File Title
1 Gene loss weakens antibacterial defense in inflammatory bowel disease in mouse study--ScienceDaily
2 What's the highest a mountain can grow on Earth?
3 Deepest fish ever recorded caught on camera over 8,000 metres down trench--National
4 Sowing the seeds of success
5 As Colombian volcano rumbles to life, villagers resist evacuation
6 Chemist helped shed light on the formation of an air-clearing molecule--ScienceDaily
7 Are aliens real? / Live Science
8 Canadian Jeremy Hansen named to NASA's Artemis II mission around the moon
9 First Peoples' knowledge of 'mysterious fairy circles' in Australian deserts has upended a long-standing science debate
10 Lonely people's divergent thought processes may contribute to feeling 'alone in a crowded room'--ScienceDaily
11 Woolly mammoths weren't always shaggy. Here's when they evolved some of their trademark features.
12 10 Considerations for Effective Cybersecurity Risk Management
13 Social Media Builds a Stronger Nation
14 Difference between Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing
15 The Marketer's Guide to Content Aggregators
16 Conveniently Fix the Issues of the Ring Doorbell Security Camera
17 Innovative Ways to Extend the Signal with MSRM Wireless Range Extender
18 What Is the Best Way to Use Hashtags in Social Media Marketing?
19 How You Can Prepare a Perfect SEO Strategy
20 Major Threats--Everything You Need to Know About Online Security
21 Halo veteran Joseph Staten is leaving Microsoft
22 Florida bans TikTok from all state university-owned devices
23 Healthtech Platform Practo Lays Off 41 Employees, Mostly Engineers
24 Ernie: China's Baidu has sued Apple over fake versions of its ChatGPT rival Ernie bot
25 Doge's day out on Twitter short-lived as iconic blue bird comes back
26 Lawmakers look to future of China competition in tech, media meetings
27 Google CEO says search will feature chat AI: report
28 Diving Deep into Artificial Intelligence--Part 2: The Applications
29 Twitter is now marking Substack links as unsafe
30 Google, Facebook must share profits for local journalism to survive
31 Microsoft's complex bet on OpenAI brings potential and uncertainty
32 Cash App founder killed in San Francisco stabbing: reports
33 Diving Deep into Artificial Intelligence--Part 1: AI Gets Real
34 In celebration of the dumb phone, a rare sanity-saving gadget
35 Ex-Theranos CEO Balwani headed to prison after losing appeal
36 Is ChatGPT's Greatest Achievement Is Its Ability to Trick Us? Here's the Truth
37 Samsung Electronics to cut chip production to ride out downturn
38 Tesla nominates ex-CTO JB Straubel to board of directors
39 NPR chief fires back at Twitter over 'state-affiliated media' label
40 Have a Nice Death is a punishing roguelike with a dark sense of humor
41 San Jose swordfighting school promises personal 'Game of Thrones'
42 Stanford graduate students should back unionization effort
43 Social media posts with BB gun spark panic at California junior high school
44 Bay Area school enrollment plummets for sixth straight year
45 Former California middle school teacher gets 10-year sentence for distributing child pornography
46 California school district to pay $13 million to family of teen shot to death by school resource officer
47 Transgender pronouns OK in North Dakota schools
48 Santa Clara County fast-tracks Narcan to fight fentanyl overdoses in libraries
49 Former California teen loses leg after injury during high school wrestling meet
50 High visa approval rate attracting Africans to Hungary
51 Starting with Philosophy: Examining Teaching Philosophy as a Starting Point for Improvement
52 Merger Watch: Cannibalism as a way to increase enrollment
53 Historians demand deletions in NCERT textbooks be withdrawn, ask why they were not consulted
54 UK: BSA reveals specialist immigration service
55 PhotoVoice: Using Technology to Impact Student Learning and Assessment
56 Ripe for poaching: Will DeSantis' higher ed policies drive out Florida faculty?
