File Title
1 How asylum seeker credibility is assessed by authorities
2 As sea ice declines in the Arctic, bowhead whales are adjusting their migration patterns
3 Boosting superconductivity in graphene bilayers
4 This new sensor can detect mercury ions with just a tap
5 In a world-first, chemists print complex structurally colored 3D objects
6 The myths around consumer financial vulnerability, and how it affects most consumers at different points in their lives
7 AI conjures proteins that speed up chemical reactions
8 Giant fish with deadly fangs that may have preyed on human ancestors unearthed in South Africa
9 Google hails 'key milestone' in quantum computing
10 Lake Garda tourists flock to island reconnected by drought
11 New zirconia-based catalyst can make plastics upcycling more sustainable
12 Heavy snow snarls travel as winter storms hit US
13 Whale deaths not linked to wind prep work
14 6.8 earthquake shakes lightly populated part of Tajikistan
15 Federal agency proposes California spotted owl protection
16 Study reveals 'simple way' to reduce harmful effects of screen time on infants
17 Cyclone Freddy heads to Mozambique after killing 5 in Madagascar
18 Coffee harvest plunges amid Central American exodus
19 New design for lithium-air battery could offer much longer driving range compared with the lithium-ion battery
20 Sixth sense more prevalent in animals than previously thought--study
21 Novel air filter captures wide variety of pollutants
22 What Politicians Get Wrong in Their Efforts to Curb Smoking and Vaping
23 Electrons' magnetism confirms particle physics' most precise prediction
24 These Tsunami Detectives Search for Ancient Disasters / Science
25 Better Sleep Could Improve Health and Add Years to Your Life, Study Suggests
26 The Milky Way may be spawning many more stars than astronomers had thought
27 Getting good sleep could add years to your life, study suggests
28 Mushrooms could help replace plastics in new high-performance ultra-light materials
29 Mentorship during residency helps make elementary mathematics specialists successful
30 Two new gas giant exoplanets discovered with TESS
31 Study unveils an antiferromagnetic metal phase in an electron-doped rare-earth nickelate
32 Researchers develop a new AI-based 'finder' of antimicrobial peptides
33 Researchers discover new antimicrobial resistance gene associated with livestock disease treatment
34 Tracking how magnetism affects animal behavior
35 Theory can sort order from chaos in complex quantum systems
36 Skipping breakfast may be bad for the immune system--study
37 Small temperature rise can cause large scale forced migration: Study
38 A labyrinthine lake provides surprising benefits for an endangered seal
39 Researchers investigate quasi-periodic variations of coronal mass ejections
40 Research supports South Australia cage shark-diving
41 Cancer Will Cost U.S. $5.3 Trillion by 2050, Researchers Estimate
42 Examining instances when play can be painful
43 Study finds that resilience to natural disasters lags in Black communities
44 Cells take on dual identities with competing factors trapped in the nucleus
45 Fasting diets could increase risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, research finds
46 Violent extremists are not lone wolves--dispelling this myth could help reduce violence
47 Racial stereotypes vary in digital interactions
48 Place-based investment will support left-behind towns, but only a targeted approach can truly resolve people's struggles
49 Nobel Prize winning chemist knighted at Buckingham Palace
50 To clean up England's rivers we need to know how much sewage is dumped--but water firms won't tell us
51 Cyclone Gabrielle triggered more destructive forestry 'slash' in New Zealand
52 Evolution of dinosaur body size through different developmental mechanisms
53 Our need for seed fosters an unusual partnership to restore forests
54 Why it may not necessarily lead to bad behavior
55 Promoting the electrochemical hydrogenation of furfural by synergistic Cu p-Cu z active sites
56 Malaria infection harms wild African apes, study shows
57 New insights into chordate body plan development answer long-standing questions on evolution
58 Why do small rural communities often shun newcomers, even when they need them?
59 Working against the mainstream in fungal systematics
60 Effort to help pollinators shows successes, limitations
61 A probiotic for our lungs? New research poses questions about the future of treating COVID-19
62 New research models concept for data transport using train of satellites
63 Improving health outcomes by targeting climate and air pollution simultaneously
64 New study finds offering paid sick leave is good for US business
65 Over one billion galaxies blaze bright in colossal map of the sky
66 Nutrient uptake in citrus rootstock affected by huanglongbing
67 Researchers enhance durability of low-cost solar cells made from nano-sized crystals
68 Science can prevent extinctions for species on the brink of death
69 Study finds the 'squishy' outer shell of Venus may be resurfacing the planet
70 Scientists reveal influence of Asian summer monsoon on volcanic aerosol transport
71 Astronomers measure the heartbeat of spinning stars
72 First look at Ryugu asteroid sample reveals it is organic-rich
73 Ultracool dwarf binary stars break records
74 Bark painting mystery gives artist important place in family tree
75 Neutrons reveal key to extraordinary heat transport
76 Researchers create E. coli-based water monitoring technology
77 The 2020-2021 prolonged La Nina evolution in the tropical Pacific
78 Metasurface enters laser fiber cavity for spatiotemporal mode control
79 Teenager's 'probable' Alzheimer's diagnosis baffles scientists
80 Russia launches rescue ship to space station after leaks
81 Flotsam found off New York may be from famous SS Savannah
82 Making engineered cells dance to ultrasound
83 Scientists unlock key to drought-resistant wheat plants with longer roots
84 'Mystical' experience using psychedelics may improve mental health, study reveals
85 Marine heatwaves decimate sea urchins, mollusks and more at Rottnest
86 ESA Biomass Satellite Set to Map Earth's Essential Old Growth Forests
87 Study reveals why some dinosaurs like T Rex were massive while their close relatives were tiny
88 Sun releases strong solar flare
89 New discovery sheds light on very early supermassive black holes
90 Marijuana Use Could Increase Chances for Heart Disease, Study Suggests
91 A new biomaterial heals heart attack damage in animals. Humans could be next
92 When material goes quantum, electrons slow down and form a crystal
93 Social inequities reflected in wait times: The poor wait longer
94 Optimizing nitrogen application for sustainable rice production in China
95 How birds got their wings
96 Absence of the predicted 2022 October outburst of galaxy OJ 287 and its implications
97 Ayahuasca, 'source of knowledge' in the heart of the Amazon
98 Reanalyzing Data Helps Unlock the Mysteries of Flooding Rains in Africa
99 Trauma distorts our sense of time and self. A new therapy might help
100 Technique captures and separates benzene air pollution
101 Scientists solve mystery of salt deserts' honeycomb patterns
102 Finding the right approach to socializing cats
103 Experts identify link between head injuries and brain tumours
104 Study sheds light on electrocatalysts for acidic oxygen evolution reaction
105 Why UK supermarkets are rationing food and how to prevent future shortages
106 Eyes on Hera: Asteroid mission's cameras ready
107 Tolerance to strong winds and storm avoidance strategy found to differ among seabird species
108 Learn a molecule like a human
109 A new neutrino laboratory at the bottom of the Mediterranean for probing sea and sky
110 Generation of blastocyst-like structures from spliceosomes represses mouse totipotent blastomere-like cells
111 Researchers find several oceanic bottom circulation collapses in the past 4.7 million years
112 Robotic bees and roots offer hope of healthier environment and sufficient food
113 A year since Russia invaded Ukraine, new research shows global financial impact
114 Breakthrough in tin-vacancy centers for quantum network applications
115 New Meteorite Crater Discovered Hiding in Plain Sight Beneath French Vineyard
116 Conflicts of interest need to be avoided in publishing publicly available crop information, says study
117 Unusual atom helps in search for universe's building blocks