File Title
1 Dating Back to Pavlov: New Twists in Behavioral Association Theories
2 Needle-Free Revolution: Painless "MOF-Jet" Delivers Vaccines with a Puff of Compressed Gas
3 Jezero Crater Chronicles: NASA's Perseverance Scores Prized Mars Sample in Latest Science Expedition
4 New AI Model Predicts Cancer Patient Survival More Accurately than Previous Methods
5 This Week @NASA: Historic Asteroid Sample Delivery, Dragonfly Mission to Saturn's Moon Titan
6 Common Childhood Viruses Linked to Severe Hepatitis Outbreak
7 Tsunami in the Skies: Unraveling the Mysteries of Atmospheric Acceleration on Venus
8 Switching to Hydrogen Fuel Could Cause Long-Term Climate Consequences
9 Hidden Plant SOS: Scientists Record Ultrasonic Distress Calls from Stressed Flora
10 Inspired by Butterflies: Scientist Creates the Lightest Paint in the World
11 Long-Lasting Impact: Losing Weight May Benefit Your Heart, Even if Some Weight Is Regained
12 Don't Miss: Mercury, Moon and Planets, and Lyrid Meteor Shower!
13 Tiny Yet Hazardous: Aerosols Produced by Contaminated Bubble Bursting Are Far Smaller than Predicted
14 New Vaccine Breakthrough Could Make Booster Shots Unnecessary
15 Unlocking the Mysteries of Superionic Ice: Deciphering the Magnetic Anomalies of Neptune and Uranus
16 Painkiller Paradox: 60 Years of Research, but Do They Really Work for Back Pain?
17 Spectacular Hubble Image Captures Aftermath of Catastrophic Supernova Explosion
18 Exploring the Dark Matters of Physics: Large Hadron Collider Enters Uncharted Territory
19 New Analysis Shows Child Drug Use Could Be Twice as High as We Think
20 New Study Finds that Greater Gender Equality Could Increase Life Expectancy
21 Previously Undetectable: Releases of Deep-Sea Methane Happen More Often than Expected
22 More Practical for Holography: An Easy Way of Altering Compact Semiconductor Lasers
23 Perk Up Your Health: Uncovering Coffee's Role in Reducing Type 2 Diabetes Risk
24 Merging Artificial Intelligence and Physics Simulations to Design Innovative Materials
25 The Melodies of Matter: Unveiling the Mesmerizing Music Within the Periodic Table
26 Toxic Trainwreck: Unraveling the Environmental Impact of the Ohio Derailment Disaster
27 Cracking the Magnetic Code: Distant Radio Signals Reveal Earth-Like Exoplanets' Hidden Force
28 Innovative New Treatment Helps Patients Avoid Leg Amputation
29 Glycine Unmasked: A Game-Changing Discovery in Depression and Anxiety Treatment
30 How Blue Foods Can Help Solve Global Issues
31 Superstring Theory and Higher Dimensions: Bridging Einstein's Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
32 Do COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatments Really Work? What Two Years of Patient Data Reveal
33 A Genetic Breakthrough in the Battle Against Age-Related Vision Loss
34 Charting Humanity's Future in Space: NASA Launches Moon to Mars Program Office
35 How Two "Touch-Me-Not Plants" Plants Fooled Scientists for Decades
36 New Approach Allows Researchers to Hit "Undruggable" Cancer Target
37 Time-Bending Experiment: Physicists Reveal Quantum Nature of Light in a New Dimension
38 The BOAT Event: Brightest Gamma-Ray Burst in History Puzzles Astronomers Worldwide
39 Cocaine's Hidden Dangers: Misdiagnosing Nasal Destruction as a Rare Disease
40 Mind-Controlled Robots: New Graphene Sensors Are Turning Science Fiction into Reality
41 To the Moon and Beyond: Meet the Trailblazing Astronauts of NASA's Artemis II
42 Cracking the Chess Code: A Groundbreaking Study Reveals Hidden Patterns in Openings
43 Revolutionizing Urban Living: Roofscapes Transforms Parisian Rooftops into Green Havens
44 A Spring Awakening: CERN's Accelerators Energize for a Groundbreaking 2023
45 Severely Underestimated: Study Reveals Hidden Ice Melt in Himalayas
46 Snooze or Lose: How Poor Sleep Habits Could Double Your Asthma Risk
47 From Warzone to Fusion Power: Breakthrough in Cooking Up Plasmas with Microwaves
48 Researchers Discover Connection Between Traumatic Brain Injury and Long COVID
49 Galactic Revelations: Molecular Precursors of Life Discovered in the Perseus Cloud
50 Pure Water Breakthrough in Neutrino Detection
51 Roselle: A Hero Ingredient to Help Manage Obesity
52 Unraveling the Universe: Groundbreaking Measurement Shakes Up Physics
53 Revealing the Secrets of Fat Storage--Cells Refine Palm Fat into Olive Oil
54 The Looming Marburg Crisis: How Virus Outbreaks Escalate and Spread
55 A New Look at the Climate of the West Coast: Only a Few Thousand Years Old
56 Shape-Shifting Antibiotics--a New Weapon Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs
57 Gaia Discovers a Mysterious New Type of Black Hole--And Two Are Lurking in Earth's Cosmic Backyard
58 Picosecond Phenomenon: Observing Proton Release in Photoacids
