File Title
1 Would a nature repair market really work? Evidence suggests it's highly unlikely
2 Psychological grit is overrated as the key to retention in distance education--new study debunks the myth
3 Passion can fuel success or leave workers' tanks empty
4 Chemical signals from fungi tell bark beetles which trees to infest
5 New LED strategies could make vertical farming more productive, less costly
6 Deep learning enhanced NIR-II volumetric imaging of whole mice vasculature
7 Deadlier Mpox Infections Discovered in People with Advanced HIV
8 A new platform for the design of multi-pigment optical phantoms
9 Unique viscometer design integrates a chip-scale GaN optical device with a bendable strip
10 Robot helps students with learning disabilities stay focused
11 Non-invasive imaging of spatiotemporal ion distribution across cell membranes
12 Is there life on Mars? Better tools are needed to get the answer
13 More research needed to advance 2D boron-based future technologies, scientists say
14 The swan song of a cloud approaching the Milky Way's supermassive black hole
15 Researchers discover new gene involved in a toxic competition among yeast
16 Excess nutrients lead to dramatic ecosystem changes in Cape Cod's Waquoit Bay
17 Why language matters: Endangered languages and discrimination
18 So-called 'safe' pesticides have surprisingly ill effects
19 More than 100 new species of insects discovered in Norway
20 Research highlights the role of ants in forest regeneration
21 Locating poor air quality in cities
22 How the Nazi years influenced the Nobel Prize in Literature
23 Investigating land subsidence in Japan through consecutive DInSAR and the law of material conservation
24 A Soviet Rocket Just Fell Back to Earth Out of Control After Decades in Space
25 Three reasons why it's problematic to track student athletes' menstrual cycles
26 American Whiskey Salvaged from 170-Year-Old Shipwreck Could Be Worth Millions
27 Train derailments get more headlines, but truck crashes involving hazardous chemicals are more frequent and deadly in US
28 Gene variations for immune and metabolic conditions have persisted in humans for more than 700,000 years
29 Rewiring blood cells to give rise to precursors of sperm
30 Hong Kong revokes visa of Chinese scientist jailed over gene editing
31 Research Explains How Our Teenage 'Templates' of Love Affect Us as Adults
32 Four-day working week 'more productive': UK study
33 EU agency recommends end use of cages to raise chickens
34 Russian spacecraft leak caused by external impact
35 New knowledge about ice sheet movement can shed light on when sea levels will rise
36 Researchers activate an enzyme with light, revealing its role in metabolism
37 Mapping out a path to protecting Iran's endangered species
38 Psychology researchers find communication is key in reducing prejudice in workforce
39 'Horrific' severe form of mpox found to be fatal to people with advanced HIV
40 Texas A&M meat scientist developing 'no nitrite-added' cured meats
41 Can Geckos Recognize Themselves?
42 How do companies' climate change initiatives affect market value and greenhouse gas emissions?
43 Sheep can benefit urban lawn landscapes and people
44 Researchers discover threshold that triggers drought response in forests
45 Researchers discover mysterious source of 'heartbeat-like' radio bursts in a solar fare
46 Narwhals' climate-vulnerable winter feeding crucial for survival: study
47 Yams benefit from banana 'paper' cocoon
48 Scientists use satellite images to study the degradation of rangelands in Tanzania
49 Expectant lemur dads see hormonal changes in response to pregnant mates, poop shows
50 New research reveals 12 ways aquaculture can benefit the environment
51 Wetter storms, deforestation: Manila faces worsening floods
52 Study finds why 3rd century European woman was mysteriously buried face down with nail hole in skull
53 Researchers reveal evolution of oldest spinosaur brains
54 Arsenic contaminates private drinking water wells across the western Great Basin
55 Genomic study reveals signs of TB adaptation in ancient Andeans
56 Scientists link obesity to dementia and Alzheimer's-related genes
57 Mapping DNA damage from exposure to a compound in cigarette, industrial smoke
58 Brain Hacking with A Purpose
59 Mediterranean hunter-gatherers may have relied on marine resources more than previously thought
60 Researchers uncover how photosynthetic organisms regulate and synthesize ATP
61 Novel quantum detection method for in-situ sensitive magnetic measurement under high pressure
62 Spotting a hidden exoplanet
63 Shear ultrasound shaking found to lower friction between solids
64 The National Weather Service in Los Angeles Just Issued A Blizzard Warning
65 How does a sense of security in early childhood give rise to entrepreneurs?
66 Exploring the polysaccharide composition of plant cell walls in succulent aloes
67 Iron treatment boosts rice immune system, shows study
68 New angle on theory explaining species diversity in rainforest trees
69 Study offers details on using electric fields to tune thermal properties of ferroelectric materials
70 An Illegal Trade Is Killing Dolphins in Papua New Guinea
71 Medical-legal partnerships are valued by immigrant, migrant populations: Study
72 Google's quantum computer reached an error-correcting milestone
73 In search of Planet 9: An unconventional detection approach
74 Earliest evidence of 'uncommon' type of brain surgery found in Israel
75 JWST found six galaxies that may be too hefty for their age
76 Climate 'spiral' threatens land carbon stores, finds study
77 New methodology for anti-Markovnikow products
78 Russia announces its suspension from last nuclear arms agreement with the US, escalating nuclear tension
79 What if urban plans gave natural systems the space to recover from the cities built over them?
80 Going off the grid works for the wealthy--but could deepen injustice for the poor
81 The long and satisfying 28,000-year history of the dildo
82 With all this rain and snow, can California really still be in a drought? Look deeper
83 Homo sapiens may have brought archery to Europe about 54,000 years ago
84 Coordination exists between tree allometrics and functional traits, finds study
85 3 Research-Backed Ways to Break the Cycle of Trauma Bonding
86 This Man Underwent Brain Surgery 3,500 Years Ago / Science
87 Changes of Tibetan religious activities during the past millennium revealed from lake sediments
88 UK survey shows 8% average drop in employee engagement since the pandemic
89 Color-coding aids evaluation of new solar tech materials
90 200 tons of silver on the shores of the river Lahn
91 Animals' 'sixth sense' is more widespread than previously thought
92 Antibiotics in livestock dung 'harming soil quality'
93 Bioluminescence may shine light on roundworm secrets
94 At work, bosses express religion more than subordinates, study says
95 People who regularly use laxatives may have greater risk of dementia--study
96 Charity begins at home as far as international aid is concerned, says study
97 Researchers make a new type of quantum material with a dramatic distortion pattern
98 Power plasma with gigajoule energy turnover generated for eight minutes
99 A new model offers an explanation for the huge variety of sizes of DNA in nature
100 Crowds improve home court advantage in the NBA, study finds
101 Pentagon Releases Selfie of Chinese Spy Balloon Taken from U-2 Spy Plane
102 'Electronic nose' built with sustainably sourced microbial nanowires could revolutionize health monitoring
103 Meteorite crater discovered in French winery
104 Economic crises can accelerate decarbonization
105 How scientists hauling logs on their heads may have solved a Chaco Canyon mystery
106 Collapsing bubbles show new ejecta production mechanism can occur under multiple-shock conditions
107 Rare Giant Phantom Jellyfish, Oh My! Viking Expedition Ships Aid Antarctic Research
108 Webb Telescope observes a globular cluster sparkling with separate stars
109 Prioritize tackling toxic emissions from tires, urge experts
110 'Anti-social' damselfish are scaring off cleaner fish customers, which could contribute to coral reef breakdown
111 Be careful with polar solvents when restoring historical paintings, warn scientists
112 Detecting the impact of drought on plants with user-friendly and inexpensive techniques
113 Deepfreeze electronics for supercomputers--technology prepares quantum computing for industrial use
114 Wales Wins Europe's First 'Dark Sky Sanctuary' as the Fight Against Light Pollution Intensifies
115 The most sensitive detector for measuring radioactivity is now in Dresden
116 A fifth of California's Sierra Nevada conifer forests are stranded in habitats that have grown too warm for them