huge and hungry
87 Israeli military retaliates after rockets fired from Syria
88 Chinese fishing crews navigate troubled waters as tensions with Taiwan flare
89 Tensions build around Jerusalem shrine after Syria rockets
90 China simulates striking Taiwan on second day of drills
91 Leaked documents reveal depth of US spy efforts and Russia's military struggles
92 Pope appeals to Russians on Ukraine, decries Middle East violence, in Easter message
93 Iran installs cameras in public sites to identify unveiled women--police statement
94 Nepal MP suspended for 'asking for donation' to secure ministerial berth
95 King Charles coronation: 3 crowns, 2 carriages and a shorter route
96 Leaked documents suggest Ukrainian air defense is in peril if not reinforced
97 Indian-American mathematician C R Rao awarded math 'Nobel Prize'
98 Indian-origin man arrested for 'hate-motivated' attack at Canada's Markham mosque
99 China practices blockades on last scheduled day of Taiwan drills
100 Avalanche kills 6, including mountain guides, in French Alps
101 Imam is stabbed while leading prayers at New Jersey mosque
102 Intel leak has U.S. officials bracing for impact at home and abroad
103 Taliban ban restaurant gardens for families, women in Herat
104 US President Joe Biden says he will run again in 2024: Report
105 Five dead after shooting attack in downtown Louisville
106 A Swedish warship sank in 1628. It is still yielding secrets
107 Pfizer, hundreds of US drugmakers call for reversal of Texas abortion pill ruling
108 Caste discrimination case against 2 Indian-origin engineers dismissed in US
109 'Is it in our interest...?': Macron's comments on Taiwan raise questions on EU's ties with US, China
110 What is known about latest leak of US secrets
111 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu reverses firing of defense minister amid tension
112 Watch: Defiant Israelis march to West Bank outpost; Cabinet ministers join mass rally
113 China has reopened to tourists. The hard part is getting there.
114 For Joe Biden, an era when treaties are more likely to be broken than brokered
115 Singapore supermarket 'shoos' off Indian Muslim couple from complimentary snacks during Ramzan