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1 Eating almonds daily may improve diabetes risk factors: Study
2 This is exactly what happens to your body when you eat processed food
3 The 'world's best fat burner' is...
4 Is barbequed meat healthy?
5 Women, this condition can lead to discomfort in the pelvic or vaginal areas; here's what you can do
6 Chemoprevention: Understanding how certain drugs can help lower the risk of developing cancer
7 What is frontotemporal dementia, the brain disorder Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with?
8 Which is better for health-sugar or jaggery?
9 Get instant relief from headache, acid reflux and bloating with these juices
10 How much immunity do we get from a COVID infection? Large study offers new clues
11 Mobile health intervention can help prevent secondary stroke: Study
12 Natural infection lowers risk of hospitalisation or death by 88 percent for at least 10 months: Lancet study
13 Novel molecule shows promise against COVID variants: Study
14 Ditch junk foods for these healthy snacks while travelling
15 Can carrot and white radish help you 'eliminate excess fat'
16 Find out if the 'popular combination' of coconut water and lemon juice is considered healthy
17 Is peritoneal dialysis better than conventional hemodialysis for chronic kidney disease patients?
18 When, with what, and how you consume fruits can affect your gut health and sleep; here are the 'top 3 rules' to follow
19 Why you feel like you are falling, or had a sudden jerk right before drifting off to sleep
20 Women, here's how you can build bone strength post-menopause
21 These foods will help you fight fatigue effectively
22 As flesh-eating parasites eat a man's eye after he sleeps with contact lenses, experts on why you should take them off
23 Certain foods can increase thyroid function, here's what you should eat (and avoid)
24 If you have ever craved for 'unusual' non-food items like chalk, mud, paper, or ice, you must read this
25 Why women should never ignore soreness, stinging, and burning sensation in the vulva
26 'Not a model, never will be': Selena Gomez opens up about weight gain due to her lupus medication
27 This common kitchen ingredient will help reduce bloating, relieve inflammation, and aid digestion
28 Is chaat bad for your health? Here's what a nutritionist says
29 Understanding the 'bidirectional link' between thyroid disorders and increased blood sugar levels
30 This is the ultimate 'superfood' for digestion and weight loss
31 Masaba Gupta relishes vada pav for breakfast; should you kickstart your day with fried foods?
32 Whenever you feel stuck in a loop of anxiety, worry, take a deep breath and do this simple activity
33 Street food vendor makes banana stem 'bhel'; but should you have the stalk raw?
34 One of the 'missing ingredients for a healthy mind and tummy' is &
35 Why pregnant women must not ignore blurred vision, headache, abdominal pain on the right side
36 If you are wondering whether eating fruits equals consuming sugar, Bhagyashree has the answer
37 Feeling constantly depressed, irritated, and having bad mood swings may indicate a deficiency of this hormone
38 50-year-old develops Irish accent after cancer diagnosis; how and why did it happen?
39 Here's what makes adzuki bean--staple in the macrobiotic diet--'a nutrition powerhouse'
40 Pizza on your weight loss journey-yea or nay?
41 Gurgaon woman's child, locked in house due to COVID-19, didn't see the sun for 3 years; how can it affect health?
42 Chhavi Mittal says having a positive outlook during cancer treatment can fasten recovery, experts agree
43 Why sexual aftercare is important for 'creating a holistic sexual experience and deepening intimacy'
44 Is raw camel milk beneficial for diabetic patients?
45 Post-pregnancy care: Effective tips for a faster C-section recovery
46 Sonnalli Seygall performs Agnisar Kriya; know its many benefits
47 Why sleep is so important for your fitness
48 'Having a mental health condition made me believe I was weak': People recount experiences living with bipolar disorder
49 If you start your day with honey water, you may be doing it wrong
50 Kylie Jenner opens up about her 'very difficult' experience with postpartum depression
51 As adenovirus cases spike in West Bengal, know more about the symptoms, treatment, and precautions
52 It may set your taste buds on fire, but there's no denying the many health benefits of red chili powder
53 Many personal care products contain harmful chemicals, here's what to do about it
54 The fungus zombies in 'The Last of Us' are fictional, but real fungi can infect people, and they're becoming more resistant
55 Craving sweets? Try these diet and lifestyle tips to manage them
56 Scientists discover new approach for producing medicines against the flu: Study
57 Passive vaping-time we see it like secondhand smoke and stand up for the right to clean air
58 From aiding fat loss to regulating blood sugar: The many reasons you may want to try matcha
59 Here's how you can 'reliably stop hiccups'
60 Should you have a concoction of water, lemon, and salt as soon as you wake up?
61 Drinking from bamboo bottles is not only good for the environment, but also for health--find out how
62 When should parents introduce pillows to their babies?
63 Do caffeine and thyroid medications go hand in hand?
64 Epilepsy during pregnancy may harm both mother and baby; here are things to keep in mind
65 Can polyester underwear affect fertility, cause impotence?
66 For three years, a teenager suffered from 'involuntary twisting movements of left arm and leg'--find out the cause
67 'I want to hold myself accountable': Bella Hadid opens up about her morning anxiety
68 The recommended protein intake for a person with a sedentary lifestyle is…
69 Menopausal women are turning to hormone therapy to ease symptoms; but does it also help manage diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease?
