File Title
1 Considered Extinct for 36 Years: Endangered Vulture Returns to Bulgaria
2 Warning: Researchers Find New York City Rats Carry the COVID-19 Virus
3 New Omega-3 Supplement Could Prevent Vision Loss from Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and Other Diseases
4 Exploring Earth from Space: Monterrey, Mexico
5 A Potential Health Threat for Humans: Sea Otters Killed by Unusual Parasite Strain
6 New Research Indicates that Light Therapy May Slow Cardiovascular Aging
7 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Tied to Weaker Bones and Teeth in Adults
8 Rare Reptiles in Peril: The Surprising Extinction Risk for Unusual Turtles and Crocodiles
9 Revolutionary Probe Unveiled: Decoding the Macrophage Mystery for Targeted Cancer Treatments
10 Unseen Impact: Scientists Reveal How Urbanization Impacts Bugs
11 Alarming Decline: Over 3,000 Billion Tons of Ice Lost from Antarctic Ice Sheet Over 25 Years
12 Can AI Help Find Life on Mars or Icy Worlds?
13 Leaky Soyuz Spaceship Departs Space Station and Lands in Kazakhstan
14 Lightning-Fast Cloud Tomography Unleashed: New Algorithm Transforms Climate Studies
15 12 Recommendations to Protect the Integrity of Survey Research
16 Sparking Creativity: Meditation and Training Are Better than Drugs and Alcohol
17 Genetic Welding: Unleashing Evolution's Future or Playing with Ethical Fire?
18 Can Listening to Mozart Help Alleviate Epilepsy?
19 The Ozone Layer: A Hole New World [Video]
20 6 Challenges--Identified by Scientists--That Humans Face with Artificial Intelligence
21 Game-Changer Nasal Spray: A Universal Shield Against All COVID-19 Variants
22 AI Discovers Secret Equation for "Weighing" Colossal Clusters of Galaxies
23 Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Markets Linked to Increase in Traffic Deaths
24 Disadvantage: New Study Identifies Surprising Factor that May Account for Women's Increased Risk of Dementia
25 Killing Two Birds with One Stone--Hydrophobic Molecular Sieve Developed for Humidity-Resistance Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
26 1,000-Plus Years of Tree Rings Confirm Unprecedented Nature of 2021 Western North America Heat Wave
27 Solar System Hit by Pulse of Intense Radiation--Incredible 1-in-10,000-Year Gamma-Ray Burst
28 Swahili Secrets Unlocked: Ancient DNA Discovery Restores Heritage and Debunks Myths
29 COVID-19 RNA Hijacking Uncovered: Unlocking the Door to Innovative Treatments
30 Astrocytic Breakthrough: A Game-Changing Biomarker for Early Alzheimer's Detection
31 Giants & Microbes Rule the World: Surprising Size Extremes Dominate Earth's Biomass
32 NASA Conducts Long Duration Hot Fire Test of Redesigned RS-25 Moon Rocket Engine
33 Unprecedented Control--Scientists Twist Chemical Bonds Beyond Their Limits
34 New Species of Ancient Beaver Named After Buc-ee's
35 From Land to Sea: How Increased Erosion Affects the Ocean's Ability to Store CO2
36 Webb Space Telescope Shocks Astronomers with Surprising Exoplanet Atmospheric Composition
37 Unmasking Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease with Individualized Brain Fingerprints
38 Brain Injury Expert Warns: Limit Screen Use in Children Under Six
39 Revolutionizing Recycling: Transforming Industrial Waste into Eco-Friendly Plastic Through Artificial Photosynthesis
40 The First Extraterrestrial Application of Magnetotellurics: New Instrument Delivered for Lunar Lander Mission
41 Gravity's Cosmic Spotlight: Unveiling a Monstrous 30-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole Through Light-Bending Phenomenon
