File Title
1 Terminator zones on distant planets could harbor life
2 Dragonfly Mass Spectrometer could reveal chemistry leading to life on Titan
3 Rutgers scientists identify substance that may have sparked life on earth
4 Distant star TOI-700 has two potentially habitable planets
5 Study shines new light on ancient microbial dark matter
6 Dark matter halos: the key to understanding galaxies
7 Quantum sensing in outer space
8 Electrocatalysis under the atomic force microscope
9 Quantum detector achieves world-leading milestone
10 A motion freezer for many particles
11 Clear sign that QGP production 'turns off' at low energy
12 Novel quantum entanglement lets researchers spy on atomic nuclei
13 WVU physicists give the first law of thermodynamics a makeover
14 Putting particle accelerator cavities to the test
15 Physicists observe rare resonance in molecules for the first time
16 Astral alchemy
17 'Exotic hadrons' research to advance knowledge of nuclear physics
18 SpaceX sets a new doubleheader record launch for SES
19 SpaceX launches Cargo Dragon carrying supplies and experiments to ISS
20 Rocket Lab to launch twin satellites for BlackSky from New Zealand
21 Rocket Lab claims 'mission success' after deploying 2 commercial satellites into orbit
22 Rocket Lab announces launch window for second Electron Mission from Virginia
23 Toodle-oo Tapo Caparo: Sols 3771-3772
24 Crossing Off Our Liens at Tapo Caparo: Sols 3769-3770
25 Taking turns with Tapo Caparo: Sols 3766-3768
26 Don't Dream and Drive: Sols 3764-3765
27 SAM Wants More Sample: Sol 3762
28 Sols 3759-3761: More Analyses of the Tapo Caparo Drill Sample
29 Perseverance from Team Curiosity: Sols 3752-3754
30 Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumb trick inspires robotic exploration of caves on Mars and beyond
31 SpaceX lofts SES-18 and 19 C-Bands birds for US coverage
32 Rocket Lab launches 34th Electron in second mission from Virginia
33 NASA announces future launch for USU-led space weather mission
34 Solved: The Mystery of the Cloudy Filters
35 ReOrbit Signs a Deal with SatixFy to Co-Develop the On-Board Processor for ReOrbit's Highly Flexible Software-Defined Satellite Gluon
36 Airbus partners with Kythera for OneSat mission sizing software
37 Momentus' Vigoride-6 spacecraft arrives at SpaceX launch site
38 MIT 3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving
39 Investigation will test 3D printed materials for satellite manufacturing
40 Fossil site is 'Rosetta Stone' for understanding early life
41 Rare isotopes help unlock mysteries in the Argentine Andes
42 Oldest sea reptile from age of dinosaurs found on arctic island
43 Hollow bones that let dinosaurs become giants evolved at least three times
44 Major North American oil source yields clues to one of earth's deadliest mass extinctions
45 Mineral particles and their role in oxygenating the Earth's atmosphere
46 NASA uses 30-Year record to track rising seas
47 Majority of coral reefs examined suffer from low oxygen levels, study says
48 Shetland sanctuary fights to save seals as pollution takes toll
49 New treaty plots conservation course for high seas
50 How heat flow affects the Earth's magnetic field
51 NASA selects L3Harris to develop imager for NOAA satellite
52 ATLAS triples in size following integration with Viasat Real-Time Earth
53 China launches two new Earth-observation satellites
54 Ceres Imaging expands its agriculture data analytics solutions to Europe
55 China to launch LEO constellation of remote sensing satellites
56 Mountain forests disappearing at alarming rate: study
57 NASA to measure forest health from above
58 Millions of dead fish clog Australian river
59 New US standards to limit 'forever chemicals' in drinking water
60 MSU research reveals how climate change threatens Asia's water tower
61 ALMA traces history of water in planet formation back to the interstellar medium
62 'No longer safe' from quakes: fear of 'Big One' grips Istanbul
63 Sorrow in Peru as mudslides destroy homes
64 Greece shuts down popular beach over landslide fears
65 Quake restrictions muzzle Turkish media ahead of elections: monitor
66 Fabled Antakya fears losing 'soul' in Turkish quake ruins
67 US still struggling with snow, wind and flooding
68 Indonesia landslide death toll rises to 50
69 Huawei has replaced thousands of US-banned parts with Chinese versions: founder
70 Venezuela, China, Biden and extraterrestrials: the disinformation of AI
71 Green tech boom looms but poor nations risk being eclipsed: UN
72 Bank collapse 'part of the game' for Texas fest startups
73 Drone maker Zipline unveils system for city deliveries
74 Russia woos foreign techies after exodus
75 In troubled Libya, young robotics fans see hope in hi-tech
76 Big Tech's job-slashing wave
77 At San Francisco expo, AI 'sorry' for destroying humanity
78 US leadership role in Middle East facing deep challenges
79 UK to end COVID testing requirement for China arrivals
80 US says Chinese call for Ukraine ceasefire would aid 'Russian conquest'
81 China's Xi to go to Russia on first visit since Ukraine invasion
82 Blinken defends Taiwan after Honduras snaps ties
83 First German minister to visit Taiwan in 26 years: ministry
84 China lowers bank reserve requirement in boost to flagging economy
85 Putin, Xi to declare 'new era' for ties, discuss Ukraine
86 Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts, spews hot lava
87 Cyclone Freddy affects 500,000 people in Malawi: UN
88 What makes Cyclone Freddy an exceptional storm
89 France reports 910 dolphins washed up on Atlantic coast
90 The battle to save Cambodia's river dolphins from extinction
91 'Surgical' shark-killing orcas fascinate off South Africa
92 Narwhals' climate-vulnerable winter feeding crucial for survival
93 Two endangered pink dolphins rescued from shallow Colombia river
94 Nobody crossed Lebanon-Israel border in recent days: UN peacekeepers
95 Ukraine readies counteroffensive as Russia inches forward in Bakhmut
96 In Israel, Pentagon chief says US 'disturbed' by settler violence
97 Russian strikes pound Ukraine as Bakhmut holds out
98 'Revolutionary': Scientists create mice with two fathers
99 Cheetahs back in wild in India after seven decades
100 Belarus says Polish border fence threatens bison
101 Caterpillars easy prey in artificial light: study
102 Hatching leatherback turtles get helping hand on Thai beach
103 Tropical deforestation significantly reduces rainfall: study
104 Doctor who exposed China's 2003 SARS cover-up dies at 91
105 Syria medics launch cholera vaccine campaign in rebel-held northwest
106 Security Council renews UN S. Sudan mission for one year
107 Africa pays the price as China and Russia muscle in
108 The technology fighting Rwanda's silent killer of women
109 Guinea opposition delays protest to spur peace talks
110 Austin and Sisi reaffirm US-Egypt military ties: presidency