File Title
1 Elusive transition shows universal quantum signatures
2 How eyeless centipedes are able to detect sunlight
3 Research explores the ramifications of a rising China
4 Diabetes Risk Jumps After COVID Infection, Study Finds--Vaccination Seems to Offer Some Protection
5 European northern bald ibis population well on the way to self-sustainability
6 Male Birth Control Drug Sees 'Game-Changer' Trial in Mice--Here's What You Need to Know
7 Tribes in Maine left out of Native American resurgence by 40-year-old federal law denying their self-determination
8 Gold mining is one of the world's most destructive and unnecessary industries-here's how to end it
9 New research provides fresh insight on planet formation
10 Protecting bats with better wind turbine control
11 We've Lost Our Ability to Lead Complex Space Projects--But It Might Not Matter Anymore
12 New material class with excellent ion conductivity
13 Want healthy Valentine's day chocolates? We can print them
14 Can Satellites Really Detect Whales from Space? / Science
15 12 rescued, rehabbed manatees released at Florida's Blue Spring State Park
16 The risks and rewards of being single
17 Study reveals mystery of Paleozoic ostracod evolution
18 Proposed quantum device may succinctly realize emergent particles such as the Fibonacci anyon
19 Spy balloon saga continues to surprise amid rising US-China tension
20 What to consider before watching videos of police brutality
21 Grassroots effort champions inclusive language in science
22 'Magic' solvent creates stronger thin films
23 Scientists investigate an ancient boat buried under a pub car park
24 Teachers apply unequal criteria when assessing giftedness, finds study
25 Model predicts beer head features
26 Newly discovered components of Dendrolimus pini sex pheromone
27 Organizations should change cultures to support excellence and dismantle barriers created by systemic racism: Report
28 Scientists find world's oldest European hedgehog
29 How does a drying Great Salt Lake affect carbon cycling?
30 New study of continental margins could provide better understanding on the way to a carbon-neutral economy
31 Plasmid-host manipulation discovery challenges biology textbooks
32 7 new spider species discovered in caves in Israel
33 Investigating how algal blooms impact mountain snowpack
34 Complex subsurface of Mars imaged by Chinese rover Zhurong
35 Securing supply chains with quantum computing
36 Encoding breakthrough allows for solving wider set of applications using neutral-atom quantum computers
37 Abusive digital practices among young people heightened during COVID-19 lockdowns
38 NASA's Perseverance rover shows off collection of Mars samples
39 Government support, new technology and resources needed for small to medium-sized enterprises to be greener
40 Snakes can hear more than you think
41 Woody vine may help prevent kidney stones
42 Freshwater plant functions can help predict ecosystem trends affected by climate change
43 Climate change portends wider malaria risk as mosquitoes spread south and to higher elevations in Africa
44 Research shows Indigenous peoples' needs cannot be understood and met without Indigenous voices
45 Who moves and who pays? Managed retreat is hard, but lessons from the past can guide us
46 Smart choice for your kids, or do they fuel inequity?
47 What You Need to Know About the Outbreak of Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon
48 Is Ohio Air Safe After East Palestine Train Derailment, Toxic Chemical Plume?
49 Mexico Bans Great White Shark Tourism
50 Ben Reinhardt Is On A Mission to Make Sci-Fi A Reality
51 Researchers find thermal limits of advanced nanomaterials
52 Fukushima fishermen pin hopes on pufferfish
53 World's largest ice rink may not open
54 Major firms not doing enough to curb deforestation: report
55 Survivors of Utah's eugenic sterilization program still alive in 2023
56 Scientists decipher how non-resistant forms of Staph aureus thwart antibiotics, almost like a superbug
57 Freak sepsis death that began with 'penile gangrene' revealed by scientists
58 A Genetic History of the Americas by Jennifer Raff--Review
59 Here's why icicles made from pure water don't form ripples
60 Waters off New England had 2nd warmest year on record in '22
61 Marburg virus outbreak: What is the disease and how does it spread?
62 Using lasers, researchers can directly control the spin of a nuclei, which can encode quantum information
63 New discovery to bulk up gluten-free fiber supplement
64 Nickel-laden black gold converts CO2 to chemicals using solar energy and green hydrogen
65 A U.S. Vice President, Atmospheric Scientist, and Oceanographer
66 Study investigates magnetic field of an extremely ultraluminous X-ray pulsar
67 Public concern about water safety driven more by severe weather than climate change, finds poll
68 Study finds sinking tundra surface unlikely to trigger runaway permafrost thaw
69 Study reveals spatial heterogeneity of diversity in two pines in subtropical Southeast Asia
70 Using CRISPR-Cas9 to knock out asparagine gene in wheat to reduce cancer risk
71 The Webb Telescope's Jaw-Dropping New 'Ultra Deep' Image that Uses Warped Spacetime
72 Rapid melting is eroding vulnerable cracks in Thwaites Glacier
73 Before global warming, was the Earth cooling down or heating up?
74 Insect bites in plant fossils reveal leaves could fold shut millions of years ago
75 Wooden seed carriers mimic the behavior of self-burying seeds
76 Smoke activated seed banks found to rapidly re-establish banksia woodlands after fire
77 Insects are vanishing worldwide--now it's making it harder to grow food
78 Scientists find first evidence that black holes are the source of dark energy
79 Earthquake in Turkey exposes gap between seismic knowledge and action, but it is possible to prepare
80 Paleogeomagnetic and isotope study reveals the timing of hydrocarbon evolution
81 Why using AI tools like ChatGPT in my MBA innovation course is expected and not cheating
82 How online beauty gurus get followers to trust them by posting negative reviews
83 New approach for Majorana research in short nanowires
84 3 Hard to Detect Signs of Infidelity and What to Do About It
85 Study reveals impacts of savannization on Brazilian Amazon land animals
86 Should companies sell know-how, components, or systems?
87 The faster El Nino decays, the fewer typhoons occur the following summer
88 North American mountain vegetation is rapidly shifting higher as the climate warms
89 Review examines how to increase antidiabetic properties of purple vegetables and tubers
90 Food coloring and anti-caking nanoparticles may affect the human gut
91 Using new radiocarbon 3.0 method to study interaction between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals
92 New fish species discovered in India
93 Climate change disrupts core habitats of marine species, finds modeling study
94 Stevia based sweeteners may offer a sweeter, more environmentally friendly alternative to sugar
95 Dynamics and risk sharing in groups of selfish individuals
96 Early apple blossom sparks new citizen science plea
97 Mining at key hydrothermal vents could endanger species at distant sites
98 A long-term view can be effective in reducing dating and relationship violence in schools
99 Strengthening ecology and conservation in the Global South
100 With the Right Music, this Will Only Hurt A Little Bit
101 Hijacking our cells' enzymes to eliminate disease-causing proteins
102 New research roots out solution to keeping houseplants healthy
103 Risk-taking was crucial for survival of craft brewing industry during pandemic, reveals study
104 How remote work affects managers
105 DNA research finds low genetic diversity among US honeybees
106 Reduced energetic disorder enables over 14% efficiency in organic solar cells
107 Machine learning techniques identify thousands of new cosmic objects
108 Scientists develop new technique for studying mitochondria
109 Brazil police target illegal gold exports from the Amazon
110 Giant meat-eating dinosaur footprint is largest found in Yorkshire
111 Novel method to accurately measure key marker of biological aging
112 Residents near toxic US train derailment urged not to drink water
113 Soil restoration may be the key to better health and well-being in urban areas