File Title
1 Amazon pollution: the stain on Ecuador's oil boom
2 UAE, Israel unveil joint naval vessel as military ties grow
3 Facile and scalable production of a fuel-cell nanocatalyst for the hydrogen economy
4 Emissions and contrail study with 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel
5 A future aircraft design, supercomputed
6 NASA virtual event showcases agency's efforts to transform aviation
7 UCLA engineers design solar roofs to harvest energy for greenhouses
8 Latin America poised to become renewable energy giant: report
9 High-member low-dimensional Sn-based perovskite solar cells
10 Growing crops at solar farms can boost panel performance, longevity
11 Large-scale perovskite single crystals for laser and photodetector integration
12 ERS Raises 5M Euro to develop high-integrity standard for voluntary carbon markets
13 Globalstar introduces Realm Cloud Mobile Device Management Platform
14 Automating the math for decision-making under uncertainty
15 BlackSky wins $150 million competitive bid for Space-Based Tactical GEOINT solution
16 Movie review: '65' spotlights epic sci-fi survival
17 Warnings over AI and toxic beauty myths dog TikTok's Bold Glamour filter
18 New "camera" with shutter speed of 1 trillionth of a second sees through dynamic disorder of atoms
19 Foxconn plans new India iPhone plant in shift away from China
20 Time US adults spend on TikTok closes in on Netflix: market tracker
21 Chinese phone makers emerge from Huawei's shadow
22 Bionic fingers create 3D maps of human tissue, electronics, and other complex objects
23 TFT strategy to enhance flexible display panel performance
24 Technology development could bring Raman microscopy to the clinic
25 Experiment unlocks bizarre properties of strange metals
26 Rise in ocean plastic pollution 'unprecedented' since 2005
27 Oil, chemical companies sue to overturn Canada plastics ban
28 Is biodegradable better? Making sense of 'compostable' plastics
29 North American Helium brings newest helium facilities into production
30 A more sustainable way to generate phosphorus
31 Carbon-neutral pavements are possible by 2050
32 Scientists identify new mechanism of corrosion
33 Making nanoparticle building blocks for new materials
34 New method accelerates data retrieval in huge databases
35 At San Francisco expo, AI 'sorry' for destroying humanity
36 New insights into training dynamics of deep classifiers
37 Kenyan innovators turn e-waste to bio-robotic prosthetic
38 Investigation will test 3D printed materials for satellite manufacturing
39 Italian airline signs up for space-enabled flights
40 Navigation Lab exploring Galileo's future--and beyond
41 EU green tech plan not protectionist: von der Leyen
42 IPCC: the climate handbook for a 'liveable' future
43 Hot spring baths block Japan's geothermal potential
44 Indonesians seeking climate justice take aim at Swiss concrete giant
45 'Total embarrassment': Denmark slams climate fund failure
46 Crab shells could help power the next generation of rechargeable batteries
47 Electric vehicle batteries could get big boost with new polymer coating
48 China probes mining practices in 'lithium capital of Asia'
49 On the road to better solid-state batteries
50 New compound that withstands extreme heat and electricity could lead to next-generation energy storage devices
51 The race to develop the battery of the future
52 Development of a self-resonant smart energy harvester
53 Salt could play key role in energy transition
54 Quantum geometry found to be newest twist in superconductivity
55 Electric vehicle batteries could get big boost with new polymer coating
56 UK offshore staff 'want public ownership of energy firms'
57 ABC Solar Inc. urges Santa Monica to come into compliance with CA State solar laws
58 Scientists transform algae into unique functional perovskites with tunable properties
59 Returning solar panel production to US speeds decarbonization
60 Japan mourns 2011 disaster as nuclear support grows
61 Ukraine nuclear plant outages an 'unacceptable risk': France
62 Working to make nuclear energy more competitive
63 Framatome completes first fuel element for the U.S. TRIGA research reactors
64 A year on, Ukraine's embattled nuclear plant turned Russian 'military base'
65 Eleven EU states unite to strengthen nuclear power
66 Czechs plan small nuclear reactor in 2032 to boost energy supply
67 Ukraine fallout pushes French nuclear giant EDF into historic loss
68 Preparing students for the new nuclear
69 France's EDF reports fresh crack in nuclear reactor pipe
70 Framatome delivers Hinkley Point C reactor pressure vessel
71 Turning vegetable oil industry waste into power
72 Cow manure fuels French tractors
73 How a record-breaking copper catalyst converts CO2 into liquid fuels
74 European consortium sets CO2 to fuel efficiency record using earth-abundant materials
75 Switching to hydrogen fuel could prolong the methane problem
76 Iraq seeks fiscal stability with 3-year budget
77 US welcomes Iran-Saudi deal, but voices skepticism
78 UN makes 'major breakthrough' to prevent Yemen oil spill disaster
79 Germany plans 2024 oil and gas boiler ban
80 U.N. secretary-general warns world is at a global warming crossroads
81 Scientists use TikTok to explain, fight climate change
82 Conservatives at big US conference divided on climate change
83 Climate trends in the west, today and 11,000 years ago
84 Too warm in Canada: world's largest ice rink may not open
85 Before global warming, was the Earth cooling down or heating up?
86 Governments to vet crucial UN climate science report
87 Nearly 130,000 facing starvation in Horn of Africa: WHO
88 Tens of thousands flee Somaliland into drought-hit Ethiopia
89 Jill Biden says Horn of Africa needs more drought relief
90 Lake Garda tourists flock to island reconnected by drought
91 France matches dry spell record of 31 days without rain
92 Governments vet crucial UN climate science report
93 Tens of thousands flee Somaliland into drought-hit Ethiopia
94 Climate change could cost Germany almost one trillion euros by 2050
95 US proposes new water pollution limits for coal plants
96 China confirms 53 'missing or dead' from February mine collapse
97 UK mine plan pits enthusiasts against environmentalists
98 China ramps up coal plant approvals despite emissions pledge
99 Iran says deal reached to buy Russian fighter jets
100 China Aerospace Studies Institute introduces research, analysis toolkit for commanders
101 Porsche backs synthetic option in EU fossil fuels row
102 VW joins e-car price war as global rivalry heats up
103 Germany angers EU after putting brakes on fossil fuel car ban
104 EU delays vote on fossil fuel car ban as Germany holds out
105 EV maker Polestar passes 50,000 cars sold per year
106 Musk eyes torrid growth at Tesla, but offers no big new reveals
107 Diverse approach key to carbon removal
108 New process could capture carbon dioxide equivalent to forest the size of Germany
109 Undersea graveyard for imported CO2 opens in Denmark
110 Coherent Logix launches 'HyperX: Midnight,' world's most advanced space processor