70 For bad breath, tooth ache, to alcohol cravings-this spice is what you need: 'Don't chew or swallow, just suck gently'
71 Centre issues heatwave health advisory as temperatures touch 'unusually high at some places in the country'
72 Study links this artificial sweetener to blood clots, stroke, heart attack and death; know more
73 Three yoga asanas to reduce the symptoms of depression
74 Find out what Ayurveda says about smoothies
75 What is a widowmaker heart attack, and why is it more dangerous than others?
76 If you experience severe itching after running, you may be suffering from this 'uncommon condition'
77 Understanding oestrogen dominance, its causes, symptoms, and treatment
78 A 19-year-old is the youngest person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease--the cause is a mystery
79 Debina Bonnerjee opens up about being diagnosed with Influenza B virus: 'Staying away from my babies now'
80 From stimulating hair growth to improving heart health: The varied benefits of garlic oil
81 Will losing weight without exercise make you gain fat?
82 Know about the common types of sports injuries and ways to prevent them
83 Sleep is extremely important for overall health; these tips will help you catch some shuteye tonight
84 Natural ingredients or supplements--what should you have?
85 As bodybuilder chokes on bread and dies while working out, experts share important tips on pre, during, and post-workout nutrition
86 Aditi Rao Hydari swears by this ancient ayurvedic hack for good oral hygiene
87 Lung health: Why diabetics are more prone to asthma, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis
88 Swimming pools vs. wild swimming--a germs expert on which is worse
89 From aiding weight loss to keeping insulin levels in check: Why walking is essential for you
90 Debina Bonnerjee advised to take a cold shower in 102 degree fever; is it effective?
91 Certain foods may 'trigger' stress; these are some of them
92 If you experience negative feelings after consensual sex, here's some help from experts
93 Sushmita Sen suffers heart attack, undergoes angioplasty; know more about post-operative care
94 Not understanding your body, how it digests and absorbs food you eat, can lead to…
95 Ed Sheeran says wife Cherry developed tumour in pregnancy; know how and why they occur
96 What we know and don't know about the origins of COVID-19
97 US woman gives birth to 'MoMo' twins; know about the rarest of rare pregnancies
98 Consuming this variety of bread may help reduce belly fat, says study
99 Music therapy: Experts on harnessing the power of notes and lyrics to make lives better
100 Is stevia really a good alternative to refined sugar?
101 Why you need probiotic and prebiotic foods in your diet (and things to keep in mind before consuming them)
102 Can you really reduce calorie intake while enjoying fast food?
103 Understanding the link between mental health issues and obesity
104 Zeenat Aman feels 'under the weather' with 'flaring rosacea': know about the chronic skin condition
105 As H3N2 flu cases surge, Indian Medical Association advises to 'avoid antibiotics'; here's why
106 Amid bird flu scare, Jharkhand health minister says he eats more chicken: 'Heat it well while cooking'
107 Childhood obesity in India likely to rise over 9 percent annually by 2035: Study
108 Long COVID associated with reduced brain oxygen levels, cognitive impairment: Study
109 Poor sleep linked to increased heart disease risk: Study
110 Big Soda's alcohol drinks worry health experts
111 Is home-made vapour rub effective against cold, cough, and congestion?
112 Female sexual dysfunction is 'more common than we think'; here are some common causes
113 Exercise is even more effective than counselling or medication for depression. But how much do you need?
114 Watch out for these 8 nutrition label red flags every time you purchase a food item
115 What is muscular dystrophy, which mainly affects young boys, and what are its type, signs, and treatment?
116 Amitabh Bachchan suffers muscle tear in the rib cage; find out if age is a risk factor behind such injuries
117 Using AI to detect breast cancer that doctors miss
118 'I gave up': Shark Tank judge Namita Thapar opens up about her two failed IVF attempts
119 Is it safe to wear earplugs while sleeping?
120 These super foods will make your hair grow super quick!
121 Indian scientists identify better drug treatment for severe scrub typhus
122 What is the best time to have sex to get pregnant?
123 If you enjoy mint chutney with your meals, we have some healthy news for you
124 Bruce Willis' wife requests paparazzi to give the actor 'space': 'Allow whoever is with him to get him from point A to B safely'
125 With H3N2 flu cases on the rise, here's how you can prevent the infection during Holi
126 Debina Bonnerjee shares why you must 'not ignore vaginal health'
127 Can Holi colours increase the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
128 Temperature-stable TB vax found safe, prompted immune response in adults: Study