File Title
1 China issues sharp rebuke of Dutch chips tech export curb
2 Novel computer components inspired by brain cells
3 Dutch to curb chip tech exports for 'security' reasons
4 Solid-state thermal transistor demonstrated
5 China invests $1.9 billion in top chipmaker: report
6 CHIPS Act just the first step in addressing threats to US leadership in advanced computing
7 US-funded chip firms to face curbs on expanding in China
8 A new way for quantum computing systems to keep their cool
9 New chip for decoding data transmissions offers record-breaking energy efficiency
10 Engineers discover a new way to control atomic nuclei as "qubits"
11 Customizing catalysts for solid-state reactions
12 A step forward in the quest to replace silicon with 2D chips
13 Apple to spend extra 1 billion euros on Munich chip hub
14 Senegalese recyclers seek solutions in fight against plastic
15 Health warnings as Bangkok chokes on pollution
16 Illegal miners block Colombian roads to protest crackdown
17 Beyond Pandora: Oscar films highlight man's destruction of our own planet
18 Activist Erin Brockovich slams response to toxic US train wreck
19 Toilet paper adding to 'forever chemicals' in wastewater: study
20 Far-reaching UN treaty a must to cut global plastic use: experts
21 Global wildlife contaminated by 'forever chemicals'
22 US railroad company ordered to pay for cleanup of toxic derailment
23 Kenya's Ruto urges accountability for world polluters
24 Tiny Welsh island wins world stargazing fame
25 Renewables help offset rise in coal emissions, IEA says
26 Corralling ions improves viability of next generation solar cells
27 Using combustion to make better batteries
28 Physicists solve durability issue in next-generation solar cells
29 Non-fused-ring donors and acceptors boost organic solar cell efficiency to over 14 pecent
30 Perovskites, a 'dirt cheap' alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient
31 Titanic robots make farming more sustainable
32 New insights into training dynamics of deep classifiers
33 Dynamic model aids fuel-based soft robot with chameleon-like properties.
34 Engineering breakthrough in softbotics
35 Climate-stressed Iraq says will plant 5 million trees
36 Record deforestation in Brazilian Amazon in February
37 Brazil's new Indigenous affairs chief sets sights on illegal gold
38 'More important than rainforests': UK pioneers peat partnership
39 Using a data cube to monitor forest loss in the Amazon
40 Boreal forest fires a 'time bomb" of carbon emissions
41 US blacklists Chinese firms supplying drone parts to Iran
42 Rafael's Drone Dome to be tested by FAA for Use at US Airport
43 Russia in talks with Chinese drone maker on supplies: report
44 US ends search for downed Chinese balloon debris, other objects
45 New "traffic cop" algorithm helps a drone swarm stay on task
46 Student-built satellite uses 'beach ball' for an antenna
47 NASA gathering tools to assess damage, verify parts made in space
48 Dynamic model aids fuel-based soft robot with chameleon-like properties.
49 China plans robotic spacecraft to collect samples from asteroid
50 First ever Canadian lunar rover will hunt for water ice on the moon
51 University Teams forge forward in NASA Moon metal production challenge
52 Liquid nitrogen spray could clean up stubborn moon dust
53 ESA invites space firms to create lunar services
54 Chandrayaan-3 undergoes EMI/EMC test successfully
55 China releases Chang'e-4 payloads' scientific datasets
56 Robot armies duke it out in Battlecode's epic on-screen battles
57 Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumb trick inspires robotic exploration of caves on Mars and beyond
