File Title
1 Rocket Lab set for dual launch campaigns in Virginia and New Zealand
2 Gilmour Space and Atomos Space sign MoU for launch and in-space transfers
3 Japan's H3 rocket fails to leave the launch pad
4 SwRI researching ARM, RISC-V processors for faster spaceflight computers
5 A new way for quantum computing systems to keep their cool
6 New chip for decoding data transmissions offers record-breaking energy efficiency
7 Engineers discover a new way to control atomic nuclei as "qubits"
8 Tech firm ASML probes info leak in China
9 Encoding breakthrough allows for solving wider set of applications using neutral-atom quantum computers
10 Atom-thin walls could smash size, memory barriers in next-gen devices
11 Chiral phonons create spin current without needing magnetic materials
12 Scientists boost quantum signals while reducing noise
13 Developing practical quantum computers that can solve big challenges of our time
14 Successful flight acceptance hot test of CE-20 cryogenic engine
15 World's first 3D-printed rocket Terran 1 is ready for its maiden flight
16 DoD invests additional $1.5 million toward 3D-printed hypersonic rocket engine
17 NASA, Boeing target April for manned Starliner test flight
18 Japan's new rocket fails to blast off
19 The roar and crackle of Artemis 1
20 NASA conducts first 2023 test of redesigned SLS rocket engine
21 New insights from an ancient asteroid
22 Water rich asteroids came from far outside the asteroid belt
23 Finding risky asteroids outshone by Sun
24 Chelyabinsk a decade on: spotting invisible asteroids 'from the Sun'
25 Lucy's asteroid target now called Dinkinesh
26 Rocket Lab establishes Australian Subsidiary to support rapidly growing Space Sector
27 Got Rock Sample: Sol 3755
28 Perseverance from Team Curiosity: Sols 3752-3754
29 Another Busy Day on Mars: Sol 3749
30 Sols 3744-3745: The One that Got Away
31 Liquid nitrogen spray could clean up stubborn moon dust
32 ESA invites space firms to create lunar services
33 Chandrayaan-3 undergoes EMI/EMC test successfully
34 China releases Chang'e-4 payloads' scientific datasets
35 Lunar Resources and Wood selected by NASA to study building a pipeline on the Moon
36 Mitsubishi Electric and Astroscale to Develop and Produce Satellite Buses
37 Redwire partners with Starfish Space for Otter Pup satellite docking mission
38 Low power Ka-band transmitters on Earth observation satellites
39 To new worlds with quantitative spectroscopy
40 Forbidden planet orbiting small star challenges gas giant formation theories
41 Very Large Telescope captures direct images of bright exoplanet
42 Removing traces of life in lab helps NASA scientists study its origins
43 Nanosatellite shows the way to RNA medicine of the future
44 Does ice in the Universe contain the molecules making up the building blocks of life in planetary systems?
45 New models shed light on life's origin
46 IXPE unlocks mysteries of Tycho Supernova
47 Astronomers discover metal-rich galaxies in early universe
48 Scientists observe high-speed star formation
49 Astrophysicists discover the perfect explosion in space
50 Baby star near the black hole in the middle of our Milky Way: It exists after all
51 Arralis Technologies acquired by ReliaSat
52 Quake killed more than 50,000 in Turkey, Syria: revised toll
53 Damaged buildings collapse after fresh quake in eastern Turkey
54 PNG has 6.2 quake; Magnitude 6.1 quake shakes Japan's Hokkaido
55 Quake-prone Istanbul not at heightened risk: expert
56 6.8-magnitude quake hits eastern Tajikistan: USGS
57 Turkey tragedy jolts quake-prone Central Asia
58 New quake hits Turkey and Syria, killing six
59 Turkey's deadly quake renews alarm for Istanbul
60 Countries meet to halt wide-ranging threats against oceans
61 UN tries anew to finish treaty protecting the high seas
62 UN to try anew to finish treaty protecting the high seas
63 Climate change could cause mass exodus of tropical plankton
64 How did ancient extreme climate affect sand in the deep sea?
65 Fighting for their lives: the world's forests in figures
66 Carbon credits: a contested tool to fight deforestation
67 Bosnian furniture sector spurs economic growth
68 Engineered wood grows stronger while trapping carbon dioxide
69 The effects of Aurora Borealis on energy grids with the addition of renewables
70 In Sierra Leone, the people fighting the sea to build a home
71 Curse or blessing? In Uganda, oil project gets mixed reviews
72 Kazakhstan backs China's Ukraine plan before Blinken visit
73 Kazakhstan proposes gas pipeline linking Russia, China
74 Canada oil-gas sector accused of thwarting climate efforts
75 Paris protest against TotalEnergies East Africa oil pipeline
76 Iran foreign minister in Iraq for security talks
77 Amazon pollution: the stain on Ecuador's oil boom
78 UAE, Israel unveil joint naval vessel as military ties grow
79 Facile and scalable production of a fuel-cell nanocatalyst for the hydrogen economy
80 Satellite successfully monitors power plant CO2 emissions from space
81 Planet and ASU expand partnership to build global scale solutions for sustainability
82 Call opens for ESA's twelfth Earth Explorer
83 New space capability mapping tool unveiled at the 2023 Avalon Airshow
84 Conflicts of interest need to be avoided in publishing publicly available crop information
85 Brazil suspends beef exports to China over mad cow case
86 When men won't 'get dirty,' Nicaraguan women dig for cockles
87 Thai farmers tap into sustainable rubber industry
88 Bird man in Turkey vows to tend to flock after quake
89 Drought and frost batter vital potato crops in Bolivia
90 Capella Space announces Analytics Program to accelerate access to EO insights
91 Eating insects, drinking urine: Bolivian recounts month lost in Amazon
92 Turkish Red Crescent criticised for selling tents after quake
93 EU eases Syria sanctions to speed up quake aid
94 Climate change, rampant urbanization fuel disasters; as Brazil storm hits 50
95 Munich Re profits soar despite Hurricane Ian, Ukraine war
96 Syrian quake survivors shelter in crumbling Aleppo homes
97 Turkey to build nearly 200,000 homes in quake-hit region
98 Regions in US, China most at risk for climate damage: report
99 Aid group issues urgent appeal for quake-hit Syria
100 Turkey quake survivors rescue belongings for uncertain future
101 Power, water return to cyclone-hit New Zealand cities
102 Syrian refugees flock to border to flee Turkey quake wreckage
103 Turkey-Syria death toll passes 41,000 as UN appeals for quake aid
104 Colombia mulls proposal to benefit repentant narcos
105 Sea ice in Antarctic at record low: US data center
106 New results provide close-up view of melting underneath Thwaites Glacier
107 Antarctica sea ice melts to a record low
108 Antarctic Peninsula glaciers on the run
109 New York gets biggest snowfall of unusually mild winter
110 Snow blankets Mallorca as cold grips Spain