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1 Do you suffer headaches before and during your periods? This may be the reason
2 Why Do British People Sound So Smart?
3 Overweight US man loses 165 kg after doctor says he's a 'ticking time bomb'
4 Amid a surge in viral cases, how to differentiate between H3N2, COVID-19, H1N1, common cold, and flu?
5 AIIMS doctors perform surgery on grape size heart of foetus in 90 seconds; PM Modi lauds
6 Mild fever may help clear infections faster than medicines: Study
7 Incredible! 103-year-old grandma hits the gym regularly; know why exercise is important for elderly
8 How free-range eggs became the norm in supermarkets--and sold customers a lie
9 Experts warn against having 'detox juices made from blending fruits and vegetables'; here's why
10 Understanding the link between sleep duration and vaccine effectiveness
11 Should women have cucumber during pregnancy?
12 Haircare alert: A deficiency of these 5 micronutrients can lead to premature greying
13 World Sleep Day: Why some people continue to experience post-COVID sleeplessness months after recovery
14 Study suggests caffeine may reduce body fat and risk of type 2 diabetes; experts urge caution
15 Know the 'top anxiety triggers' and ways you can manage them
16 Less expensive approach developed to isolate nanobodies against COVID: Study
17 Effective tips to keep constipation at bay
18 Rashmika Mandanna pens a note on sleep: 'Make sure you get enough'
19 Israel records two cases of new COVID-19 variant: Doctors say no need to panic
20 Sleep disturbance linked with higher dementia risk: Study
21 Dampening effect of artificial sweetener on immune response could help treat autoimmune disease: Study
22 Do you often feel lightheaded or dizzy? Add these foods to your diet
23 Are you a rapid ager? Biological age is a better health indicator than the number of years you've lived, but it's tricky to measure
24 Short night-time sleep linked with increased risk of clogged leg arteries: Study
25 Does salt consumption affect men and women differently?
26 COVID-19: Revised COVID guidelines advise against antibiotic use 'unless there is clinical suspicion of bacterial infection'
