File Title
1 Iron and cobalt oxyhydroxides examined
2 Study finds only a quarter of LA Metro bus stops offer shade
3 Elephant seal remains show Antarctic sea was warmer in the mid-to-late Holocene
4 Supramolecular assembly assists the synthesis of highly active carbon-nitrogen-based photo/electrocatalysts
5 Mapping Iran's biodiversity hotspots to create new protected areas covering 20% of the landscape
6 Food quality matters for southern resident killer whales
7 Scientists propose using carbon-coated magnetite nanoclusters for synergistic cancer therapy
8 New multi-policy-based annealer for solving real-world combinatorial optimization problems
9 For a best friend to Florida bees, each rescue is personal
10 Two out of three corporate frauds go undetected, research finds
11 NASA's planetary radar captures detailed view of oblong asteroid
12 EPA moves to restore rule on mercury from power plants
13 Researchers decode targets for hundreds of signaling enzymes
14 What physicists can learn from shark intestines
15 Weaponizing part of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein against itself to prevent infection
16 A Psychologist Teaches Us How to Resist the Urge to "Save" Others
17 Tracking Unidentified Balloons and Train Derailment Smoke Plumes
18 Russia 'expected' to launch rescue ship to ISS on February 24: official
19 Why sick minks are reigniting worries about bird flu
20 British teenagers have VIP access to Florida satellite launch
21 New Idaho Bill Would Criminalize Anyone Administering COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines
22 NASA Funds Disruptive Space Tech to Detect Very Nearby ExoEarths
23 Was Earth already heating up, or did global warming reverse a long-term cooling trend?
24 Humpback whales wail less as population grows
25 What Is Hospice Care? Here's Former President Jimmy Carter's Situation
26 A Psychologist Offers 3 Tips to De-Catastrophize Your Anxious Thoughts
27 American in His 50s Develops New 'Uncontrollable' Irish Accent from Cancer
28 Poll reveals one major reason younger people are put off running
29 UN ocean treaty talks resume with goal to save biodiversity
30 Regions in US, China most at risk for climate damage: report
31 Want to be influential and drive change? Be a woman (on a farm in Indonesia)
32 NY Met to let French make 3D copies of two 16th-century sculptures
33 Japanese bid farewell to beloved panda returning to China
34 Flaco the escaped zoo owl can remain in the wilds of NYC
35 Cyclone recovery expected to cost New Zealand billions
36 Endangered African penguin chicks hatch at Arizona aquarium
37 Locks of US presidents heading to space
38 Why do grocery stores donate food? Because it's good for the bottom line
39 Bringing verbs into the language of economics
40 The Southeast U.S. Could Hit 80 Deg F this Week
41 Cohesion and connection drop in aging population of macaques
42 Study reveals toxic effects of perfluoroether carboxylic acids exposure
43 Human contact makes for happier and healthier dairy calves
44 Dozens of variable stars detected in the open cluster NGC 6611
45 Designing advanced 'BTS' materials for temperature and long-wave infrared sensing
46 Adding fungi to rosemary makes it more tasty
47 The largest structures in the universe are still glowing with the shock of their creation
48 Generating Fermat's spiral patterns using solutal Marangoni-driven coiling in an aqueous two-phase system
49 Physicists make most precise measurement yet of magnetic moment of an electron
50 How to separate the reality from the conspiracy theory
51 Seven ways to take the stress and worry out of sending your child to summer camp
52 A Psychologist Offers 5 Techniques to Care for the Most Important Nerve in Your Body
53 From the dingo to the Tasmanian devil--why we should be rewilding carnivores
54 Studying ship tracks to inform climate intervention decision-makers
55 Wildfire exacerbates disparity, study shows
56 First person to complete Antarctic 2.5 km swim
57 Unknown class of water-rich asteroids identified
58 In the far-from-diverse publishing industry, sensitivity readers are vital, says researcher
59 South Korea joins space race in tech drive as Russia's isolation deepens over war in Ukraine
60 How to Hide from A Horsefly
