File Title
1 Satellites reveal how climate cycles impact coastlines
2 We found 2.9-million-year-old stone tools used to butcher ancient hippos--but likely not by our ancestors
3 Did A Chunk of the Sun Really Just 'Break Off?' the Truth Behind the Headlines
4 Small asteroid 'serendipitously' detected using James Webb telescope
5 Research Urges Women to Go 'Off Script' to Experience Better Orgasms
6 Glacier lakes swollen by global warming threaten millions
7 Spare by Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex--Review
8 Earth has lost one-fifth of its wetlands since 1700--but most could still be saved
9 A chemical imbalance doesn't explain depression. So what does?
10 Readers ask about sea level rise, the universe's first stars and more
11 So much is lost when fossil treasures go private
12 Lawyer Dies After Shot by His Own Concealed Gun Triggered by MRI Machine
13 Climate change may have toppled Hittite Empire: study
14 Codebreakers find, decipher lost letters of Mary, Queen of Scots
15 Stone Age discovery fuels mystery of who made early tools
16 New Earth-sized exoplanet detected in the solar neighborhood
17 New York State Drops Face Mask Requirements for Hospitals, Health Care Facilities
18 Russian spacecraft leaks coolant, station crew reported safe
19 The era of globalization isn't over, new study argues
20 On climate, most corporations more talk than action
21 European big cat population threatened with extinction as genetics show the population is near collapse
22 Britons spot 'shooting star' asteroid entering earth's atmosphere above Channel
23 'Shooting star' asteroid enters earth's atmosphere above Channel
24 3-D maps of a protein show how it helps organs filter out toxic substances
25 Venture Capital Joins Pentagon in Spending Big to Thwart China in Quantum-Tech War
26 Could California Experience A Disastrous Earthquake like Turkey and Syria?
27 Realization of a new quantum bit in silicon controlled by electric signals
28 Research video shows sailfish's point of view and reveals new hunting behavior
29 Climate 'teleconnections' may link droughts and fires across continents
30 Two proteins join forces to make flowers
31 Researchers reveal mechanism regulating rhodium migration and size redistribution in rhodium catalysts
32 Ten deadliest quakes of the 21st century
33 The JADE experiment at DESY
34 Who are the first ancestors of present-day fish?
35 Physicist discusses the forces responsible for a good hockey slap shot
36 Protecting bats at wind turbines
37 Using rocks found in Minnesota to help explain how Mars could have developed an atmosphere
38 A new study investigates danger-evasion tactics
39 If 'High-Altitude Objects' Are Not Balloons or Aircraft, What the Heck Are They?
40 Do forest trees really 'talk' through underground fungi?
41 Smart pill could help doctors pinpoint digestive difficulties--study
42 Researchers reveal sequential oxidation kinetics of multi-cobalt active sites on Co3O4 catalyst for water oxidation
43 Development of ultrasensitive photoacoustic hydrogen sulfide sensor with fast response
44 ChatGPT is confronting, but humans have always adapted to new technology--ask the Mesopotamians, who invented writing
45 Here's how the French are going about it
46 It's time to take legal reform seriously
47 Chiral phonons create spin current without needing magnetic materials
48 Why it is so difficult to get rescue and relief to where it is most needed
49 Lessons from a wildfire on how to save pets' lives
50 Big Oil's trade group allies outspent clean energy groups by a whopping 27x, with billions in ads and lobbying
51 Research links negativity bias, investment apprehension
52 Study shows need for closure can magnify emotional effect of ghosting
53 New data gives NOAA more extensive picture of global climate
54 Asset, wage protections may help debtors in a tough economy
55 Hazel dormice should be classified as 'endangered,' according to new research
56 Study reveals optimal time to apply eco-friendly biopesticides to tackle Oriental migratory locust pest
57 Russia delays launch to space station while leak is probed
58 Black girls benefit most when STEM teachers pursue professional development, shows study
59 Age is the most significant predictor of housing stress, study finds
60 Quantum dots with finely-tuned spherical defects could enhance nonlinear optics
61 Reframe, Relinquish, and Release Your Emotions to Recover from Childhood Trauma
62 As pythons in Florida try to hide, they face a new enemy: Possums with GPS collars
