File Title
1 Climate trends in the west, today and 11,000 years ago
2 Too warm in Canada: world's largest ice rink may not open
3 Before global warming, was the Earth cooling down or heating up?
4 Far-reaching UN treaty a must to cut global plastic use: experts
5 Global wildlife contaminated by 'forever chemicals'
6 US railroad company ordered to pay for cleanup of toxic derailment
7 Kenya's Ruto urges accountability for world polluters
8 Study finds watching TV is good for the planet
9 Donated clothing worsening Kenya's plastic pollution: report
10 Foreign journalists in China restricted and tracked in 2022: press group
11 Gabonese village fights to save forest from logging
12 Worst-ever February rainforest data for Brazilian Amazon
13 Rising seas eating away at Honduran fishing village
14 China says 'lab leak' claims hurt US credibility
15 US agency says COVID likely emerged from China lab leak
16 France drops COVID testing for travellers from China
17 World not adequately prepared for disasters, report says
18 Turkey quake damage tops $34 billion; Erdogan seeks forgiveness for delays
19 Ukraine's forces train near Chernobyl exclusion zone
20 Syria rebel rescuers urge help after child dies of quake injuries
21 Wave of support for Turkish father who lost daughter in quake
22 EU calls for stronger borders, return deals; Chile beefs up borders to slow migrant flow
23 Kayhan Space amps up executive team ahead of Advanced Collision Avoidance Suite rollout
24 D-Orbit signs launch contract with Patriot Infovention
25 BeetleSat deploys satellite expandable antenna in LEO orbit
26 Revolutionary Space Debris Removal Mission Advances to Next Phase
27 Exploring the Valley of the Kings with radar
28 Levels of Iraq's Tigris and Euphrates plunge in south
29 Mining at key hydrothermal vents could endanger species at distant sites
30 In Sierra Leone, the people fighting the sea to build a home
31 Worry, frustration as UN tries to finally agree high seas treaty
32 Countries meet to halt wide-ranging threats against oceans
33 Study of US hydroelectric dams shows benefits to local economies decline with improvements in transmission capabilities
34 Planetary radar captures detailed view of oblong asteroid
35 Ben-Gurion engineers develop one of the fastest and most efficient amphibious robots
36 Concerns and impatience over mining the world's seabeds
37 Electric boat goes airborne for cleaner ocean voyage
38 All hands on deck as UN meets to protect high seas
39 Blame the warmth: Famed skating rink in Ottawa won't open this year
40 Changes in the navigability of the Arctic Northeast Passage over the past four decades
41 New technique maps large-scale impacts of fire-induced permafrost thaw in Alaska
42 Syria landmine blasts kill 10 truffle hunters
43 North Korea's Kim opens key meeting on agriculture
44 Walloped by hurricane, Cuba's tobacco sector struggles to its feet
45 Pigs called in to deep-clean Champagne vineyards
46 Dynamic weather sensors enlisted to track tropical cyclones
47 Damaged buildings collapse after fresh quake in eastern Turkey
48 Quake killed more than 50,000 in Turkey, Syria: revised toll
49 PNG has 6.2 quake; Magnitude 6.1 quake shakes Japan's Hokkaido
50 Algeria and Russia aim to boost military ties
51 UN says 2022 deadliest in Somalia since 2017
52 US first lady to visit Namibia, Kenya in push to boost African ties
53 In Old Cairo, residents reconnect with their heritage
54 Back to the time of the first Homo Sapiens with a futuristic clock, the new Radiocarbon 3.0
55 Iraq dig uncovers 5,000 year old pub restaurant
56 Jill Biden says Horn of Africa needs more drought relief
57 Lake Garda tourists flock to island reconnected by drought
58 France matches dry spell record of 31 days without rain
59 Horn of Africa on track for sixth failed rainy season: climate body
60 Large-scale fossil study reveals origins of modern-day biodiversity gradient 15 million years ago
61 Dinosaur print found in England belonged to 'Megalosaurus-like Theropod'
62 Early Cretaceous shift in the global carbon cycle affected both land and sea
63 How Italy's generous green homes scheme turned 'wicked'
64 On the road to better solid-state batteries
65 New compound that withstands extreme heat and electricity could lead to next-generation energy storage devices
66 The race to develop the battery of the future
67 China probes mining practices in 'lithium capital of Asia'
68 Salt could play key role in energy transition
69 Quantum geometry found to be newest twist in superconductivity
70 Rescuers free people stranded by snow on Spain's Mallorca
71 Iran fears for health of rare cheetah cub; Cockfighting still popular in southern Iraq
72 Extinct-in-the-wild species in conservation limbo
73 From his farm to Alaska, Jimmy Carter leaves environmental legacy
74 North American mountain vegetation is rapidly shifting higher as the climate warms
75 Vietnam jails pangolin, rhino parts smuggler for 13 years
76 Botswana loses a third of rhino to poaching in five years
77 Rush to save trapped animals in Turkish city after tremor
78 War-weary Yemenis fell trees for fuel, cash
79 Brazil moves on illegal mines in Indigenous Yanomami territory
80 Researchers find asteroid redirection a viable possibility for planetary defense
81 China Compound Eye facility to monitor asteroids for planetary defense
82 Our Solar System is filled with asteroids that are particularly hard to destroy
83 SpaceX Dragon crew blasts off for ISS
84 Maxar awarded Phase 3b of One World Terrain Contract for US Army
85 Unusual atom helps in search for Universe's building blocks
86 Tiny Welsh island wins world stargazing fame
87 Toilet paper adding to 'forever chemicals' in wastewater: study
88 North American Helium brings newest helium facilities into production
89 Carbon-neutral pavements are possible by 2050
90 Scientists identify new mechanism of corrosion
91 Space Station research announcement for advanced materials and manufacturing open now
92 'Magic' solvent creates stronger thin films
93 Tree count in Africa drylands could improve conservation: study
94 La Nina ending but warming El Nino may strike soon: UN
95 Kim says N. Korea must meet grain production goals 'without fail'
96 WHO chief visits rebel-held Syria for first time after quake
97 Turkey quake damage tops $34 billion.; Erdogan seeks forgiveness for delays
98 Cow manure fuels French tractors
99 How a record-breaking copper catalyst converts CO2 into liquid fuels
100 Biogas produced with waste from apple juice making can minimize use of fossil fuels in industry
101 UN chief on 'solidarity' visit to Iraq
102 Vast cemetery in Iraq echoes 14 centuries of life and death
103 Wars, poverty fuel spike in Iraqi child labour
104 Erdogan says May election to go ahead despite Turkey quake
105 Study of US hydroelectric dams shows benefits to local economies decline with improvements in transmission capabilities
106 Hong Kong scraps one of world's last COVID mask mandates
107 US agency says COVID likely emerged from China lab leak
108 Fighting for their lives: the world's forests in figures
109 Long lost Madagascar songbird seen again in wild
110 Europe shoots for the moon with role in NASA program