59 New Side Effect of COVID-19 Discovered: "Face Blindness"
60 Climate Change vs. Forests: The Carbon Storage Showdown
61 Soyuz Switcheroo: Expedition 69 Trio Preps for Spacecraft Ride Around ISS
62 The Immunity Puzzle: Why Viruses like COVID-19 Can Reinfect Hosts, Evade the Immune Response
63 Materials of Tomorrow: MIT's Breakthrough in Predicting Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks
64 Seismic Sleuths Reveal Earth's Secret Mountains: A Hidden World Beneath Our Feet
65 New Study: Smells Influence Metabolism and Aging
66 Obesity Breakthrough: Biologists Discover How to Counteract Effects of High-Fat Diet
67 Absolute Zero Is Attainable? Scientists Have Found a Quantum Formulation for the Third Law of Thermodynamics
68 COVID, Bird Flu, Monkeypox--a Virologist Explains the Surge of Virus Outbreaks Around the World
69 No Side Effects: Study Identifies Promising Approach to Treating Premature Ejaculation
70 Dazzling Rings and Dynamic Atmosphere Stun in Webb's Spectacular New View of Ice Giant Uranus
71 Color-Changing Crystals: The Future of Molecular Switches Unveiled
72 Astronaut and Cosmonauts Fly Soyuz Crew Ship to New Docking Port on Space Station
73 SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launches NASA's TEMPO High-Resolution Air Quality Control Mission
74 Ancient California Fossil Unlocks Secrets of Coffee and Potato Ancestors' Survival Amid Dinosaur Extinction
75 Are Your Sleep Habits Putting You at Risk for a Stroke? Find Out Now!
76 Future Circular Collider: The Race to Build the World's Most Powerful Particle Collider
77 700,000 Years of Woolly Wonders: Unraveling the Genetic Yarn of Mammoth Evolution
78 Causing Cognitive Disabilities and Parkinson's-Like Symptoms: Excess Manganese Discovered in California's Water
79 Cosmic Monster on the Loose: Runaway Supermassive Black Hole Is "Not like Anything Seen Before"
80 Does a Child's Math Skills Have a Genetic Basis?
81 Overcoming Two Long-Standing Bottlenecks: New Advance Paves Way to More Realistic 3D Holograms
82 Your Urine Could Predict Your Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease
83 Speeding Healing by 30%: The First Transient Electronic Bandage
84 New Research Uncovers Potential Explanation for COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Connection
85 Dark Photon Dark Matter Breakthrough: Trailblazing Cryogenic Detection Techniques
86 New Study: Mental Fatigue Can Impair Physical Exercise
87 The Breaking Point: Lost Missions at Mars (NASA Documentary)
88 Cracking the Autism Code: Brain Study Reveals Four Distinct Subtypes
89 Worming Their Way into the Secrets of Cell Differentiation--a "Startling" Discovery
90 Drought Alert: Europe's Second Warmest Winter Threatens Water, Agriculture, and Energy
91 Muscle Pain or Fatigue from Statins? What Cholesterol Patients Need to Know
92 Scientists Prove that the Human Body Can Predict Mealtimes
93 Striding Towards the Big Bang: Unraveling Ridge Correlations in Simple Collisions
94 Making History: First Female Director Named for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
95 Archaeologists Discover First Direct Evidence of Drug Use in Ancient Europe
96 The Green Monster of Space: Unveiling a Supernova Remnant's Hidden Secrets with Webb
97 Unexpected Contribution: How Medieval Monks Helped Advance Modern Volcanology
98 The Higgs Boson Mystery: When Nature Defies Expectations
99 Rutgers Study Reveals Shocking Increase in LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence During COVID-19
100 Quantum Leap: Unlocking the Secrets of Complex Molecules with Hybrid Computing
101 Magnesium Magic: New Drug Delivers Weight Loss Even on Sugary, Fatty Diet
102 Ancestry Unlocks Secrets to Personalized Cancer Treatments
103 When Persia Met Africa: A Tale of Love, Trade, and Ancestry on the Swahili Coast
104 Advanced PSMA-PET/CT Imaging for Improved Treatment of Prostate Cancer
105 Exploring Earth from Space: Seoul, South Korea
106 From Sounding Rockets to Satellites: The 50-Year Journey to Map the Crab Nebula's Magnetic Field
107 This Week @NASA: Artemis II Moon Mission Astronauts, Stunning Rings of Uranus, New Mars Sample
108 Climate Science Shock: Methane's Unexpected Cooling Impact Unveiled
109 New Study Indicates that Socializing Could Extend Your Lifespan
110 Food: A Hidden Factor in Urban Violence in Central America
111 New Catalysis Breakthrough Could Unlock Massive Energy Savings
112 A True "Superfood"--New Study Indicates that Eating Broccoli Protects Gut Lining, Reduces Disease
113 Researchers Discover How Too Much Oxygen Can Cause Lasting Health Problems in Humans
114 Unnecessarily Complicated: Hidden Bias in the English Language Influences Everyone--Even AI Chatbots
115 Electrifying Discovery: A Way Earth's Atmosphere Cleans Itself