57 Dubai market has real "growth potential"
58 Lessons Learned While Coaching Nursing Students During and After the Pandemic: An Experiential Story
59 IIM Vizag hosts paper development workshop
60 US sector calls out government on third-party guidance
61 Healthy Eating Habits for Age-Related Macular Degeneration
62 In California, 'Ebony Alerts' would help find missing Black youth and women: NPR
63 Experts highlight foods and drinks that could negatively affect your prescribed medication
64 Ukraine's coal miners dig deep to power a nation at war
65 Ice storm: Carbon monoxide poisoning spikes as officials urge caution
66 What is Long COVID? Do We Need More Vaccine Jabs Amid Rising Cases in India?
67 10 home remedies to avoid swine flu
68 6,050 COVID cases reported Friday, Health Minister to review preparedness with states, UTs
69 China health officials lash out at WHO, defend virus search
70 Health Officials Delayed Report Linking Fluoride to Brain Harm
71 COPD: What's My Life Expectancy?
72 Seasonal allergies can be treated with several kinds of exposure therapy: Shots
73 Paul Newman's deadly lung tumour is largely 'preventable,' says charity
74 Canadians warned about dark chocolate recall over undeclared allergen
75 4 Recommended Lifestyle Changes, and Why Is Regular Screening Important
76 Now just pop a pill to stop blood clots
77 Iowa won't pay for rape victims' abortions or contraceptives
78 13 Tips to Control Your Sweet Tooth
79 Secret U.S. military documents appear online. Pentagon, DOJ investigate: NPR
80 Periodontal disease warning signs include green, brown and yellow build-up on teeth
81 Massive 'Horse' Lies About Nobel Prize Winning Treatment
82 'A desperate situation': Injured N.B. man stranded in Florida due to full hospitals at home
83 Too Much Stress at Work? 5 Expert Backed Ways to Tackle Mental Health at Workplace
84 Hysterectomy through belly button leaves no scars
85 Report: Florida officials cut key data from vaccine study
86 11 Natural Depression Treatments
87 K-pop is in a downturn and BTS' hiatus may be why, top producer says: NPR
88 New app that let's phone your mobile test if you have COVID or flu
89 WHO presses China on COVID origins info: 'All hypotheses are on the table'--National
90 Poshan to Portion, 6 Nutrients Every Woman Should Include in Her Diet
91 Kissing can cause herpes--Times of India
92 What does 1870s Comstock Act have to do with abortion pills?
93 12-year-old suspected in killing of teens in Florida
94 Russia lashed over spy charges against American journalist: 'Categorically false'
95 Masters golf tournament interrupted after storm knocks trees onto course--National
96 Access to abortion pill in limbo after competing rulings
97 China emerging as global 'peace maker,' benefiting from US lack of pragmatism in MidEast: Saudi analyst|Arab News Japan
98 GSDF chopper, 10 crew members still missing on 3rd day|Arab News Japan
99 French prosecutors name bank chairman a suspect in Lebanese central bank probe|Arab News Japan
100 Honor mobile phone leading in AI speed
101 Bike-sharing investors talk major merger
102 FAW-Volkswagen confident in China's economic potential
103 Moving walls, table on wheels, a revolution in overcrowded living
104 Parking garage vandalism under investigation as hate crime
105 UC Berkeley Botanical Garden's rescue operation to save a paradise lost
106 An AI moratorium is not the answer to the technology's threats
107 Why severe weather this year has been so destructive and deadly
108 Here's why eggs are so pricey these days and why it might stay that way
109 You might be surprised at how many Christian denominations there are in the world
110 FDA ruling: What is mifepristone?
111 Abortion pill access in limbo after dueling rulings
112 Melania Trump's 'silence speaks volumes'
113 NFL RB Joe Mixon, Antioch native, recharged with pointing gun at woman
114 Moose visits Alaska hospital building lobby for lunch