63 Small planets orbiting low-mass stars detected with the SPIRou instrument and the TESS satellite
64 Researchers solve a 150-year-old mystery about aetosaurs
65 Digital gift cards are easy to use and hard to lose, but givers still avoid them
66 Is spontaneous sex better? New research casts doubt on commonly held belief
67 Experts publish a new set of consensus principles to classify the virosphere
68 A method for analyzing tiny, complex crystals
69 Speeding up immigration claims urgently needed to help migrants experiencing homelessness
70 Coral reefs in the Eastern Pacific could survive into the 2060s, new study finds
71 Nightly sleep is key to student success, shows study
72 Dispersed marketing responsibility found to enhance the profitability of firms in the early stages of their operations
73 New model of quark-gluon plasma solves a long-standing discrepancy between theory and data
74 Exercise in the morning burns more fat, study suggests
75 New guidelines support best practices in environmental DNA testing
76 Study reveals biodiversity engine for fishes: Shifting water depth
77 New frog species named after fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien
78 Shipping activities on the high seas could hamper worldwide carbon mitigation and sustainability efforts
79 Researchers explore the effects of acid hydrolysis on sulfated fucans in sea cucumbers and sea urchins
80 Heterostructured nanoflowers for high-performance sodium storage
81 Public awareness of 'nuclear winter' too low given current risks, argues expert
82 Out with the old, in with the new? Exploring differences in elite mobility during the Meiji Restoration
83 'Nuclear Winter' and the Urgent Need for Public Education
84 New spacecraft can see into the permanently shadowed craters on the moon
85 Looking for a match made in heaven? Science says keep your feet on the ground
86 Leonardo da Vinci's forgotten experiments explored gravity as a form of acceleration
87 Researchers reveal the oldest spinosaur brains
88 Spinosaurs inherited brainpower from ancestors to catch fish, scientists find
89 Urban birds prefer native trees, shows long-term study
90 Satellites support impact assessment after Turkiye--Syria earthquakes
91 For leaders, playing favorites can be a smart strategy
92 RNA's 'joints' play key role in our gene expression, scientists find
93 Discovery could lead to new fungicides to protect rice crops
94 Mandrills teach their daughters good hygiene practices
95 Global comparison shows that soil transplantation boosts nature restoration
96 Scientists recreate brain of largest carnivorous dinosaur using Isle of Wight fossils
97 A tool to prevent deaths due to female underrepresentation in clinical trials
98 Whale warning as clock ticks towards deep-sea mining
99 Experts back more robust US estimates of social cost of carbon
100 Rumors swirl about balloons, UFOs as officials stay mum
101 Chicken and farmed salmon have remarkably similar environmental footprints
102 A multi-turn energy recovery accelerator that achieves high beam power with lower power consumption
103 NASA'S Webb Telescope Is Close to Detecting 'Cosmic Dawn'
104 Floquet band engineering in black phosphorus
105 What Is Marburg? What You Need to Know About the Deadly Virus Detected in Equatorial Guinea
106 Kangaroo fecal microbes could reduce methane from cows
107 The biological reason we're obsessed with true crime shows
108 The James Webb telescope spotted the earliest known 'quenched' galaxy
109 An Icelandic Town Goes All Out to Save Baby Puffins / Science
110 Sri Lanka bans single-use plastics to save elephants
111 Researchers propose titanium-based perovskite for water activation and lower-temperature hydrolysis of organic sulfur
112 Four classes of planetary systems
113 Mathematicians answer questions about spheres and 4D spaces, expand scope of the Euler class
114 Massive Santos pipeline could destroy rare native grasslands
115 Do trees really stay in touch via a 'wood-wide web'? Here's what the evidence says
116 Strong solar flare erupts from sun
117 Why male giraffes drink potential mates' pee
118 New report exposes steep declines in data science skills among fourth- and eighth-graders across America
119 From glacier ice, a wealth of scientific data
120 Number of fires in the Brazilian Amazon in August-September 2022 was highest since 2010
121 Learning and working online: Insights from the pandemic
122 Researchers develop new strategy for furfural conversion via hydrogen bond regulation
123 Male contraceptive shows promise in mice, study suggests