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1 Can millets be a part of your Navratri fasting plan?
2 COVID testing led to new techniques of disease diagnosis: progress mustn't stop now
3 Panic attack vs. anxiety attack: Understanding the difference
4 WHO updates COVID-19 vaccination guidelines; check out the revised recommendations
5 Priyanka Chopra opens up about freezing her eggs in her early 30s: 'Biological clock is for real'
6 Understanding the link between drinking hot beverages and oesophageal cancer
7 Guinness alert: World's most premature triplets celebrate second birthday, break two records
8 COVID-19: As India logs highest single-day spike in 5 months, follow these simple measures to stay safe
9 This is why you may crave fried or sugary foods after a hangover
10 Healthy spacing between pregnancies is important; here's all you need to know about postpartum contraception
11 The three fats you must include in your daily diet are...
12 Potatoes have a 'bad reputation' when it comes to nutrition, but these health benefits will surely make you change your mind
13 Snacks that will keep (unwanted) cravings at bay
14 Overcome the 'sitting disease' with these easy and effective tips
15 Here's why you must have the 'highly nutritious' ragi this summer
16 Iron deficiency: Warning signs you should just not ignore
17 Brains also have supply chain issues--blood flows where it can, and neurons must make do with what they get
18 What should the ideal gap between COVID-19 and flu vaccines be?
19 COVID-19 during pregnancy may increase obesity risk in children: Study
20 Physical exercise could offset the negative effects of unhealthy sleep on longevity: Study
21 5 benefits of matcha tea that will make you add it to your routine
22 Kolkata man becomes world's first human to be infected by 'plant fungus'
23 Replace these 6 things in your kitchen for healthy lifestyle
24 Eating disorders among teens have more than doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic--here's what to watch for
25 From relieving cold and cough to reducing cholesterol: Know the many health benefits of oregano oil
26 Celine Dion is 'grateful' as she turns 55 after stiff person syndrome diagnosis
27 Engineered kidney could allow for early detection of drug toxicity
28 Monday morning rush may tempt you to do so, but here's why you must not boil milk too quickly
29 Women, this is why your vagina could be itching (and how to treat it)
30 'The fat cutter superfood': Decoding the link between curry leaves and weight loss
31 Curry leaves: Know the best way to consume them for maximum health benefits
32 COVID surge: Experts on why infections are increasing despite people getting vaccinated
33 Understanding how heat waves can affect pregnant women: 'Climate change is only increasing their vulnerability'
34 Tonight, try this psychological trick to fall asleep faster
35 One of the richest sources of vitamin C isÉ
36 This is what a 'sharp' pain on the left-side of the breast can indicate
37 Are probiotics worth the hype? We break down the benefits and limitations
38 Viral skincare trends you must stay away from: 'Instead of taking help from the internet, visit your doctor'
39 'It felt like the only thing I could control': People share their struggles with compulsive cleaning
