File Title
1 Tuning into Brainwave Rhythms Dramatically Accelerates Learning in Adults
2 The Science of the Perfect Cup for Coffee--NASA's Phase-Change Material Research
3 Don't Miss: Gathering Planets, the Charioteer, and "Sirius" Star Clusters!
4 Supercharge Your Workouts: Active Molecule of Beetroot Juice Significantly Increases Muscle Force During Exercise
5 Magical Marvel: Tiny Fairy-Like Robot Flies by the Power of Wind and Light
6 Astronomers Discover New Clues Regarding Stellar 'Glitching'
7 Choline: An Essential Brain-Boosting Nutrient that Most Americans Are Lacking
8 Beyond the Mythical "Average" Cell--a New Framework for Understanding Bacteria
9 Paving the Way for New PTSD Treatments--Scientists Reveal How the Brain Stores Remote Fear Memories
10 Can You Spot It? Hubble Captures Donatiello II
11 Europe Lacks Groundwater: Satellite Data Shows Sustained Severe Drought Across the Continent
12 New CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy Holds Promise for Ovarian Cancer Patients
13 Uncovering the Link Between Immune Cells and Cognitive Decline: Study Offers a New Way to Tackle Alzheimer's Disease
14 The Wilderness Is Calling--Will Your Dog Answer? Extraordinary Research on Dogs' Reactions to Wolf Howls
15 Cryogenic Electron Microscopy Reveals New Insights into Centromere Structure
16 Grammy Nominees Are a Brainy Bunch: Music Directly Benefits Brain Health
17 Revolutionizing Disaster Prevention: New Earthquake Prediction Model Unveiled by Scientists
18 Ghostly Neutrinos Provide Groundbreaking New Way to Investigate the Structure of Protons
19 Innovative Disease Control: Synthetic Compartments Stop Pathogens from Sharing Antibiotic Resistance Genes
20 Make or Break Moment--Strong Policies and China Hold Key to Achieving Coal Exit
21 Not Just a Figure of Speech: New Fluorescent Dye Can Light Up the Brain
22 A Missing Piece of the Puzzle--Researchers Investigate New Cause of Severe Obesity
23 Agriculture Threatens Permanent Loss of Plant Diversity
24 Uncovering the Mystery of Hispaniola's Lost Rodent Species
25 MIT Engineers Grow "Perfect" Atom-Thin Materials
26 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover: Cloudy Sols Are Here Again