27 How cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help improve your sleep
28 Underactive immune response may explain severe COVID in obese: Study
29 Making these simple lifestyle changes may help boost fertility
30 Framing guidelines to protect mental, emotional health of students: Dharmendra Pradhan
31 Find out all about reverse dieting, the latest weight loss technique trending on TikTok
32 Women, these foods will help improve progesterone levels naturally
33 From managing diabetes to aiding weight loss, these nutty flavoured beans are packed with several health benefits
34 Your hormones could be the reason you feel 'hangry'
35 Stress urinary incontinence: Find out what it is, and who is at a higher risk
36 Ozempic helps weight loss by making you feel full. But certain foods can do the same thing--without the side-effects
37 Woman fails to recognise her father after COVID-19 infection; can the virus lead to face blindness?
38 As many ailing people get leech therapy done in Kashmir on Navroz, understanding what the procedure entails
39 Things women must keep in mind when getting dental work done during pregnancy
40 TikTok star Jehane Thomas passes away at 30 after suffering severe migraines, optic neuritis diagnosis
41 Indian-led team develops technique to use discarded face masks for carbon capture
42 Bella Hadid celebrates 5 months of sobriety with a trip to Las Vegas
43 Can giving babies peanut butter when they are between four and six months old reduce their risk of allergy?
44 What is a 'pregnancy nose'
45 Five reasons cashew milk deserves to be a part of your diet plan
46 3 ways to unlock the power of food to promote heart health
47 Understanding the link between antioxidants and mental health
48 Amid rising cases of Candida auris, 'a serious global health threat,' in the US, know who is at an increased risk
49 What to know about new research on coffee and heart risks
50 Ed Sheeran opens up about struggles with eating disorder: I was always like, 'Well, why am I so...fat?'
51 Jets from black holes stirring gas in galaxies, finds new study
52 Beethoven's DNA reveals clues about his health, death and infidelity in his family
53 Main objective of Chandrayaan-3 will be precise landing: ISRO chief
54 Asteroid discovery suggests ingredients for life on Earth came from space
55 Second lab-grown chicken product cleared for human consumption by US regulator
56 Relativity Space's debut 3D printed rocket fails minutes after launch
57 NASA's Webb telescope spots 'sandy' swirling clouds on planet that orbits two stars
58 Over 80% of world's key biodiversity sites have human infrastructure, reveals new study
59 A hole in the Sun's atmosphere could produce dazzling auroras in March
60 One can apply for job, give interviews while on tourist or business visa in US, says federal agency
61 California may become first US state to outlaw caste discrimination
62 Russian missiles batter Ukraine, but Bakhmut offensive stalling, say military experts
63 UK PM Rishi Sunak paid over 1 million pounds in tax over last three financial years
64 In UK hearing, Boris Johnson fights for his political career, says 'I did not lie' about lockdown parties
65 Five things to know about Australia's planned Indigenous referendum
66 Israel passes law protecting Netanyahu as protests continue
67 Sri Lanka imports 2 million eggs from India to meet shortage
68 Equatorial Guinea confirms 8 new cases of Marburg virus
69 Nigerian senator guilty of trafficking man to UK to provide a kidney
70 UK PM Rishi Sunak releases tax returns; paid over GBP 1 million
71 Shattering Records--Wildfires in 2021 Emitted a Record-Breaking Amount of Carbon Dioxide
72 Scientists Discover Unique Microbial Community on Short-Lived Former Island
73 Study Finds "Staggering Increase" in Methamphetamine Deaths--And It Has No Signs of Slowing Down
74 NASA Dragonfly Bound for Saturn's Giant Moon Titan Could Reveal Chemistry Leading to Life
75 New Machine Learning Method Improves Our Understanding of Cell Identity
76 Cell's Savior: The Critical Role of Antioxidants from Mitochondria
77 UFO Sightings and COVID-19 Pandemic Link Tested in Surprising New Research
78 Axiom Space Reveals AxEMU: Next-Generation Spacesuit for Artemis III Moon Astronauts
79 Stunning Discovery: Equatorial Relict Glacier Uncovered on Mars
80 Countdown to History: NASA and CSA Set to Reveal Artemis II Moon Astronauts
81 The Magic of Sunrise and Sunset: New Research Quantifies the "Wow" Factor
82 A New Treatment for Lung Infections: Scientists Have Created a Unique "Living Medicine"
83 Pregnancy Diet Matters: How What You Eat Impacts Your Child's Neurodevelopment
84 NASA Unveils Next-Gen. Spacesuit for Artemis III Moon Surface Mission
85 Skyrocketing Loneliness Among College Students: Connection to Unhealthy Habits Revealed
86 Reinventing Yourself--How Psychedelics May Help Change Unwanted Behaviors
87 The Future of Recycling? New Catalyst Transforms Waste into Valuable and Eco-Friendly Products
88 New Study Reveals How Heavy Alcohol Consumption Increases Brain Inflammation
89 Cosmic Concrete Made from Extra-Terrestrial Dust Is Twice as Strong as Regular Concrete
90 A Star that Defied Death: New Findings Sheds Light on One of the Cosmos' Most Extreme Environments
91 New Insight into the Extraterrestrial Origins of Earth's Lakes, Rivers and Oceans
92 Ancient Plant Family, New Medicine
93 Protecting Earth's Orbit: Scientists Urge Global Action to Eliminate Hazardous Space Debris
94 What Makes Electric Vehicle Fires So Difficult to Extinguish? [Video]
95 Study Shows Healthy Dogs and Cats Can Transmit Dangerous Microbes to Humans--And Vice Versa
96 New Study: Lifelong Marriage Reduces Risk of Dementia
97 The Amazon in Crisis: New Study Reveals Alarming Extent of Human Impact
98 Firefly Aerospace selected by NASA for Robotic Delivery to Far Side of Moon
99 Gratitude: A Simple Way to Reduce the Consequences of Stress?
100 Previously Unknown Driver of Aging Discovered--Simple Supplement May Reverse It
101 New Perspective on the Fundamental Structure of the Universe
102 Humans Are Leaving Behind a Frozen Legacy of Microbes on Mount Everest
103 Calcium: A Key Player for a Promising and Safe Brain Treatment?
104 Don't Miss Eclipses: NASA Releases New Map of Upcoming Solar Eclipses
105 New Study: Aircraft Noise Can Damage the Heart
106 The Mind-Bending Multiverse: Our Universe Is Suspiciously Unlikely to Exist--Unless It Is One of Many
107 Hubble's Neighborhood Watch: Exploring Every Known Nearby Galaxy
108 Robotic Exploration of Caves on Mars and Beyond Inspired by Hansel and Gretel's Breadcrumb Trick
109 Scientists Discover that this Sport Can Train the Brain, May Help Fight Cognitive Decline
110 Record Low Antarctic Sea Ice: Lowest Extent Ever Observed Since Start of Satellite Record in 1979
111 Matcha Tea Powder Improves Depression: New Research on How It Boosts Mood and Mental Performance
112 Gold Nanoparticle Catalyst Helps Turn Plastic Waste into Useful Compounds