58 SuperCam's AI capabilities enhanced with AEGIS upgrade
59 Perseverance set to begin third year on Mars at Jezero Crater
60 Patient's breath could hold key to a more precise COVID diagnosis: Study
61 As Florida man dies from 'brain-eating amoeba,' know more about tap water infections
62 Satish Kaushik dies due to heart attack; some warning signs for those over 60
63 As Sushmita Sen resumes workout after heart attack, cardiologists on how to get back to your fitness routine
64 Anyone can save a life, including kids. Here's why they should learn CPR and basic life support
65 Over 10 million older adults in India likely have dementia: AI study
66 As man dies after consuming two Viagra pills while drinking alcohol, experts share its health effects
67 Swollen feet during pregnancy: When should you worry?
68 Jasprit Bumrah undergoes back surgery in New Zealand; know all about diagnosis, recovery
69 Prevent weight gain during festivities and wedding season with these expert tips
70 What are these 'cancer vaccines' I'm hearing about? And what similarities do they share with COVID vaccines?
71 World Glaucoma Week: PGIMER plans programmes to shed light on need for early detection
72 Cara Delevingne opens up about overcoming substance abuse through a 12-step program; know more about it
73 'This doesn't mean you can never have these things, the key is to...': Know about the 7 destroyers of gut health
74 Bindi Irwin opens up about decade-long battle with endometriosis: 'They found 37 lesions and a chocolate cyst'
75 Fiva yoga asanas that will help you beat the bloat
76 One night without sleep can age your brain by these many years
77 Is lung inflammation worse in e-cigarette users than smokers, as a new study suggests?
78 Dimming lights 3 hours before sleep could reduce risk of gestational diabetes: Study
79 World Glaucoma Day 2023: Who is at more risk?
80 Study reveals link between secondhand smoke and severity of COVID-19
81 Prostate cancer treatment can wait for most men, study finds
82 Crocodiles are uniquely protected against fungal infections. This might one day help human medicine too
83 Post on 47-year-old's 'miraculous' pregnancy goes viral; Can one conceive even with uterus issues and absent periods?
84 Sushmita Sen credits going to the gym for surviving a massive heart attack
85 How doulas provide physical and emotional support to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum
86 Telangana chief minister KCR treated for stomach ulcer; what causes this?
87 Oscars 2023: As Jimmy Kimmel jokes about celebrities popping Ozempic pills for weight loss, know what it is
88 Here's why you may find it hard to sleep during summer
89 Will peeing after sex reduce one's chances of getting pregnant?
90 Hrithik Roshan stresses on the importance of diet, sleep, and meditation
91 Are transfusion-free transplants sans donated blood promising?
92 Morgan Freeman wears compression glove at Oscars stage; how does it help?
93 Neha Marda shares how expecting mothers can count kicks of their babies; why is it important?
94 African countries made huge gains in life expectancy. Now that could be erased.
95 Is rabri-jalebi an effective Ayurvedic remedy against migraine?
96 Is strength training better than aerobic exercises in improving migraine triggers?
97 'Eating disorders are not lifestyle choices': Why many people share a complicated relationship with food
98 As space junk threat grows, US government and investors seek solutions
99 Arianespace says faulty carbon component to blame for failed satellite launch
100 Meta lowers Quest VR headsets prices to lure customers
101 Japan launches H3 rocket, destroys it over 2nd stage failure
102 UAE's Jaber urges Big Oil to join fight against climate change
103 Frequency illusion: When seeing is believing, not fact
104 A 'hybrid' solar eclipse will happen in April: Here is how you can watch it
105 NASA's IBEX spacecraft back to studying edge of solar system after glitch
106 Bees follow roads & water channels to navigate home just like pilots before avionics: Study
107 NASA tracking asteroid that may hit Earth on Valentine's Day 2046
108 Scientists demonstrate how a 'super-Earth' between Mars and Jupiter would destroy our planet
109 New room-temperature superconductor offers tantalising possibilities
110 Relativity postpones Florida launch of 3D-printed Terran rocket
111 China to restructure sci-tech ministry to achieve self-reliance faster
112 Oldest reference to Norse god Odin found in Danish treasure
113 All the water on Earth could be older than the Sun: Study
114 ISS fires thrusters to avoid satellite in an increasingly dangerous low-Earth orbit
115 NASA and Italian Space Agency join hands for satellite mission to monitor air pollution