27 Researchers Uncover a Simple Question that Could Help Determine Your Risk of Death
28 Fifteen Million People Threatened by Glacial Flooding
29 USC Scientists Discover the Real Reason Why Fake News Spreads on Social Media
30 Climate Change Could Cause an Ocean "Disaster"
31 Just a Teaspoon: Adding Herbs and Spices to Your Diet Could Improve Gut Health
32 Joe Acaba Selected to Serve as NASA's Chief Astronaut
33 Researchers Discover a Previously Unknown Cellular Component Inside Neurons that We Use to Perceive Smell
34 Harvard Study Links a Variety of Healthy Eating Patterns to a Lower Risk of Premature Death
35 Researchers Have Developed an Entire Color Palette of Inexpensive Fluorescent Dyes
36 The Hunt for Cosmic Dawn: HERA Doubles Sensitivity to Unlock the Secrets of the Early Universe
37 Biosensors Change the Way Toxic Water Contamination Is Detected
38 The Dark Cost of Being Toxic
39 Major Milestone for NASA's X-57 Maxwell All-Electric Aircraft
40 Scientists Discover Small Molecules that Successfully Target COVID Spike Proteins
41 Vitamin D Supplements Linked to Decreased Diabetes Risk for Adults with Prediabetes
42 Stanford Research Finds Global Wetlands Losses Are Overestimated
43 Never Seen Before--Scientists Discover an Extraordinary New Species of Pterosaur with Over 400 Teeth
44 NASA Awards $11.7 Million to Historically Black Colleges and Universities
45 Unlocking the Mystery of the Stellar Initial Mass Function: A New Breakthrough Discovery
46 Cancer Conundrum Solved: Researchers Unravel a Population of 'Cheating' Cells
47 Smart Energy Savings: Chameleon-Like Building Material Changes Its Infrared Color
48 Space Mystery: Unexpected New Ring System Discovered in Our Own Solar System
49 Fatty Liver Disease: A Hidden Danger to Your Brain?
50 Roscosmos Progress 83 Cargo Craft Lifts Off to Resupply Space Station Crew
51 Proof that Neanderthals Feasted on Crabs 90,000 Years Ago--Debunks Primitive Cave Dweller Stereotypes
52 Recovering "Hidden Knowledge"--How an Asthma Medication Could Restore Memories
53 Scientists Transplant Human Brain Organoids into Adult Rats--And They Respond to Visual Stimuli
54 NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Detects First Gamma-Ray Eclipses from "Spider" Star Systems
55 Saturn's Rings Are Acting Strange--Hubble Captures Mysterious "Spokes"
56 Startling New Neurological Disease Discovered by NIH Scientists
57 Failure of COVID-Era Air Travel Measures Revealed Through Plane Wastewater Testing
58 The Benefits of Polygamy: How Birds Avoid Harmful Mutations
59 James Webb Space Telescope Explores Star Formation in Distant Galaxies
60 A New Target in the Fight Against Heart Disease
61 Genetic Evolution and the Ice Age: What Crocodile DNA Reveals
62 Artificial Photosynthesis Makes Biodegradable Plastic Using Sunlight
63 Abnormal 12-Hour Cyclic Gene Activity Found in Schizophrenic Brains
64 Hydrothermal Vents Discovered to Be a Source of Black Carbon in the Deep Ocean
65 Major Breakthrough in Developing Quantum Computers that Can Solve Critical Challenges of Our Time
66 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Why Does Climate Change Matter?
67 Scientists Discover that Ketamine Increases Brain Noise
68 Strange New Form of Ice Discovered--"Raises Many Questions on the Very Nature of Liquid Water"
69 Arginine--The Nutrient that Cancer Cells Crave
70 The Anti-Aging Secret of Ceramides: Scientists Discover Potential Key to Slowing Muscle Decline
71 Cancer Cells Turned into Logic Gates to Unravel the Secret of Their Movement
72 The Hottest in 1000 Years--Greenland's Unprecedented Heat
73 NASA's Curiosity Rover Views Rhythmic Rock Layers on Mars
74 Bisexuals Use Cannabis More Frequently for Coping with Mental Health Issues and "Enhancement"
75 NASA Astronaut Nicole Mann Captures Stunning "Space-Selfie" During Spacewalk
76 Scientists Discover Protein in the Lungs that Blocks COVID-19 Infection--"Natural Protective Barrier"
77 Saving Bees & Crops: New Insecticides with Reduced Bee Toxicity Remain Effective Against Target Pests
78 Deadly Fires Blaze Through South-Central Chile, Destroying More than 1,000 Homes
79 Simple Intervention Greatly Decreases Mothers' Risk of Death During Childbirth
80 Scientists Explain: Why Are Card Games So Addictive?
81 New Study Uncovers How a Unique Synapse Keeps Us from Falling
82 NASA's Curiosity Rover Discovers Surprise Clues to Ancient Water on Mars
83 Eavesdropping on the Earth Itself--a New Groundbreaking Plan
84 Newly Identified Pathway Could Boost the Power of Cancer Drugs
85 A Blast Chiller for the Quantum World
86 Scientists Have Discovered a Microprotein That Increases Appetite
87 Belonging to Some of the Largest Dinosaurs Ever: Researchers Uncover 92 Fossil Nests
88 JPL and the Space Age: The Stuff of Dreams (NASA Documentary)
89 New Species Discovered: The Largest Penguin that Ever Lived
90 A New Potential Method to Treat Superbug Infections
91 Ultrasonic "Tornado": A New Faster Way to Break Down Blood Clots
92 NASA Conducts Test of Redesigned RS-25 Moon Rocket Engine
93 Can You Trust Your Quantum Simulator? MIT Physicists Report a New Quantum Phenomenon
94 Compound in Mushrooms Discovered to Magnify Memory by Boosting Nerve Growth
95 NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission Receives Space Foundation Achievement Award
96 Good News: Most Long COVID Effects Resolve Within a Year After a Mild Infection
97 NASA Satellites Map Earthquake Damage in Turkey
98 From the Shadows: A New Method for X-Ray Color Imaging
99 Why Do Older Fathers Pass on More Genetic Mutations to Their Offspring?
100 The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT's Stunning Results on the US Medical Licensing Exam
101 Deep Meditation May Alter Gut Microbes--And Improve Physical and Mental Health
102 Feeding Billions: Researchers Clone Hybrid Rice Strains with 95% Efficiency
103 The Seven-Year Photobomb: Astronomers Discover Source of Distant Star's Unusual Dimming
104 New Research Links Obesity to Blinding Eye Disease
105 Early Warning: Changes in Speech May Be the First Sign of Parkinson's Disease
106 New Form of Carbon Discovered--"Opening Up Entirely New Possibilities"
107 Mystery Solved: Scientists Decode One of the Living World's Fastest Cell Movements
108 Pulses--The Climate-Friendly Super Food that You Probably Haven't Even Heard Of
109 Hubble Captures a Spectacular Triple Galactic Crash Course
110 First "Unmistakable" Triassic-Era Caecilian Fossils Discovered, Revealing Origins of Living Amphibians
111 Does Intermittent Fasting Actually Work? Study Finds Meal Frequency Matters More than Timing