40 Is there a link between COVID-19 and rising heart attacks among young people?
41 Find out if a pregnant woman's sleeping position can cause the umbilical cord to get wrapped around the baby's neck
42 Himalayan garlic: Reasons 'ek potli lahsun' deserves to be on your plate
43 Neil Diamond on accepting Parkinson's diagnosis: 'Can't really fight this thing'
44 'Harvard diet': All you need to know about this healthy eating plan
45 Foxtail millet and cardiac health: Understanding the link
46 Industries can harm health in many ways: here are 3 that aren't so obvious
47 Amid surge in COVID-19 cases, here's what people with co-morbidities must keep in mind
48 Acute case of this rare infection caused worms to crawl under man's skin; know more
49 These small, hardened deposits in your gallbladder may affect digestion
50 Deal with hangovers effectively with these five yoga asanas
51 PCOS can impact your sleep; here's a nighttime routine to manage it
52 What we know about the deadly tick-borne virus detected in the UK
53 Sonnalli Seygall shares the right and wrong ways to drink water
54 Things people with long COVID must keep in mind amid spike in cases
55 Is it safe to dye your hair during pregnancy?
56 Protein and mental health: Understanding the critical connection
57 Masaba Gupta calls quick weight loss 'the new epidemic'
58 Beat the heat with these delicious, hydrating, and healthy summer coolers
59 Link between obstructive sleep apnea and early cognitive decline found
60 Two supermassive black holes spotted lighting up as galaxies collide
61 Early ingredients of life discovered about 1,000 light years away from Earth
62 Ningaloo 'hybrid' solar eclipse on April 20: What is it and where to watch
63 Sex is a 'beautiful thing,' Pope says in documentary
64 US tensions with China on display as Speaker McCarthy hosts Taiwan's leader
65 Anti-vaccine activist Robert F Kennedy Jr. challenging Biden in 2024
66 South African pilot lauded for safe emergency landing after deadly cobra rears its head in cockpit
67 Taiwan watching Chinese movements but does not see escalation
68 North Korea warns 'offensive action' over allies' drills
69 Former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi has leukaemia, source says
70 Thousands flee into Thailand after fighting between Myanmar military, rebels
71 Iran, Saudi Arabia sign statement on re-establishing ties
72 Hindu temple vandalised in Canada's Windsor, probe launched
73 French President Macron tells China's Xi to reason with Russia for Ukraine peace
74 FDA's advisory panel recommends approval for an "ultra-rare" ALS drug
75 Bacteria in Meat may be Causing 500,000 Urinary Tract Infections a Year
76 Atrial Fibrillation Tied to Dementia Risk
77 New Graphene Sensor Could Easily Detect COVID-19 or the Flu
78 Scent of Human Sweat Improves Social Anxiety Symptoms
79 Non-Hallucinogenic LSD Could be a Useful Treatment for Mood Disorders
80 The Health Pros and Cons of 3D-Printed Food Technology
81 In Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment, Time of Day Matters
82 Eating Bacteria in Self-Defense: A strategy against tuberculosis
83 Using Excess Blood Sugar in the Blood Stream to Create Electricity
84 Planet Warming Could Lead to More Severe and Recurrent Droughts and Floods
85 Experimental Drug Treats Heart Failure and Sleep Apnea
86 Parents' Personalities Influence Life Outcomes of Children
87 CBD Oil and Urinary Stones
88 Study Explores the Mood-Enhancing Effects of Matcha
89 Nonindustrial Societies May Hold Clues to Heart and Brain Health
90 Researchers Reveal the 3D Structure of a Viral Protein & How to Neutralize It
91 Can Hemp Be Used as Biofuel?
92 Supernovae Could Be Responsible for Earth's Marine Biodiversity 500 Million Years Ago
93 Hemp Seeds and their Benefits
94 A Country's Rate of Antibiotic Consumption Impacts Drugs Resistance Genes in the Microbiome
95 Amino Acids Have a Significant Influence on Neuronal Development
96 Just Flip It Upside Down! Wait, It's Not a Jellyfish?
97 Cesarean Scar Disorder: A Newly Recognized Health Condition
98 Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer
99 Phase Change Inks Allow Better Environment Control for Homes, Cars, and Buildings
100 Soft Robotics Get Enhancements with Artificial Muscles
101 Study Illuminates Challenges for Transgender and Non-Binary Workers
102 Cover Crops Protect Cash Crops, Farmers
103 Vaccination Reduces the Risk of Long COVID by Half
104 Climate Change is Changing Wetland Ecosystems
105 A Bacterial Injection System Can Deliver Proteins to Cells
106 For the first time in history, PASLI Disease has an FDA approved treatment: leniolisib
107 Newest treatment for psoriasis, a disease that affects 3% of the American population
108 Advances in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Present Potential Treatment Options
109 Racial Inequities in Prostate Cancer Relate to Surgical Volume
110 Using Moon and Martian Regolith to 3D Print Batteries
111 Tracking a Rapidly Emerging, Drug-Resistant Pathogen
112 How Gut Bacteria Cause Post-Operative Complications
113 Popular Neighborhood Apps Worsen Perception of Local Crime Rates
114 Podcast series shines a light on the people behind the science
115 New Drug Shows Promise in Treating Both Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure
116 Coffee May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease