File Title
1 The Next Level of Health Monitoring: Could Interstitial Fluid Replace Blood?
2 New Sensor Can Diagnose Cancer Using Urine
3 Gigantic Ant Fossil--With a 6" Wingspan--Raises Questions About Ancient Arctic Migrations
4 Revolutionary Approach to Tackle the "Root Cause" of Diabetes and Obesity-Related Conditions
5 Revolutionary Twin-Bioengine Nanorobots for Gastrointestinal Inflammation Therapy
6 Killing Even Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: A New Infection-Fighting Wound Spray
7 The Future of Computing Includes Biology: AI Computers Powered by Human Brain Cells
8 First Complete Map of an Insect Brain--"Everything Has Been Working Up to this"
9 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Are Wildfires Getting Worse? [Video]
10 Unlocking the Secrets of Dinosaur Claws: Study Reveals Surprising Functions
11 I've Never Seen Anything like that Before--Pill for Skin Disease also Curbs Excessive Drinking
12 Solving Previously Unsolvable Problems: A New Type of Analog Quantum Computer
13 Scientists Identify "Pioneer Peptide" that May Have Sparked Life on Earth
14 Scientists Discover that Strong Social Connections Can Improve Your Health
15 Researchers Decipher the Inner Workings of a Bacterium
16 Breaking Through the Haze: A New Method for Clearer Images
17 Bizarre Properties of Strange Metals Unlocked by Physics Experiment
18 Unlocking the Secret to Maintaining Muscle Function During Aging: New Study Sheds Light on Cellular Mechanisms
19 What Lies Beneath Melting Glaciers and Thawing Permafrost? Precious Metals, Fossil Fuels, and Deadly Microbes
20 New Study Finds that People Living in Rural Areas Have a Much Greater Risk of Heart Failure
21 Revealing the Secrets of the Cell's Powerhouse: Scientists Unravel Protein Map of Mitochondria
22 Webb Space Telescope: Beneath the Night Sky in a Galaxy (Not Too) Far Away
23 Excessive Screen Time in Preteens Linked to Suicidal Behavior
24 Harvard Scientists Uncover How the Brain Senses Infection
25 Quantum Geometry--The Newest "Magic" Twist in Superconductivity
26 Splashdown! NASA SpaceX Crew-5 Safely Returns to Earth
27 11 Tips to Help You Adjust to Losing an Hour of Sleep with the Start of Daylight Saving Time
28 Daylight Saving Time: A Medical Nightmare? A Neurologist Weighs In
29 MIT Chemists Show "Black Summer" Megafire Widened Ozone Hole by 10% in 2020
30 Researchers Uncover New Insight into Rare Eye Disorders
31 NASA's IXPE Uses Vela Pulsar Wind Nebula as an Extreme Astrophysics Laboratory
32 NASA Tests Upgraded Artemis Moon Rocket Engines at 113% Power Level
33 Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Detoxing Body of Harmful Fat by-Products to Extend Lifespan
34 New MIT/Caltech Ingestible Sensor Could Help Doctors Pinpoint GI Difficulties
35 Unprecedented Wonder: Tropical Cyclone Freddy's Record-Breaking Month-Long Journey Across the Indian Ocean
36 Brain Tumor Breakthrough: New Cancer Vulnerability Discovered
37 Oldest Fossils of Mysterious Prehistoric Creature Aren't What Scientists Thought
38 Unexpected--Researchers Pinpoint Mysterious Source of Sun's "Heartbeat-Like" Signals
39 Irreversible Degradation--Existential Threats to the Iconic Nile River Delta Identified
40 Strange Circular Sand Dunes Discovered on Mars by NASA Spacecraft
41 A Dangerous Connection: Depression Linked to Deadly Inflammation in Lung Cancer Patients
42 Revolutionizing Neuroscience: First-Ever Complete Wiring Map of Insect Brain Neurons
43 Webb Spots Globular Cluster Sparkling with Separate Stars in the Milky Way Halo
44 A New Promising Ultrasound Device Could Treat High Blood Pressure
45 This Week @NASA: Artemis Systems Are Ready to Fly Astronauts to the Moon
46 Up to 1,000,000 Times Faster: A Switch Made from a Single Molecule
47 Compromised "Trust Settings"--An Early Warning of Lurking Depression
48 Resisting Treatment: Cancer Cells Shrink or Super-Size to Survive
49 Beware of Fungi in Flour: It Won't Turn You into a Zombie, but It Can Make You Sick
50 Digital Rectal Exams Are NOT Useful to Early Detect Prostate Cancers
51 Nanofiber-Hydrogel Shows Success Treating Severe Complication of Crohn's Disease
52 Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Anatomical Structure in the Brain
53 Scientists Warn: Food Coloring Nanoparticles May Damage Human Gut
54 Seek & Destroy: Black Widow Spiders Are Being Actively Hunted by Brown Widows
55 Sleep and Vaccination: The Critical Connection You Need to Know About
56 Shape and Dynamic Nature of Carbon-Based Molecules Are Different than Scientists Thought
57 Prostate Cancer Treatment: Many Men Can Safely Avoid or Delay Radiotherapy and Surgery 61
58 COVID Rebound Is Common--Even in Patients Not Treated with Paxlovid
59 Size Matters: If Minke Whales Were Smaller, They Could Not Survive
60 NASA Space Mission Reveals Carbon Dioxide Emissions for Countries Around the World
61 Physicists Create New Model of Ringing Black Holes
62 Sea Monster from Age of Dinosaurs Found on Remote Arctic Island
63 MIT Engineers Discover a New Way to Control Atomic Nuclei as "Qubits"
64 Climate Change Could Cause Devastating Mass Exodus of Tropical Plankton
65 NASA, DOE Telescope on Far Side of the Moon Will Reveal the Dark Ages of the Universe
66 Scientists Reveal New Insights into the Development of Alzheimer's Disease
67 New Imaging Tech Creates 3D Maps of Uterine Contractions During Labor in Real-Time
68 Revolutionary Prostate Cancer Treatment Kills Resistant Cells by Targeting Key Enzyme
69 Scientists Identify Thousands of New Cosmic Objects Using Machine Learning
70 Poor Sleep May Weaken Vaccine Response, Increasing Risk of Infection
71 More Efficient Carbon Capture: Cleaning Up the Atmosphere with Quantum Computing
72 Efficiently Harvesting Rare Earth Elements from Wastewater Using Exotic Bacteria
73 Scientists Warn: Common Cleaning Chemical Linked to 500% Increased Risk of Parkinson's Disease
74 NASA Scientists Map 10 Billion Individual Trees in Africa's Drylands to Estimate Carbon Stored
75 40% Higher Risk: New Study Finds Connection Between Discrimination and Dementia
76 Mysterious Physics Revealed: "One of the Most Violent Events You Can Imagine in the Universe"
77 Triggering Bitter Taste Receptors Could Help Treat Asthma, COPD
78 Revolutionary "Camera" with Shutter Speed of 1 Trillionth of a Second Reveals Hidden World of Atomic Dynamics
79 Experts Warn: Current Arctic Climate Modeling Too Conservative
80 New Research Casts Fundamental Doubt on Long-Established Standard Model of Electroporation
81 Ancient Genomes Shed Light on the Migration Across the Bering Sea
82 Impending Stellar "Death" Revealed--NASA's Webb Telescope Captures Prelude to Supernova
83 Bees Learn by Watching Others: Puzzle Solving Behavior Spreads Through Bumblebee Colonies
84 Algae: The Secret to Faster Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing?
85 Avoiding Neurodegeneration: Scientists Discover that Managing Emotions Better Could Prevent Pathological Aging
86 Counterportation--Landmark Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way for World-First Experimental Wormhole
87 Mediterranean Diet May Be the Ultimate Weapon Against Against Prostate Cancer
88 Revolutionizing Biotechnology: Scientists Create Supercharged Bacteria with Immunity to Viral Infections
89 Aging EV Car Batteries Given New Life to Power Up Electric Grid
90 A Future Aircraft Designed Using Advanced Supercomputing at NASA
91 Beware of the Microbial Mirage: Current Microbiome Analyses May Mislead Scientists with False Species Detection
92 Mediterranean Diet Linked with 23% Lower Risk of Dementia
93 2,900 Years Ago: Archaeologists Prove that Steel Tools Were Used in Europe Earlier than Previously Thought
94 Spiral Pattern Provides New Clues into How High-Mass Stars Form
95 Alarming Findings--High Blood Pressure Can Cause Heart Damage in Adolescents
96 Researchers Reveal What Happens When Your Phone Is Spying on You
97 JPL and the Space Age: The Pathfinders (NASA Documentary) [Video]
98 NASA, SpaceX Dragon to Deliver 6,200 Pounds of Science Experiments & Crew Supplies to Space Station
99 Volcanic Activity on Venus--Earth's Evil Twin--Revealed in NASA's Magellan Data
100 The Extraordinary "Rapunzel" Virus: An Evolutionary Marvel
101 Planting the Seeds of Discovery: Scientists Identify 100 Important Questions Facing Plant Science
102 Score More Points: Physics Model Could Optimize Basketball Player Positioning
103 A Unique Window into the Past--Ancient Jurassic Shark Fossil Reveals Surprising Evolutionary Truth
104 Odyssey Over? Precarious Fuel Supply of NASA's Oldest Mars Orbiter
105 Astronomers Say "Terminator Zones" on Distant Planets Could Harbor Extraterrestrial Life
106 NASA SpaceX CRS-27 Resupply Mission Docks to the International Space Station
107 How Parents Decide if They Should Vaccinate Their Kids Against COVID-19
108 Harvard Researchers Unveil an Unprecedented Look at Colorectal Cancer
109 NASA Tracking Supermassive Black Holes on Collision Course
110 Liver Regeneration: The Surprising Importance of Gut Bacteria
111 Unlocking the Mysteries of Quantum Materials: How Magnetism Sparks Unusual Electronic Order
112 Stunning Diversity of Comb Jellies Revealed Through Genetic Probes
113 Sequential "Melting" of Upsilons: New Insight into the Hottest Matter on Earth
114 Longest Neck of Any Animal Ever: New Fossil Analysis Reveals Dinosaur with 50-Foot Neck
115 Even in the Age of Satellites, 19th Century "Dinner Plate" Still Useful in Ocean Science
116 Scientists Have Discovered How Zebra Stripes Work
117 A Potential Health Threat: China's "Dark" Side of Air Pollution
118 Ancient Proteins Offer New Clues About the Origin of Life on Earth
119 Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates in the US Are Alarmingly High--New Study Sheds Light Why