61 A million hectares of kelp forests need planting by 2040, and scientists are asking for help
62 Neighborly cooperation can ensure your genes survive, new research finds
63 Gauging the environmental impact of urban farms and gardens
64 Scandinavian designers wanted to take environmental action 50 years ago, but little has happened so far
65 Cyanobacterial blooms can also occur at colder temperatures, even under ice
66 Urban ponds require attention to ensure biodiversity, shows study
67 Slick teaching techniques have less impact on learning than collaborative classroom culture, research suggests
68 The best way to close gender pay gaps is to find the source of unfair pay, says study
69 Study finds proteins are not distributed equally in ancient teeth
70 Scientists make stunning discovery, find new protein activity in telomeres
71 Sun Unleashes Most Powerful Solar Flare in Five Years
72 South Korea debuts first search for DFSZ axion dark matter
73 Novel synthetic porphyrin as a dual antidote against fire gas poisoning
74 Protecting hydroponics from electrochemical hypochlorination damage
75 Hubble views a merging galactic trio
76 Scientists lure Burmese pythons using radio telemetry during mating/breeding season
77 Working a four-day week boosts employee well-being while preserving productivity, major six-month trial finds
78 California's biggest environmental cleanup leaves lead contamination and frustration
79 Why it's time for the UK to introduce mandatory training for new dog owners
80 ChatGPT offers unseen opportunities to sharpen students' critical skills
81 Long-term bed rest study reveals 'profound' dangers of inactivity on blood sugar levels
82 Study develops 'breakthrough' fast-acting antidote to carbon monoxide, cyanide poisoning from fire gas
83 'Enigmatic' catfish species that dwells in complete darkness found in India
84 What if There Was A Super Earth Sandwiched Between Mars and Jupiter?
85 Two endangered pink dolphins rescued from shallow Colombia river
86 Crew stuck on ISS to return to Earth in September: Russia
87 Study unlocks clues in mystery of naked mole-rats' exceptional fertility
88 Energy firms not doing enough to cut methane: IEA
89 Prisons should improve transparency in death investigations to improve prison safety, report finds
90 Scientist behind gene-edited babies eyes work in Hong Kong
91 Rain-free France matches record 31-day dry spell
92 Fungi don't make humans zombies. But The Last of Us gets some science right
93 Why Are Purple Martins Declining in the United States? / Science
94 Lots of people feel burned out. But what is burnout exactly?
95 Reproductive strategy of deep-sea worms provides clues to evolutionary mystery
96 A special carbon molecule can function as multiple high-speed switches at once
97 Climate and geography develop spiritual connections between giant trees and human beings
98 What would happen if the solar system gained a super-Earth?
99 Japanese startup unveils balloon flight space viewing tours
100 Researchers use light to convert abundant lignin into plastic that can be continually recycled
101 Neuroscience tool's structure may lead to next gen versions
102 Researchers update ethnobotanical uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of genus Zanthoxylum
103 Nanoparticles self-assemble to harvest solar energy
104 Life on Mars impossible to detect with current scientific instruments--experts
105 Study finds parents serve as a safety net as grown kids navigate the workforce
106 Demonstration of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in methylation-edited mammal for the first time
107 These sports sensors could curb 'bad calls' and help players during practices
108 Small-scale convection shuffles the oceanic lithosphere, finds study
109 Researchers decode how bacterium causing 30% of out-of-hospital pneumonia obtains lipids to survive
110 How transformative justice can address abuse in Canadian sports
111 New research sheds light on who Canadians blame in times of crisis
112 Why Ukraine should not become a testing ground for the world's new weapons
113 A year on, Russia's war on Ukraine threatens to redraw the map of world politics--and 2023 will be crucial
114 Accuracy at risk as governments reject specialist forest mapping tools