File Title
1 Scientists explain alien comet 'Oumuamua's strange acceleration
2 Asteroid that could wipe out a city is near, but don't fear
3 Space dust may contain clues about extraterrestrial life, suggests new study
4 Messier 55 shines in this star-studded image captured by the Webb telescope
5 Earth hit by severe solar storm much stronger than expected
6 5 planets to be visible in the night sky next week in rare 'alignment'
7 Robotic 'biohybrid' systems help researchers study behaviour of finicky bees
8 NASA gears up for landmark sample delivery from Asteroid Bennu
9 ISRO's LVM-3 successfully launches 36 satellites, completing OneWeb constellation
10 Musk's brain implant company in search of human trials partner
11 Intriguing moon water source found in glass beads from impacts
12 Do Adani's woes matter for India's clean energy transition?
13 No atmosphere found at faraway Earth-sized world, study says
14 Ancient Egypt excavation uncovers 2,000 mummified ram heads
15 How 5 planets were visible in a rare celestial event
16 Gravity lens allows James Webb Space Telescope to capture distant 'Cosmic Seahorse' with ease
17 No, NASA's Artemis spacesuits won't be black
18 Privately-built Japanese moon lander sends beautiful image from lunar orbit
19 Damaged Russian Soyuz capsule lands back on Earth from space station
20 Alien mothership and probes may exist in our solar system, says research by Pentagon official and Harvard Professor
21 Astronomers study 'monstrous 1 in 10,000 years' space explosion
22 Boeing's debut crewed Starliner launch delayed to July 21: NASA
23 Rare T-Rex skeleton to go under the hammer in Switzerland
24 Genetic study details complex ancestry of East Africa's Swahili people
25 Artificial meteor showers could soon be a reality: Report
26 Astronomers study extremely hot and powerful winds from nearby galaxy
27 One of the biggest known black holes discovered due to its light-bending gravity
28 Astronomers may have finally discovered source of mysterious fast radio bursts: Reports
29 Bits of Saturn's rings could be falling into the planet and heating it up
30 Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit slashing 85% of its workforce
31 NASA sets up new office to help land humans on Mars
32 Who is Amit Kshatriya, head of NASA's new Moon to Mars Program Office?
33 Powerful 'X-class' solar flare slams Earth, causes radio blackouts. There could be more.
34 NASA's Artemis II astronauts to be announced on Tuesday: Everything we know about the mission
35 Astronomers discover flattest explosion ever seen in space
36 'India achieved it': ISRO succeeds in landing Reusable Launch Vehicle
37 Plants make sounds when they suffer but we cannot hear it
38 NASA's 1st moon crew in 50 years includes 1 woman, 3 men
39 NASA announces Artemis 2 Moon mission astronauts: 'We are going'
40 Slovakia delivers first 4 Soviet-era MiG-29 jets to Ukraine
41 Scotland's Sturgeon exits with pride, brickbats from critics
42 British parliament blocks TikTok over security concerns
43 TikTok CEO grilled by U.S. lawmakers over 'dangerous' content
44 UK to review security at Indian High Commission in London after protests
45 Indian cruise ship employee sentenced to 188 months for distributing child sexual abuse material
46 Joe Biden's options on TikTok narrow after Beijing pushes back
47 'Scream as loud as you can': 5 boys rescued from New York City tunnel
48 Canada grew by a record 1 million people from immigration
49 Bordeaux City Hall set on fire as pension protests erupt in France
50 Ukraine prepares counteroffensive as Russia's assault on Bakhmut flags
51 Saudi Arabia, Syria may restore ties as Mideast reshuffles
52 Suspected Iran drone kills US worker in Syria; US retaliates
53 Ignoring experts, China's sudden zero-COVID exit cost lives
54 British king's visit to France cancelled amid mass protests
55 Israeli AG warns Netanyahu defied conflict of interest rule
56 First major fire of year destroys 3,000 hectares in Spain
57 Fact-finding report on Leicester clashes warns of ethnic enclaves in UK
58 Eric Garcetti sworn in as US Ambassador to India
59 Indian Americans rally in support of India at San Francisco Consulate
60 Canada 'very closely' following the developments in Punjab: Foreign Minister Melanie Joly
61 Pro-Khalistan groups take protest to London's Parliament Square
62 Mississippi tornadoes kill 23, injure dozens overnight
