File Title
1 Building a Computer with a Single Atom
2 Surprising Discovery: Change in Heart Energy Production May Be Key to Preventing Heart Failure
3 Empowering Change: More than Two Million Citizens Lead Europe's Renewable Energy Revolution
4 A Surprising New Method for Converting Light into Electricity
5 Mysteries of the Earth: How Fast Did Ancient Magma Ocean Solidify?
6 Astrophysics Mystery Solved: Researchers Crack the Code Behind Cosmic Jets
7 X-Ray Vision: MIT's Augmented Reality Headset Enables You to See Hidden Objects
8 A World in a Test Tube: Removing Traces of Life in Lab Helps NASA Scientists Study Its Origins
9 Sleep Soundly: New Insights Could Pave the Way for Novel Treatments for Insomnia
10 New Minimally Invasive Treatment Provides Significant, Long-Term Relief for Chronic Back Pain
11 NASA Prepares to "Take the Plunge" and Explore Venus with DAVINCI
12 Are Your Strawberries Not Tasting as Good? Pesticides May Be Responsible
13 Exciting Possibilities: New Species of Microalgae Discovered
14 How a Smartphone App Lowers Blood Sugar and Improves Health Behaviors in Patients with Diabetes
15 Alzheimer's Breakthrough as Scientists Link NAD+ Supplements to Reduced Biomarkers in the Brain
16 Necrotizing Enterocolitis--The Horrifying Intestinal Disease Too Many Babies Are Still Dying From
17 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is There Water on the Moon?
18 Chunky Dunk?--The Strange Truth About Cleveland's Armor-Plated Prehistoric Sea Monster
19 Chemotherapy Chaos: Tumor Cells' Response to Treatment Is Driven by Randomness
20 New Technology Can Detect Cancer Cells Without Invasive and Expensive Surgery
21 Galactic Explosion Reveals New Details About the Universe
22 Lonely Hearts at Risk: Lifelong Bachelors Face Dire Prognosis with Heart Failure
23 Scientists Solve Cell Survival Mystery
24 Muscle Mass Can't Save You: The Impact of Excessive Fat on Health
25 High Risk of Negative Health Consequences: Smokers with Mental Illness Consume the Most Caffeine
26 Turning Back the Cosmic Clock: How NASA's Roman Space Telescope Will Rewind the Universe
27 Hormone Replacements for Gender Affirmation Therapy May Raise Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
28 Scientists Have Developed Contact Lenses that Help Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome
29 Do Humans Hibernate? No, but We Still Need More Winter Sleep
30 COVID-19 Pandemic Increased Rates and Severity of Depression--Even for People Not Infected
31 Don't Miss Skywatching: Dwarf Planet Ceres at Its Brightest
32 New Research Links Frequent Marijuana Use to Heart Disease
33 Paradox Reveals the Quantum Geometry Wizardry in Superconductivity's "Magic Angle"
34 A New Cosmic Model to Reveal What's Inside Colliding Black Holes
35 Scientists Observe "Quasiparticles" in Classical Systems for the First Time
36 New Hope for Patients with a Rare Incurable Disease
37 Incredible Astronaut Photo of New York and New Jersey from Space
38 Researchers Discover that Immune System Drug Can Significantly Reduce Alcohol Consumption
39 Researchers Discover Key Factor To Make It Easier to Stick to Exercise and Diet Goals
40 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Movie of DART Asteroid Impact Debris
41 Insomnia Tied to 69% Greater Risk of Heart Attack--Worse for Women
42 Dementia Breakthrough: Three Intestinal Bacteria Found in Dementia with Lewy Bodies Identified
43 Astronomers Uncover Black Hole Closer to Earth than Ever Before
44 Shocking Report Reveals 59% of Long COVID Patients Suffer from Organ Damage a Year Later
45 Unknown Hidden Chamber Discovered in the Great Egyptian Pyramid of Giza
46 Major Study Finds Working a Four-Day Week Boosts Employee Wellbeing Without Compromising Productivity
47 Unexpected Surprises: Hubble Captures Stunning Movie of DART Asteroid Impact Debris
48 Semantic Similarity: AI System Identifies New Drug Candidates for Parkinson's Disease
49 Teams Forge Forward in NASA Moon Metal Production Challenge
50 Similarities to Climate Changes Today--New Research Helps to Detail Earth's Most Massive Extinction Event
51 What Time Is It on the Moon? Advancing a New Lunar Timezone
52 Long COVID Sufferers More than Twice as Likely to Experience Heart Problems
53 Human Brain Unveiled: Scientists Identify Cause of Excessive Gyri Folding
54 Organoid Intelligence--Revolutionary Biocomputers Powered by Human Brain Cells
55 Study Finds Temperature-Stable Tuberculosis (TB) Vaccine Safe and Effective
56 New Clinical Trial Reveals: Cutting Just One Food Can Treat Eosinophilic Esophagitis
57 Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Silicon Encoded Spin Qubits Achieve Universality
58 2D Quantum Freeze: Nanoparticles Cooled to Quantum Ground-State in Two Motional Dimensions
59 Rediscovery of the Elusive Fairy Lantern: Thismia kobensis Emerges After 30 Years
60 Breathtaking X-Class Solar Flare Bursts from the Sun
61 Scientists Identify One of the Causes of Aggressive Liver Cancer--a "Molecular Staple"
62 Cambridge Researchers Unveil Simple 11-Minute Solution to Reduce Risk of Early Death
63 What Did Ancient Noses Smell? New Study Provides Insight
64 Unlocking the Secrets of Water-Ion Interactions in Layered Materials
65 Beware of Keto Diet: May Be Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attacks and Cardiovascular Disease
66 The Solution to Moon Dust: Researchers Develop Groundbreaking Liquid Nitrogen Spray
67 NASA's Curiosity Rover Views First Dazzling "Sun Rays" on Mars
68 Internal Thermometer Discovered that Tells Seeds When to Germinate
69 Newly Expanded Space Station Crew Works Together
70 New Steganography Breakthrough Enables "Perfectly Secure" Digital Communications
71 100 Million Years Unveiled: The Most Detailed Model of Earth's Surface Ever
72 Hubble Spies a Mesmerizing Meandering Spiral Galaxy
73 FDA's Acetaminophen Limit Linked with Reduced Serious Liver Injury
74 CRISPR: A Potential "Savior" for Climate Change Threatened Rice Crops
75 Why Do Some Cities Thrive for Millennia While Others Fade Away?
76 NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer Spacecraft Restored After "Firecode Reset"
77 Bumblebees Learn to Solve Puzzles by Watching Other Bees
78 Immense Power of an Empire Revealed in Colors on Ancient Pots
79 ChatGPT Generative AI: USC Experts with Key Information You Should Know
80 Supercharging Drought Resistance in Crops by Blocking Gene that Inhibits Root Growth
81 Astrophysicist Reveals Planet that Could End Life on Earth
82 Advanced Space Research Underway with 11-Member ISS Crew
83 Trouble Falling Asleep Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia
84 Mezcal Worm in a Bottle: DNA Testing Yields Unexpected Results
85 Ouzo Effect--Liquor Party Trick Could Lead to Better Emulsions
86 Seven Healthy Habits to Reduce the Risk of Dementia
87 New Forms of Exotic Superconductivity by Stacking Layers of Graphene
88 Astronomers Discover Missing Link: Water on Earth Is Even Older than Our Sun
89 New Alzheimer's Treatment Strategy: Blocking T Cells to Prevent Neurodegeneration
90 New Research Links Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Reduced Bacterial Diversity
91 Mystifying Trapping Phenomenon: A Surprising Way to Catch a Microparticle
92 Surprising Study Finds Watching TV Is Good for the Planet
93 Long COVID Means Increased Risk of Long-Term Gastrointestinal Problems
94 Astronomers Have Detected RRLs of Carbon/Oxygen Ions for the First Time
95 Ocean Surface Tipping Point Could Accelerate Climate Change
96 Scientists Have Discovered an Enzyme that Converts Air into Electricity
97 Polarized Shockwaves Shake the Universe's Cosmic Web
98 Harvard Scientists Make the Case for Female Mice in Neuroscience Research
99 Cutting-Edge Science Advances on Space Station as Crew Prepares for Departure
100 Astonishing Discovery Reveals Water in Our Solar System May Have Originated Billions of Years Before the Sun
101 When These Neurons Are Activated by Chronic Stress--Behavioral Problems like Depression and PTSD Result
102 Researchers Warn that Gluten-Free Products Are Not Necessarily Healthier
103 Researchers Unveil New Platform for Catalytic Syngas Conversion
104 Secrets of 9-Foot Tall, 1,500-Pound Elephant Birds Revealed by Ancient Eggshells
105 Revolutionary Material May Solve Key Quantum Computing Issue for IBM and Google
106 What Makes Brown Rice Healthy? Scientists Unveil the Secrets to Its Nutritional Wealth
107 Researchers Discover Cryptic Cat Species on Mount Everest
108 Unexpected Behavior--Bending 2D Nanomaterial Could "Switch On" Future Technologies
109 Silicon, Gold, and Copper--Scientists Discover New Weapons Against COVID-19
110 Disturbing Truth: Opioids Dominate as Primary Cause of Poisoning Deaths in Children
111 Combining Robotics and Microfluidics: A Precision Arm for Miniature Robots
112 Scientists Create "Reddmatter"--Game-Changing Room-Temperature Superconductor
113 Bioinspired Neural Network Model Can Store Significantly More Memories
114 An Unrecognized Factor: How Male Alcohol Consumption Impacts IVF Success
115 Warning: Nitrate in Tap and Bottled Drinking Water May Be a Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer