File Title
1 New study identifies key success factors for large carnivore rewilding efforts
2 Microbes may play a key role in unleashing 'forever chemicals' from recycled-waste fertilizer
3 Fear of judgment is keeping consumers indebted, but a new study shows peer groups can help turn that around
4 New way to predict deadly rip currents at the beach
5 Robo-bird teaches young zebra finches to sing
6 High-intensity fires do not reverse bush encroachment in an African savanna, finds study
7 Study suggests watching nature documentaries on TV is good for the planet
8 Unprovoked Shark Attacks Declined in 2022
9 Study finds children are naturally disposed to help others--with one exception
10 Marburg virus outbreak: What is the disease and how does it spread?
11 Building higher islands could save the Maldives from sea-level rise, says study
12 Ancient 'monster penguin' is largest ever discovered and weighed as much as a gorilla
13 Ruins of 5,000-year-old tavern with oven, fridge and ancient beer recipe unearthed in Iraq
14 New UC San Diego model predicts housing prices to fall as much as 18% this year
15 Scientists urge Florida residents to report nonnative lizards as early detection prevents invasive spread
16 Don't blame climate change for South American drought
17 California is being invaded by the world's deadliest mushroom, according to scientists
18 Researchers observe a bubble phase of composite fermions
19 Behold: The Galapagos' Marine Iguana / Science
20 How to Embrace Your New-Found Singlehood
21 NASA study focuses on impact effects on Mars rocks
22 Schools' surge in marketing to attract pupils fuels inequalities globally, new research reveals
23 Indian astronomers inspect open cluster Teutsch 76 in detail
24 Chemical functionalized noble metal nanocrystals for electrocatalysis
25 Study finds endangered elephants regularly leaving protected area
26 Reimagining drugs for a rare brain disorder
27 Optimized amide bond reaction using heterocyclic compounds and carboxylic acid
28 Researchers lift curtain on key feature of interfacial electrochemistry
29 Ukraine energy crisis may push millions into extreme poverty
30 Software assembles complete genome sequences on-demand
31 Dog puppies spontaneously match human actions, while kittens and wolf pups don't
32 Can gene discovery methods halt the global march of wheat blast?
33 Machine learning helps determine success of advanced genome editing
34 Mediterranean diet 'linked to improved cancer treatment response'
35 Researchers develop efficient process for chemical terpene synthesis
36 Whales give up singing to fight for love
37 New Migraine Drug Offers Sufferers Hope of 'Fast-Acting Relief' via Nasal Spray, Pfizer Says
38 Burdensome legacy for African American fathers and their sons
39 The cocktail formula for global consensus
40 How new honeybee vaccine offers hope for protecting more than just honeybees
41 Canine distemper now threatens big cats in Nepal
42 Scientists make breakthrough in bid for new light-activated cancer treatments
43 Study shows 1 in 5 are at risk
44 How dangerous was the Ohio chemical train derailment? An environmental engineer assesses the long-term risks
45 Here's why that's a problem
46 Psychedelics may improve mental health by getting inside nerve cells
47 Medieval descriptions of an earthquake in present-day Turkey and Syria
48 Climate lessons from the last global warming
49 Researchers develop a novel 2D material that uses a virus to kill cancer cells
50 Newly identified tsetse fly pheromone may help in curbing disease spread
51 Using spiders as environmentally-friendly pest control
52 Drugs affect individual cells differently, new research suggests
53 Today's Tinkerers Are Tomorrow's Inventors
54 Researchers develop light-controlled drugs for future precision therapies against diseases such as cancer
55 Perovskites, a 'dirt cheap' alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient
56 Want to ease the stress of downsizing? Keep photos, mementos of cherished items, says research
57 Study demonstrates energy-efficient conversion of nitrate pollutants into ammonia
58 Study quantifies global impact of electricity in dust storms on Mars
59 Facile and scalable production of a fuel-cell nanocatalyst for the hydrogen economy
60 Homelessness risk varies across race, according to new study
61 Two coastal flood defense projects provide lessons for making future infrastructure projects more successful
62 The news is not good
63 Children can now report rights violations directly to the UN, but Aotearoa New Zealand still needs to do more
64 Vaccine to protect pigs from Japanese encephalitis virus
65 An extremely lightweight fission rocket could reach the solar gravitational lens in 15 years
66 Astronomers spot a rogue supermassive black hole hurtling through space leaving star formation in its wake
67 COVID-19 restrictions unexpectedly reduced Islamic State violence--political science experts explain why
68 Trilingual study shows how non-native languages interact with each other when multilinguals talk
69 US unprepared for dangers posed by zoonotic diseases, new analysis concludes
70 Scientists investigate tectonic plate boundary earthquake behavior
71 Scientists make breakthrough in bid for new light-activated cancer treatments
72 Humans might not hibernate but may still need more winter sleep, study suggests
73 Drought and frost batter vital potato crops in Bolivia
74 All hands on deck as UN meets to protect high seas
75 The stain on Ecuador's oil boom
76 Japan aborts launch of 1st H3 rocket carrying defense sensor
77 Greta Thunberg's new book urges the world to take climate action now
78 Glassy eyes may help young crustaceans hide from predators in plain sight
79 This robot automatically tucks its limbs to squeeze through spaces
80 Will Traffic Roundabouts Save Us from Climate Change?
81 Decoding a histone mark important for a gene regulation that goes awry in cancer
82 AI Powered Study on Cannabis Suggests Ways to Predict A Beneficial High
83 Researchers discover unique way snakes replace their teeth
84 Private forest landowners in Pennsylvania want to use controlled fire to manage their woods
85 The Webb Telescope Fires Back Jaw-Dropping New Galaxy Images
86 Is kindness contagious?
87 Can the Kunming-Montreal global biodiversity framework fulfill its transformative potential?
88 What has Perseverance found in two years on Mars?
89 Scientists warn that many dangerous feedback loops make climate action more urgent
90 Turkey's deadly quake renews alarm for Istanbul
91 A battle to save Beverly Hills' shady ficus trees is underway
92 NASA Investigating A Fireball that Produced A Meteor Impact in Texas
93 For developing world to quit coal, rich countries must eliminate oil and gas faster, says new study
94 How midgut development in insects reveals their evolutionary past
95 New antioxidants found in beef, chicken and pork
96 Dead kangaroos make a surprising feast for possums in the Australian Alps
97 Research shows what is lost when refugees have to leave a neighborhood
98 Scientists exploit genetic mutation to accelerate plant breeding process
99 Impact of the pandemic on entrepreneurship worldwide is 'mixed'
100 Tapered optical fiber addresses challenge posed by Brillouin scattering
101 Parents' perception and mediation of video game risk in Norway
102 Fertilization unnecessary in oak forests planted on former agricultural land
103 Accelerating molecular diffusion by constructing hierarchical Murray zeolites for maximized catalytic activity
104 Multifaceted analysis identifies transitional areas of vegetation as biodiversity hotspots
105 Spraying compound probiotics improves growth performance, modulates gut microbiota of suckling piglets
106 Cu/CuNC dual-site interface promotes carbon dioxide electroreduction to ethanol
107 What's the right time to claim Social Security? It's complicated
108 Researchers develop greener alternative to fossil fuels by producing hydrogen from water and light
109 LEDs change laboratory measurements of light
110 Investigating the nanomechanical properties of the surface layers of hair fibers
111 VIIRS sensor on NOAA-21 now collecting new imagery
112 NASA's Perseverance rover set to begin third year at Jezero Crater
113 New type of bolometer detector for far-infrared telescopes
114 Wine connoisseurs face testing times as climate change alters flavors