File Title
1 Latin America poised to become renewable energy giant: report
2 High-member low-dimensional Sn-based perovskite solar cells
3 Perovskite solar cells from the slot die coater--a step towards industrial production
4 Swansea develops first completely roll-to-roll printable perovskite solar cell
5 Growing crops at solar farms can boost panel performance, longevity
6 UCLA engineers design solar roofs to harvest energy for greenhouses
7 At San Francisco expo, AI 'sorry' for destroying humanity
8 Shape memory for nano-sized objects
9 Dynamic model aids fuel-based soft robot with chameleon-like properties.
10 In troubled Libya, young robotics fans see hope in hi-tech
11 Engineering breakthrough in softbotics
12 Report: Only six countries met 'healthy' air quality standards in 2022
13 Smog a major buzzkill for insect mating
14 Health warnings as Bangkok chokes on pollution
15 Beyond Pandora: Oscar films highlight man's destruction of our own planet
16 Argentina forests burn amid heat wave, drought
17 Massive fire engulfs Hong Kong high-rise construction site
18 Art auctions hit record in 2022 despite economic gloom
19 China premier warns 2023 growth target 'no easy task'
20 Silicon Valley Bank, the tech bank causing tremors
21 Kaisa plunges as trading resumes; Prada sales slump; Market tracks Wall Street down
22 China consumer inflation drops to lowest level in a year
23 Sri Lanka banks on IMF deal to tap frozen billions
24 Bank collapse 'part of the game' for Texas fest startups
25 Asian markets sink but Europe rallies on Credit Suisse loan hope
26 China lowers bank reserve requirement in boost to flagging economy
27 Asian markets rally as bank worries ebb, Fed rates back in view
28 Big Tech's job-slashing wave
29 China retail sales up in New Year after COVID reopening
30 China lifts sweeping visa curbs on foreigners
31 EU chief wants 'level playing field' with China
32 Australian PM in India to discuss China, trade and cricket
33 Chinese foreign trade starts new year in a slump
34 NASA releases detailed map of upcoming eclipses
35 Gabriela Schlau-Cohen: Illuminating photosynthesis
36 Rolls-Royce wins UK funds for 'Moon' nuclear reactors
37 GE Hitachi BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor achieves pre-licensing milestone in Canada
38 Worry, mistrust meet plans to secure waste from Niger uranium mine
39 UK welcomes extension of two EDF nuclear power plants
40 Japan mourns 2011 disaster as nuclear support grows
41 Modelling superfast processes in organic solar cell material
42 NATO, EU chiefs tour Norway gas platform
43 US leadership role in Middle East facing deep challenges
44 Blinken says China's brokering of Iran-Saudi accord 'good thing'
45 Switching to hydrogen fuel could prolong the methane problem
46 Iraq seeks fiscal stability with 3-year budget
47 Biden administration approves controversial Alaska oil drilling project
48 US welcomes Iran-Saudi deal, but voices skepticism
49 Costa Rica's 'urban mine' for planet-friendlier lithium
50 Light pulses can behave like an exotic gas
51 Rise in ocean plastic pollution 'unprecedented' since 2005
52 Oil, chemical companies sue to overturn Canada plastics ban
53 Topcon further expands MC-X Platform with all-new GNSS Option
54 Adtran and Satelles partner to deliver Satellite Time and Location alternative to GNSS
55 Experiment unlocks bizarre properties of strange metals
56 Making nanoparticle building blocks for new materials
57 China says US 'suppressing' TikTok after ban ultimatum
58 QuSecure conducts quantum-resilient cryptographic communication link through space
59 ECB to test banks' cyber defences as risks grow
60 New method accelerates data retrieval in huge databases
61 Drone maker Zipline unveils system for city deliveries
62 New "traffic cop" algorithm helps a drone swarm stay on task
63 Beyond Gravity's Lynx computer takes data processing to new level
64 Brain cells inspire new computer components
65 Customizing catalysts for solid-state reactions
66 China issues sharp rebuke of Dutch chips tech export curb
67 Novel computer components inspired by brain cells
68 Baidu shares fall after disappointing AI chatbot debut
69 Push for carbon-free hydrogen accelerates in US
70 Lawsuit filed in bid to halt Alaska oil drilling project
71 UAE's ADNOC Gas shares surge 19% in $2.5 billion IPO
72 China's space technology institute sees launches of 400 spacecraft
73 Slovakia to donate 13 MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine
74 US calls on Russia to operate military aircraft safely
75 Norway buys US military helicopters to replace European NH90s
76 NASA virtual event showcases agency's efforts to transform aviation
77 Sikorsky's hybrid-electric VTOL demo informs future missions
78 Poland and Slovakia to transfer MiG-29 planes to Ukraine; W. House still opposes move
79 China Aerospace Studies Institute introduces research, analysis toolkit for commanders
80 Emissions and contrail study with 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel
81 Porsche backs synthetic option in EU fossil fuels row
82 VW joins e-car price war as global rivalry heats up
83 Germany angers EU after putting brakes on fossil fuel car ban
84 ERS Raises 5M Euro to develop high-integrity standard for voluntary carbon markets
85 Carbon Mission takes stock of CO2 emissions
86 Diverse approach key to carbon removal
87 New process could capture carbon dioxide equivalent to forest the size of Germany
88 Undersea graveyard for imported CO2 opens in Denmark
89 Coherent Logix launches 'HyperX: Midnight,' world's most advanced space processor
90 UK offshore staff 'want public ownership of energy firms'
91 GMV will develop the future Galileo Second Generation capabilities
92 Navigation Lab exploring Galileo's future--and beyond
93 Spirit AeroSystems, Astraius join forces to boost UK launch ambitions
94 Arianespace inks deal to launch at least two Vega-C rockets
95 Remains of a modern glacier found near Martian equator
96 Layering history shows how water and carbon dioxide have moved across Mars
97 Building on Luna and Mars with StarCrete the double stength concrete
98 ExoMars rover testing moves ahead and deep down
99 ExoMars: Back on track for the Red Planet
100 Britain backs Rolls Royce effort to develop micro-reactor to power moon base
101 NASA begins building its first robotic Lunar rover
102 Prototype spacesuit for future NASA mission to Moon unveiled
103 Firefly awarded payload delivery contract to Lunar Orbit and Lunar Far Side
104 The first of a new generation of lunar 'astronauts' return to Cologne
105 Mix-and-match kit could enable astronauts to build a menagerie of lunar exploration bots
106 NASA appoints Lunar science leads for Artemis 3 and 4
107 Inspiring mocktail menu served up by Space Juice winners
108 First the Moon, now Jupiter
109 Tony Blair: Putin can't use Iraq as justification for Ukraine
110 South Korea moves to 'normalise' military pact with Japan
111 Sweden disappointed Turkey not acting on its NATO bid
112 Turkey, Hungary put Finland on course to join NATO