63 North Korea claims "radioactive tsunami" weapon test at sea
64 Putin says Moscow to place nuclear weapons in Belarus, US reacts cautiously
65 'There's nothing left': Deep South tornadoes kill 26 in US
66 As Honduras seeks to open relations with Beijing, Taiwan ends decades-long diplomatic ties
67 Pakistan court sentences man to death for sharing 'blasphemous' content on social media
68 US President Joe Biden nominee to head FAA withdraws after Republican attacks: Report
69 Indian delegation calls on Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe
70 New Russian campaign tries to entice men to fight in Ukraine
71 China opens ties with Honduras, Taiwan decries monetary demands
72 Hong Kongers hold first protest in years under strict rules
73 North Korea test-fires 2 more missiles as tensions rise
74 Netanyahu sacks Israel's defense minister, sparking mass protests
75 Two wounded in gurudwara shooting in California's Sacramento; suspects apprehended
76 After Bakhmut, Russia pounds city of Avdiivka; NATO slams Putin's 'nukes to Belarus' plan
77 An anxious Asia arms for a war it hopes to prevent
78 Khalistan supporters protest at Times Square in New York
79 Largest strike in decades brings Germany to a standstill
80 Blast near Afghan foreign ministry kills 6, hurts several
81 Jack Ma returns to China as govt. tries to allay private sector fears
82 Taiwan's former leader Ma Ying-jeou begins China visit
83 Greenland to stay in daylight saving time forever
84 Israeli government in chaos as judicial reform plans draw mass protests
85 Humza Yousaf elected as Scottish National Party's new leader
86 Israeli government delays disputed judiciary bill amid mass protests
87 Three children, 3 adults killed in Nashville school shooting, suspect dead
88 Israeli mission joins stir against judicial reforms
89 US watching Rahul Gandhi's case in Indian courts, says official
90 H-1B visa cap for FY 2024 reached, successful applicants informed: USCIS
91 What time is it?: In Lebanon, the answer is complicated
92 Russia says it has test-fired missiles in the Sea of Japan
93 39 dead in fire at migrant facility in Mexico, says official
94 France braces for violence in new wave of pension protests
95 US, Japan reach deal on vital minerals for EV batteries
96 Wary of China, Pakistan opts out of democracy summit in Washington
97 UK intelligence agency raises threat level for Northern Ireland to "severe"
98 2 dead in Portugal stabbing at Muslim center Lisbon
99 Sky-high kites aim to tap unused wind power
100 China increasing bailouts to Belt and Road partners: report
101 Russian whose daughter drew anti-war picture gets two years' jail but flees
102 UK Labour bars ex-leader Jeremy Corbyn from standing as its candidate at next election
103 WHO changes COVID vaccine recommendations for high-risk populations
104 Suu Kyi's party ordered dissolved in military-ruled Myanmar
105 Lawmakers grill US regulators over Silicon Valley Bank collapse
106 'History would not forgive us': Pak PM Sharif urges parliament to curtail powers of Chief Justice
107 'Let's go': Body camera video shows Nashville officers rushing school shooter
108 US visitor's visa interview wait time in India cut by 60% this year, says official
109 Brazil hits 700,000 virus deaths, 2nd highest in the world
110 After attack on Indian Embassy in Washington, US says committed to protecting diplomatic missions
111 Nashville shooter was transgender, hid six firearms at home, says police
112 US President Joe Biden urges Netanyahu abandon judicial overhaul that sparked protests
113 Inside the US pressure campaign over Israel's judicial overhaul
114 Israeli PM, Joe Biden exchange frosty words over legal overhaul
115 Taiwan leader's US meeting plans draw Chinese threat
116 UN votes to ask world court to rule on national climate obligations
117 Prince Harry blames royal family for delay in hacking suit
118 Pope Francis hospitalised due to respiratory infection
119 Ukraine's Zelenskyy is 'ready' for Chinese leader to visit
120 Spouses of H-1B visa holders can work in US, says judge
121 UAE president names son Abu Dhabi crown prince, brothers to top roles
122 Germany 'takes note' of Rahul Gandhi's disqualification from Parliament, says 'expect democratic principles to be applied'
123 Rishi Sunak faces flak over wife Akshata Murthy's investment in Koru Kids
124 Russia detains Wall Street Journal reporter on suspicion of spying