File Title
1 Spain mulls options as wildfires gain in size, intensity
2 Global fire carbon emissions contribute to increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations
3 Finland heads for elections under new iron curtain
4 US condemns Myanmar dissolving Suu Kyi party
5 Israel parties discuss justice reforms after Netanyahu U-turn
6 Iraq changes electoral law, sparking opposition anger
7 Strict rules constrain first Hong Kong protest in two years
8 Netanyahu vows unity as Israelis mass against justice reforms
9 Hong Kong rights activist Albert Ho arrested by national security police
10 Iraq to hold provincial elections on November 6
11 Preschoolers prefer to learn from a competent robot than an incompetent human, Concordia study shows
12 Artists fight AI programs that copy their styles
13 Intelligent robots of the future will move and learn with us thanks to IntelliMan
14 Mind-control robots a reality
15 Lacking health workers, Germany taps robots for elder care
16 In troubled Libya, young robotics fans see hope in hi-tech
17 Deep ocean currents around Antarctica headed for collapse, study finds
18 Ancient giant amphibians swam like crocodiles 250 million years ago
19 Geoscientists shed a light on life's evolution 800 million years ago
20 New eyes discovered in trilobites
21 Fossil site is 'Rosetta Stone' for understanding early life
22 DNA reveals African and Asian ancestry of medieval Swahili people
23 Sudan coup leader urges troops to back democratic transition
24 DR Congo president appoints former militia leader as defense chief
25 The TPLF: party at the heart of Ethiopia's war
26 C. Africa opens probe after 9 Chinese miners killed
27 Nine Chinese nationals killed in Central African Republic
28 Leaders must 'urgently' act to avoid climate 'Armageddon': Vanuatu PM
29 UN considers 'historic' Vanuatu-led climate resolution
30 Australia, China hold 'professional' defense talks
31 China boosts South Pacific influence with Solomons port deal
32 Natural disasters, inflation upped insurers' costs in 2022: Swiss Re
33 Donors vow 7 billion euros for Turkey, Syria quake aid
34 Concrete in Disrepair? DARPA May Help You BRACE It
35 ESA in miniature
36 Breaking the One Part-One Material Paradigm
37 Exploring the nanoworld of biogenic gems
38 New mining technology uses CO2 as tool to access critical minerals
39 NRO awards contracts to BlackSky and Planet Labs for hyperspectral capabilities
40 The Greenland ice sheet is close to a melting point of no return
41 Third pole darkening affects local and remote climates
42 3D radar scan provides clues about threats to iconic Alaskan glacier
43 Vietnam's robusta: the go-to coffee bean in a warmer world?
44 Meatball from extinct mammoth unveiled by food tech firm
45 Indonesia's Anak Krakatoa volcano erupts, belches huge ash tower
46 Giant volcanic 'chain' spills secrets on inner workings of volcanoes
47 Indonesia volcano erupts, spews tower of smoke and ash
48 Malawi's cyclone toll to reach 1,200 as hopes fade
49 Names Fiona, Ian removed from UN's hurricane roster
50 Cyclone Freddy record claim in the eye of the storm
51 'Uncharted territory': South Sudan's four years of flooding
52 Europe rights court hears climate cases against governments
53 UN adopts landmark resolution on climate justice
54 Climate activists arrested after Dutch airport breach
55 Swedish court agrees to hear climate lawsuit against state
56 Dreaming the impossible dream: the 1.5íC climate target
57 'Historic': Europe rights court hears climate cases against governments
58 NASA Releases Agency Climate Strategy
59 Swedish court agrees to hear climate lawsuit against state
60 'Time bomb': World reacts to UN climate warning
61 Somalia drought could kill 100s each day; Cholera crisis worsening after Malawi Cyclone
62 Spire Global awarded NOAA contract for satellite weather data
63 Surprise effect: Methane cools even as it heats
64 Geoscientists shed a light on life's evolution 800 million years ago
65 Oldest sea reptile from age of dinosaurs found on arctic island
66 Hollow bones that let dinosaurs become giants evolved at least three times
67 UK warned to fix 'lost decade' of climate readiness
68 Russia to skip Earth Hour, calls WWF a 'foreign agent'
69 Record renewables boost in 2022, not enough to slow warming: agency
70 Watchdog: Britain facing 'make-or-break moment' to build climate change resilience
71 EU bids to clean up product 'greenwashing' mess
72 UN chief: rich nations must achieve net zero carbon quicker, by 2040
73 Cooking up plasmas with microwaves
74 Simplified calculations reproduce complex plasma flows
75 UTEP joins project to 3D print batteries from lunar and Martian soil
76 Canada revs up its EV batteries manufacturing
77 Probe where the protons go to develop better fuel cells
78 N. Zealand raises concerns with China over rights, Taiwan
79 Blinken seeks US funds for UN culture agency to counter China
80 Hong Kong asylum seekers fear deportation under tightened policy
81 New chip design to provide greatest precision in memory to date
82 Storing information with spins
83 AI "brain" created from core materials for OLED TVs
84 Gordon Moore, titan of Silicon Valley, dies at 94
85 Researchers create breakthrough spintronics manufacturing process that could revolutionize the electronics industry
86 Low concentration CO2 can be reused as plastic precursor using artificial photosynthesis
87 Queensland biofuel refinery to turn agricultural by-products into sustainable aviation fuel
88 Australian parliament approves emissions caps on big polluters
89 New deal forces Australia's worst polluters to cap emissions
90 EU deal to nearly double renewable energy by 2030
91 London hits out at Washington's green energy subsidies
92 Porous insulator contact breaks passivation-transport trade-off
93 Perovskite solar cells from the slot die coater--a step towards industrial production
94 Airbus achieves in-flight autonomous guidance and control of a drone from a tanker aircraft
95 11 dead in US strikes on Syria after drone kills American contractor
96 Russian drone attack on school kills four in Kyiv region
97 Tweeters, and celebs, await 'blue tick' ultimatum
98 Alibaba's overhaul: a 'smart' move after China crackdown
99 Jack Ma makes rare public appearance in China
100 OQ Technology to become world's largest 5G NB-IoT LEO-satellite operator
101 Shou Zi Chew, TikTok's low-key CEO, faces down US Congress
102 Gaming giant Tencent's 2022 annual net profit falls 16 percent
103 Huawei reports huge drop in profits as US sanctions bite
104 Apple enjoys 'symbiotic' relationship with China, Cook says
105 One billion users, but trouble mounts for TikTok
106 Huawei has replaced thousands of US-banned parts with Chinese versions: founder
107 China's JD to spin-off two units, list in Hong Kong
108 Japan unveils export control plans for chip equipment
109 China's economy showing 'strong momentum,' says Li
110 Hundreds of thousands lost their jobs in Turkey-Syria quake: UN