File Title
1 Turkish rescuers save trapped dog three weeks after quake
2 World not adequately prepared for disasters, report says
3 Levels of Iraq's Tigris and Euphrates plunge in south
4 Syria landmine blasts kill 10 truffle hunters
5 Walloped by hurricane, Cuba's tobacco sector struggles to its feet
6 Pigs called in to deep-clean Champagne vineyards
7 Dynamic weather sensors enlisted to track tropical cyclones
8 France's Macron kicks off four-nation tour of Africa
9 Macron plans 'noticeable reduction' of French troops in Africa
10 US first lady to visit Namibia, Kenya in push to boost African ties
11 Most trafficked Sahel firearms are from national armies: UN
12 Back to the time of the first Homo Sapiens with a futuristic clock, the new Radiocarbon 3.0
13 Superhighways of first Australians reveals a 10,000-year journey through the continent
14 Earliest evidence found of Neanderthals killing elephants for food
15 Jill Biden says Horn of Africa needs more drought relief
16 Lake Garda tourists flock to island reconnected by drought
17 Look on the Bright Side of Earth
18 New space capability mapping tool unveiled at the 2023 Avalon Airshow
19 Hundreds of retirees protest in China's Wuhan
20 Farming on the Moon
21 Wetter storms, deforestation: Manila faces worsening floods
22 Frantic search for dozens missing in Brazil floods
23 Carbon emissions from fertilizers could be reduced by as much as 80% by 2050
24 Self-drilling seed carriers break new ground
25 Emirates announces 'milestone' sustainable fuel flight
26 Artificial photosynthesis uses sunlight to make biodegradable plastic
27 Nanoparticles self-assemble to harvest solar energy
28 Corralling ions improves viability of next generation solar cells
29 New method creates material that could create the next generation of solar cells
30 Renewables help offset rise in coal emissions, IEA says
31 Perovskites, a 'dirt cheap' alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient
32 Physicists solve durability issue in next-generation solar cells
33 Non-fused-ring donors and acceptors boost organic solar cell efficiency to over 14 pecent
34 Blue Origin unveils "Blue Alchemist" a technology that turns Moon dust into solar cells
35 Tech rivals chase ChatGPT as AI race ramps up
36 OffWorld Europe makes its debut in Luxembourg developing space mining robots
37 ChatGPT sparks AI 'gold rush' in Silicon Valley
38 Angry Bing chatbot just mimicking humans, say experts
39 Countries urge action for rules on AI use in war
40 Israeli firm deploys robots to speed up online shopping
41 Far-reaching UN treaty a must to cut global plastic use: experts
42 Global wildlife contaminated by 'forever chemicals'
43 US railroad company ordered to pay for cleanup of toxic derailment
44 Kenya's Ruto urges accountability for world polluters
45 Sunken Philippine tanker leaks industrial fuel oil into sea
46 'All this rubble': Pollution fears over Turkey quake waste
47 IAEA chief to meet Iranian president on Saturday: diplomat
48 Iran has uranium particles enriched to nearly bomb grade: IAEA
49 US selling Taiwan $619 million worth of F-16 munitions
50 China says 'lab leak' claims hurt US credibility
51 Hungary lawmakers debate Finland, Sweden NATO bids
52 Finland moves closer to joining NATO without Sweden
53 Belarus leader Lukashenko arrives in Beijing for talks
54 Ukraine will join NATO but in 'long-term': Stoltenberg
55 Modi calls for World Bank reform at G20 finance meet
56 China urges Russia, Ukraine to hold talks, warns against using nuclear weapons
57 UN to vote on demand for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine
58 Scholz urges caution on China's relationship with Russia
59 Canada bans TikTok on government phones, other devices
60 Conspiracy theories on '15-minute cities' flourish
61 Finland gives early greenlight to NATO entry
62 New research models concept for data transport using train of satellites
63 Custom, 3D-printed heart replicas look and pump just like the real thing
64 Ben-Gurion engineers develop one of the fastest and most efficient amphibious robots
65 Concerns and impatience over mining the world's seabeds
66 Electric boat goes airborne for cleaner ocean voyage
67 Eleven EU states unite to strengthen nuclear power
68 Czechs plan small nuclear reactor in 2032 to boost energy supply
69 Ukraine fallout pushes French nuclear giant EDF into historic loss
70 Preparing students for the new nuclear
71 Lifespan of Finland's first nuclear plant extended to 70 years
72 Niger blocks Canadian uranium mine after lawsuit
73 Fermi Energia chooses GE Hitachi BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor for Estonia
74 Belgium plans to extend life of three nuclear reactors
75 Belgium to shut down controversial nuclear reactor
76 China probes mining practices in 'lithium capital of Asia'
77 Using combustion to make better batteries
78 The race to develop the battery of the future
79 'Good policy' for EU to match US green plan with own subsidies: Yellen
80 White House unveils deal with Musk on EV chargers
81 EU to ban fossil fuel cars, slash truck and bus emissions
82 Helping transit agencies visualize the transition to electric bus fleets
83 Trimble technology to help power Nissan's latest Driver Assist
84 Compact, non-mechanical 3D lidar system could make autonomous driving safer
85 Quantum geometry found to be newest twist in superconductivity
86 Astronomers observe light bending around an isolated white dwarf
87 The switch made from a single molecule
88 Russia in talks with Chinese drone maker on supplies: report
89 US ends search for downed Chinese balloon debris, other objects
90 Japan says past aerial objects likely Chinese spy balloons
91 New Galileo service set to deliver 20 cm accuracy
92 IBM and NASA collaborate to research impact of climate change with AI
93 Matrix multiplications at the speed of light
94 When should data scientists try a new technique
95 The Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Machine Learning Uncovers Previously Undetected Signals of Interest
96 Unlocking the Mystery of Unconventional Superconductivity: A Breakthrough Experiment
97 Suppressing Symptoms--a Neuro-Chip to Manage Brain Disorders
98 Deep Ocean Fish Will Likely Decrease in Size with Climate Warming
99 NASA and SpaceX Move Forward with Crew-6 Launch to International Space Station
100 Physics of Superpropulsion: Super-Fast Sharpshooter Insect Urination Using a "Butt Flicker"
101 Revealing the Secrets of Magnetars--Researchers Test "Anti-Glitch" Theory
102 Australia's Rarest Bird of Prey Is Facing Extinction
103 Scientists Warn that Breathing Is Going to Get Tougher--Here's Why
104 Alzheimer's and Other "Undruggable" Diseases Could Be Treated with Degraded Modified Proteins
105 Mysterious Object Is Being Dragged into the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole
106 Dutch Healthcare System Deemed "Unprepared" for Pregnant Transgender Men
107 New Way to Pinpoint Hidden Helium Gas Fields--And Prevent a Global Supply Crisis
108 Quantum Chemistry Breakthrough: Molecules Caught Tunneling for the First Time
109 Introducing "Dinkinesh"--First Asteroid Target for NASA's Lucy Mission Gets a Name
110 Exploring Earth from Space: Stunning View of the Triple Frontier
111 Revolutionary Testing Method Diagnoses COVID-19 with Near-Perfect Accuracy
112 Double the Brain Benefits: Study Identifies New Advantages of Group Exercise
113 New Study Shows Taking Vitamin D Supplements Could Help Prevent Dementia
114 Study Reveals Shocking Impact of Early-Life Factors on Lung Health
115 Planetary Defense Success! NASA's DART Data Validates Asteroid Kinetic Impact Method