File Title
1 World Bank warns of 'lost decade' of growth on China-led slowdown
2 IMF chief warns risks to financial stability have increased
3 Markets reverse after recent gains as bank fears linger
4 Toshiba says it will 'support' $15 billion takeover bid
5 Debt-ridden China Evergrande rolls out restructuring plan
6 Asia tracks Wall St. rally as Fed decision replaces bank worries
7 Markets rebound as bank fears ease, Fed decision in view
8 US economic leaders looking at China trip: W. House
9 Markets build on gains as bank, rate concerns ease
10 Argonne, Progress Rail, test low-carbon fuels on the path to decarbonizing the rail industry
11 Czech nuclear plants to switch from Russian to US fuel
12 TVA, Ontario and Synthos jointly funding development of SMR technology with Hitachi GE
13 China, Brazil strike deal to ditch dollar for trade
14 First US official visits China since Balloons; US firm under investigation
15 China ramping up bailout loans to 'Belt and Road' countries: report
16 China says US firm under investigation for 'illegal operations'
17 US due diligence firm says Chinese staff in Beijing office detained
18 Macron, Meloni discuss France-Italy cooperation
19 Photosynthesis: varying roads lead to the reaction center
20 Porous insulator contact breaks passivation-transport trade-off
21 Solar industry feeling the heat over disposal of 80 million panels
22 Scientists create novel bandgap-tunable 2D nanosheets made from perovskite oxynitrides
23 Modelling superfast processes in organic solar cell material
24 Improving the infrastructure safety for nuclear waste disposal
25 IAEA chief to visit Ukraine nuclear plant
26 Zelensky, IAEA chief discuss safety at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
27 IAEA chief says trying for deal on Russia-held nuclear plant
28 UN nuclear chief says Ukraine plant situation 'remains perilous'
29 Russian uranium delivery to France 'scandalous': Greenpeace
30 Xi hails Middle East thaw in call with Saudi crown prince
31 Denmark invites Nord Stream owner to recover mystery object
32 China holds 'upper hand' in Russian gas exports
33 Kuwait desert oil spill sparks 'state of emergency': company
34 Green hydrogen: How photoelectrochemical water splitting may become competitive
35 Philippine fishermen struggle as oil spill keeps them ashore
36 Denmark invites Nord Stream owner to recover mystery object
37 China holds 'upper hand' in Russian gas exports
38 Kuwait desert oil spill sparks 'state of emergency': company
39 Taiwan's president heads to C. America; US says China can't alter 'routine' Taiwan trip
40 Saudi Aramco touts 'commitment to China' with petrochemical deals
41 WVU researchers receive $5.5 million to examine methane emissions at oil and gas sites
42 Dutch should 'shut down' gas field says local Shell boss
43 Major oil leak in southern English port
44 Ankara stops handling Iraqi Kurdistan oil: Baghdad
45 Nine dead in crash of two US Army helicopters
46 Ex-US Marine accused of helping China was lured to Australia: lawyer
47 Slovakia to donate 13 MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine
48 Poland and Slovakia to transfer MiG-29 planes to Ukraine; W. House still opposes move
49 Annual net profit of Chinese EV giant BYD up 446%
50 Advanced technologies for longer-lasting electric vehicles
51 The countries phasing out internal combustion engines
52 EU backs fossil fuel car ban, as Berlin lifts veto
53 EU, Germany reach deal on fossil fuel car phaseout plan
54 Minimizing electric vehicles' impact on the grid
55 EU fossil fuel car ban gets final green light
56 France-Germany row overshadows EU leaders' summit
57 Even free transport can't shake Luxembourg's love of the car
58 Argonne, Progress Rail, test low-carbon fuels on the path to decarbonizing the rail industry
59 Microplastic pollution impairs seabird gut health
60 Toothpaste tablets and syrup on tap: US refill shops cut the container
61 Dust storms cause air pollution spike across north China
62 Scientists make 'disturbing' find on remote island: plastic rocks
63 Unwanted visitor ruins spring break in Florida--toxic algae
64 Smog a major buzzkill for insect mating
65 Report: Only six countries met 'healthy' air quality standards in 2022
66 EU deal to nearly double renewable energy by 2030
67 Probe where the protons go to develop better fuel cells
68 Scientists create novel bandgap-tunable 2D nanosheets made from perovskite oxynitrides
69 Low concentration CO2 can be reused as plastic precursor using artificial photosynthesis
70 The search for the missing gravitational signal
71 US Army selects Northrop Grumman and Shield AI team for tactical UAV prototype
72 New algorithm keeps drones from colliding in midair
73 Airbus achieves in-flight autonomous guidance and control of a drone from a tanker aircraft
74 Russian navy 'repelled' drone attack on Crimea port
75 WVU researchers explore alternative sources to help power space
76 New mining technology uses CO2 as tool to access critical minerals
77 Tiny robot able to navigate in a physiological environment and capture damaged cells
78 Arkisys Announces Contract Award with US Space Force
79 Google launches ChatGPT rival in US and UK
80 Space Development Agency to launch 10 satellites
81 USSF completes service dress uniform fit tests
82 Hack-A-Saturday, competition highlights on-orbit hacking
83 USSF announces university opportunities Beyond GEO operations
84 Oversight Program aims to make space domain more tactically relevant for military planners, warfighters
85 Ukraine forces complete Patriot training in US: Pentagon
86 PAC-3 flight test paves the way for new Patriot software release
87 Russia to modernise Moscow's air defense systems
88 Turkey becomes last NATO nation to ratify Finland membership
89 Saudi agrees to partner with China-led security bloc
90 Hungarian parliament ratifies Finland NATO accession
91 Vatican to send Pope's message of hope high into orbit
92 'Nixon in China': an opera with fresh relevance
93 Five things to know about Finland, Sweden joining NATO
94 NATO chief says Finland to become member 'in coming days'
95 Russia 'should not be' permanent Security Council member: US envoy to UN
96 Kremlin says won't change plans on Belarus nuclear weapons
97 US says no indication Russia has moved nuclear weapons
98 Ukraine says Russia 'took Belarus as a nuclear hostage'
99 Putin says will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
100 NATO rejects Russian complaints on UK uranium ammo
101 Russia will 'react' if UK supplies uranium ammo to Kyiv: Putin
102 AUKUS submarines: what are the nuclear proliferation risks?
103 US says Russia seeking more NKorean arms, names broker
104 Kim calls for ramping up N. Korea's 'weapon-grade nuclear material'
105 North Korea fires short-range ballistic missiles
106 North Korea fires multiple cruise missiles: South's military
107 North Korea's Kim leads 'nuclear counterattack' simulation drill
108 China says Honduran leader to visit 'as soon as possible'
109 Ukraine is 'determining factor' in China-EU ties: EU chief