42 Expedition 69 Officially Begins on International Space Station
43 Do Cesarean-Born Babies Miss Out on Essential Microbes?
44 COVID-19 or Flu? New Nano-Sensor Delivers Answers in Just 10 Seconds
45 Artificial Cells--The Powerhouse of the Future
46 Watch the Mesmerizing Process of Nanoparticles Self-Assembling into Crystals
47 Venus Is Alive!
48 Deadly Teeth of T. rex Were Hidden Behind Scaly Lips, Shattering Prehistoric Perceptions
49 Mediterranean Magic: Diet Slashes Women's Cardiovascular Disease and Death Risk by Nearly 25%
50 Unlocking Nature's Disappearing Act: Human Cells Decipher the Secrets of Squid Camouflage
51 Space Interferometer Constellation to Reveal Elusive Gravitational Wave Sources and Unravel the Universe
52 An Important Step for the Quantum Internet: New Experiment "Translates" Quantum Information Between Technologies
53 Inside the Enigmatic Proton: A Tale of Differing Mass and Size Measurements
54 Origami Reinvented: Chemical Engineers Unfold the Future of Glass Sculpture and Catalysis
55 Scientists Discover Easy Way to Make Atomically-Thin Metal Layers
56 From Young to Old: How Common Stroke Risk Factors Evolve with Age
57 MIT Unveils Advanced Algorithm to Keep Drones from Colliding in Midair
58 Equivalent to a Forest the Size of Germany--a New Process to Capture Carbon Dioxide
59 5-Minute Test Tackles the Silent STD Epidemic You've Never Heard Of
60 Smart Bandages: A Cheaper, Easier, and More Effective Way to Treat Chronic Wounds
61 Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Unraveling Alcohol's Grip on the Brain and the Drive to Drink
62 Nano Gold Nuggets Melted by Highly Charged Ions Reveal a New World Between Macroscopic and Microscopic Physics
63 Catching Dark Matter in a Basement in Neutrino Alley
64 Malaria Advancement: New Drugs to Squash the Spread
65 Huge Distortions--Researchers Create a New Type of Quantum Material
66 New Study Links Poor Mental Health to Increased Risk of Heart Disease
67 Scientists Baffled by New "Size of Life" Discovery About Our Planet's Biomass
68 Jurassic Makeover: Revealing the True Faces of Predatory Dinosaurs like T. rex
69 Tiny Plastic Particles in Mother's Food May Impair Fetal Development
70 New Machine Learning Model Can Accurately Predict Events like Tornadoes and Hail Eight Days in Advance
71 How Ants Took Over the World
72 Unexpected Consequences: How Running Every Day to Escape Stress Can Actually Be Bad for You
73 Ward Off Wrinkles: Scientists Discover Anti-Aging Power in an Invasive Weed
74 Large Typhoid Outbreak Traced to Contaminated Drinking Water
75 MIT Pioneers Gene Editing mRNA Nanoparticles to Combat Lung Diseases
76 Oxygen Therapy: A New Promising Treatment for a Rare Childhood Disease
77 Saturn's Strange Ring-Heat Phenomenon: Solving a Solar System Mystery
78 Study Confirms that Common Fertilizer Compound Can Release Uranium into Groundwater
79 Bizarre Vaginal Transformations Discovered in Bomb-Sniffing Rodents
80 Bracing for Impact: NASA's New AI Model to Defend Earth from Dangerous Space Weather
81 Saturn's Moon Titan Beckons as NASA's Dragonfly Mission Achieves Critical Milestone
82 Needle-Free Revolution: Painless "MOF-Jet" Delivers Vaccines with a Puff of Compressed Gas
83 Jezero Crater Chronicles: NASA's Perseverance Scores Prized Mars Sample in Latest Science Expedition
84 New AI Model Predicts Cancer Patient Survival More Accurately than Previous Methods
85 This Week @NASA: Historic Asteroid Sample Delivery, Dragonfly Mission to Saturn's Moon Titan
86 Common Childhood Viruses Linked to Severe Hepatitis Outbreak
87 Tsunami in the Skies: Unraveling the Mysteries of Atmospheric Acceleration on Venus
88 Switching to Hydrogen Fuel Could Cause Long-Term Climate Consequences
89 Hidden Plant SOS: Scientists Record Ultrasonic Distress Calls from Stressed Flora
90 Inspired by Butterflies: Scientist Creates the Lightest Paint in the World
91 Long-Lasting Impact: Losing Weight May Benefit Your Heart, Even if Some Weight Is Regained
92 How to care for cannabis seeds
93 Computer Simulations Bring Order to a Chaotic Universe
94 Face Blindness Could Be a Lingering COVID-19 Symptom
95 Navigating by foot uses unique brain region
96 Lipid Synthesis is Crucial to Muscle Health
97 CDC Warnings About Deadly Eyedrop Contamination & A Drug-Resistant Fungus
98 The Stonehenge 'Calendar' Isn't as Modern as We Thought
99 Using diabetes medications on "blinding" headaches
100 How do you sober up a drunk mouse? FGF21
101 Heated Tobacco Products Increase Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Severe COVID
102 Correct-Looking Robots and Improving Workplace Mental Health
103 Studying Quantum Wave Turbulence and Energy Dissipation
104 Utah State University Space Experiment to Launch to ISS in December 2023
105 Photosynthesis Further Explained Using Quantum Chemical Calculations
106 WHO Updates on Ongoing Marburg Disease Outbreak
107 Dieting Makes Hunger Synapses Louder
108 New Osteosarcoma Model for Drug Development
109 Alaskan Glacier "Body Scan" Reveals Risks to Glacier's Future
110 NASA JWST Identifies Exoplanet with Highly Diverse Atmosphere
111 The various and complex components of the innate immune response
112 New formulation of medication to treat high cholesterol
113 A Link Between Immune Cells in the Gut & Stress-Related Depression is Revealed
114 A Genetic Analysis Reveals Beethoven's Secrets
115 Teacup Galaxy Observed Discharging Radio Jets