File Title
1 SpaceX prepares for rehearsal, test flight of Starship rocket
2 Axiom Space's upcoming ISS mission part of increasing commercialization of space
3 Soyuz spacecraft that will bring ISS crew back to Earth moved to new port
4 A new measurement could change our understanding of the Universe
5 Galaxy clusters yield new evidence for standard model of cosmology
6 Astronomers witness the birth of a very distant cluster of galaxies from the early Universe
7 AI finds that first stars were clustered together
8 Makenzie Lystrup named first female director of Goddard Space Flight Center
9 NASA awards Unit Price Agreement Tracking System
10 NASA's Webb Scores Another Ringed World with New Image of Uranus
11 May 8 launch for private mission to ISS with Saudi astronauts
12 Scoping out the next sampling stop for Perseverance
13 MOXIE Celebrates 2 Years on Mars: Discoveries and Work Left to Do
14 A tour of Jezero Crater
15 New interactive mosaic uses NASA imagery to show Mars in vivid detail
16 Hubble unexpectedly finds double quasar in distant universe
17 Deloitte announces formal space practice for rapidly growing space industry
18 O'Shaughnessy Ventures announces investment in Atomos Space
19 Using the dark matter distribution to test our cosmological model
20 D-Orbit signs contract with ESA for IRIDE Satellite Observation Program
21 LeoLabs and ClearSpace partner to advance a safer, more sustainable space environment
22 Space-based NASA instrument to track pollution over North America
23 Buffaloes kill two in Botswana
24 Man charged after taking platypus on train ride, shopping trip
25 Ailing Pakistan elephant survives jumbo diagnosis
26 Easy, tiger: study maps big cats' personalities
27 Harnessing nature to promote planetary sustainability
28 Amazon Indigenous lands prevent disease, save billions: study
29 Spatial computing enables flexible working memory
30 Honduras shrimp industry worried by diplomatic break with Taiwan
31 Tackling overfishing from Senegal's skies
32 French govt. says 'no health risk' from pesticide in water
33 UK govt. unveils new water plan after sewage discharges outcry
34 Runoff: not as you might think
35 Work-from-home order issued as Thai city tops world pollution table
36 Raw sewage blights once-idyllic beaches on Isle of Wight
37 UK eco-activists rail against judge's ban on using climate defence
38 March heat, Antarctic ice close to records: monitor
39 'Infecting minds': US book sent to teachers seeks to sow climate doubt
40 Climate activists turn landmark Rome fountain black
41 Amazon forests save $2 billion in pollution healthcare: study
42 'We need to know': WHO says China has more on COVID origin
43 Japan to scrap virus tests on arrival from China
44 Why are animal-to-human diseases on the rise?
45 Stress and trauma: Mental toll of Turkey's deadly quake
46 Turkey police tortured earthquake looting suspects: rights groups
47 Iraqis in asylum limbo in Jordan fashion their future
48 Tourists among four killed in Norway avalanches: police
49 Florida lawmakers approve permit-free concealed weapons
50 In Mexican jungle, scientists prepare for future pandemics
51 Forest plundering threatens Aka pygmies of Central Africa
52 New cabinet unveiled for Ethiopia's Tigray
53 Landslide in east DR Congo kills 19
54 Ugandan troops join regional force in DR Congo
55 DNA reveals African and Asian ancestry of medieval Swahili people
56 Sudan coup leader urges troops to back democratic transition
57 IMF chief encouraged by China's 'assurances' on Zambia debt
58 NASA, SpaceX to launch air quality sensor over North America
59 Ice sheets could retreat faster than expected: study
60 Ice age data raises new concerns about future ice melt, rising sea levels
61 Austria glaciers retreat 'more than ever': measurement
62 Bold talk, slow walk as Brazil's Lula sets out to save Amazon
63 Why are forests turning brown in summer
64 Dominican border wall threatens environment, mangroves
65 Drought pushes Kenya's refugee mega-camp to 'breaking point'
66 Parched Tunisia imposes water rationing
67 China appoints Shanghai bishop without Vatican nod
68 Dutch court blocks plans to cut Schiphol airport flights
69 Finland not asking NATO to deploy troops: alliance commander
70 How Finland joining boosts NATO defences against Russia
71 NATO chief says Finland to become member 'in coming days'
72 Saudi agrees to partner with China-led security bloc
73 Hungary laments 'grievances' in Sweden NATO bid spat
74 Russia envoy summoned after threatening Sweden over NATO bid
75 Hungarian parliament ratifies Finland NATO accession
76 Vatican to send Pope's message of hope high into orbit
77 'Nixon in China': an opera with fresh relevance
78 Video probe shows internal damage to Fukushima reactor
79 UN raises quarter of $1 billion Turkey quake funds target
80 Integral safe at last
81 WVU researchers explore alternative sources to help power space
82 OpenAI's ChatGPT blocked in Italy: privacy watchdog
83 Big E3 videogame expo in US is canceled
84 China's 'art factory' painters turn from fakes to originals
85 What can we do about all the plastic waste
86 Snailfish sets Guinness World Record for deepest observed and caught fish
87 Tackling overfishing from Senegal's skies
88 NGOs slam missed chance to prevent seabed mining
89 How to take coastal rubble mound structures to the next level
90 Ben-Gurion engineers develop one of the fastest and most efficient amphibious robots
91 What caused the record-low Antarctic sea ice in austral summer 2022
92 Deep ocean currents around Antarctica headed for collapse, study finds
93 Scientists in Arctic race to preserve 'ice memory'
94 3D radar scan provides clues about threats to iconic Alaskan glacier
95 The Greenland ice sheet is close to a melting point of no return
96 Elegantly modeling earth's abrupt glacial transitions
97 Historic drought adds to Argentina's economic woes
98 How plants cope with the cold light of day--and why it matters for future crops
99 Quake hit one-fifth of Turkey's food production: UN
100 Fruit in crisis: Florida's orange groves buffeted by hurricane, disease
101 In flood-hit South Sudan, women harness power of plants
102 Volcano that wiped out Colombian town active again
103 Indonesia's Anak Krakatoa volcano erupts, belches huge ash tower
104 Drought pushes Kenya's refugee mega-camp to 'breaking point'
105 Emissions cuts can slash heat deaths in Mideast, N. Africa: study
106 UK eco-activists rail against judge's ban on using climate defence
107 'Infecting minds': US book sent to teachers seeks to sow climate doubt
108 Analysing global waste distribution via dumpsite detection from satellite imagery
109 Thales Alenia Space wins contracts for IRIDE radar and optical satellites
110 First pair of second-generation weather satellites, built by Airbus, enter their test phase