File Title
1 COVID and your gut: how a healthy microbiome can reduce the severity of infection--and vice versa
2 Prostate problems and winter season: Is there a link?
3 COVID infection may impact semen quality in men: AIIMS study
4 Aloo bhujia is a loved tea time snack; but should you have it?
5 Is sleeping on the stomach good for you?
6 What is the link between diabetes and smoking? Experts decode
7 Do not throw away walnut shells, here's all that you can do with this wonder ingredient
8 Here's how you can differentiate between COVID-19, flu, and H1N1
9 Don't like drinking plain water? 10 healthy ideas for staying hydrated
10 These sources of plant-based collagen will help 'keep you ageless'
11 Can this tongue clicking exercise help you stop snoring?
12 This is why you feel bloated despite eating healthy and clean
13 What you eat affects your body; eat these foods to stay warm this winter
14 Mira Kapoor relishes 'haak saag in bed'; know about the Kashmiri green leafy dish
15 Practise these five asanas to free yourself of 'emotional burden'
16 Are tampons unsafe? Experts share the right way to use them to prevent toxic shock syndrome
17 An expert-approved diet guide to reduce the risk of breast cancer
18 Suffering from PCOS? Here are some dietary dos and don'ts
19 How does drinking water from a copper vessel impact your body?
20 New drug slows Alzheimer's but comes with caveats
21 Is it healthy to sleep with your socks on?
22 Pistachio or pista: Why this 'skinny nut' makes for a nutritious addition to your diet
23 How COVID can disturb your sleep and dreams--and what could help
24 Foods you must eat for healthy and lustrous hair
25 Personal hygiene: Should you use vaginal washes?
26 Tips to maintain your health while enjoying a buffet
27 Expert-approved hacks and tips to reduce belly fat quickly
28 These nutrients may influence your anxiety levels
29 Five yoga asanas for a healthy gut
30 A menstrual guide to understanding your period better
31 COVID-19: Amid growing concerns about their adverse effects, your basic guide to understanding mRNA vaccines
32 From bathing right after meals to having lunch post 2 pm: Common mistakes to avoid for better digestion
33 Should new mothers have biotin laddoo to manage postpartum hair fall?
34 Food can impact your mood; here are the three states of mind and the diets that promote them
35 What is avascular necrosis, a post-COVID-19 complication that has 'astounded the medical community'
36 Why whole grains are touted as the 'storehouse of good health'
37 What happens to your body on a long-haul flight?
38 Gained weight after a vacation, a break, or festivities? Here's what you need to do
39 'Slow down' aging with these foods that come with 'miraculous powers'
40 Understanding the link between maternal eating disorder and increased risk of premature birth
41 Weight loss alert: Is coffee the cheapest fat burner?
42 'Never forget your vitamin C,' says Soha Ali Khan; here's how you can squeeze some into your daily life
43 Can this two ingredient 'ancient method' help relieve cough and phlegm?
44 Do not fall for these diet tricks to lose weight quickly, they 'never work'
45 'Always take two steps back': Virat Kohli opens up about 'dealing with denial, feeling vulnerable'
46 Why you must stop dismissing these symptoms as 'winter blues'
47 Nutrients to attain better immune health in 2023
48 What should your ideal weight be for your age and height?
49 What is bacterial meningitis, a life-threatening infection that led to the death of Jeff Beck?
50 Lalit Modi on external oxygen support after 'double COVID' in 2 weeks; doc says 'nothing new'
51 Why older fathers might pass on more mutations to offsprings, study finds answers
52 Should you completely skip all types of sugar? Know what expert says
53 Sitting all day is terrible for your health--now, a new study finds a relatively easy way to counteract it
54 Here's how you can satiate your unhealthy cravings with healthy alternatives
55 Ease your way through menopause with these seven foods
56 No, those white spots on your nails are not due to a calcium deficiency
57 How fasting 'once a week or a month' can be beneficial for health
58 Even a little alcohol can harm your health
59 The 'BTB juice' is what you need for losing weight, relieving constipation, and clear skin
60 What is vitiligo, the autoimmune disease Malayalam actor Mamta Mohandas has been diagnosed with?
61 Electric blankets can keep you warm and cosy in winter, but are they safe?
62 Digestive health: These foods are 'gas forming' in nature
63 Before or after breakfast: The right time to brush your teeth is...
64 This is why you need to keep a strict tab on your 'liquid calorie' consumption
65 Not just the liver, heart, and kidneys, drinking alcohol can damage your DNA too
66 'My body feels battered and broken': British playwright Hanif Kureishi shares physical and mental agony from the hospital bed
67 Why you must not take vitamin D3 and B12 deficiencies 'lightly'
68 Some Ayurvedic swaps to help you manage PCOS better
69 Marriage provides health benefits-and here's why
70 Laughing can help improve your mental health; find out how
71 Happy new year. Now please stay home.
72 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Why an increasing number of younger women are at risk of this disease
73 Black vs. green vs. white tea: Find out which variety has maximum caffeine, antioxidants, and is the least processed
74 COVID-19: Why are some patients presenting with 'unusually high grade fever, prolonged cough' even after two weeks?
75 India to face 'tsunami' of chronic diseases like cancer: US-based oncologist
76 ADHD more important predictor of anxiety, depression than autism: Study
77 High BMI may metabolise Vitamin D differently, could diminish supplement effects: Study
78 This winter, here's why you should opt for mittens instead of gloves
79 Is Veganuary bad for you? A nutritionist explains why plant-based diets need proper planning
80 Is it possible to spot signs of dementia nine years before diagnosis?
81 This is why you may be feeling constipated despite eating 'super clean'
82 All you need to know about the latest TikTok trend--'damp drinking'
83 Do vitamin-C rich foods help detox the body after a festive season binge?
84 Simple Ayurvedic remedies to keep your eyes healthy
85 Vitamin D3 and K2 are known to have a 'Batman and Robin effect'--what does it mean?
86 Hybrid immunity offers more protection against severe COVID than infection alone: Study
87 Improve your memory with these natural remedies
88 Apple cider vinegar: Is drinking this popular home remedy bad for your teeth?
89 Male, female mice hearts respond differently to 'fight or flight' hormone, could have implication for arrhythmia, heart failure: Study
90 Try out this well-balanced meal to boost gut health
91 Structure of 'live' virus successfully reconstructed, could help reduce threat of anti-bacterial resistance in humans: Study
92 Banana, almonds, or raisins-what should you have on an empty stomach every morning?
93 Healthy eating: This is what makes til-gul the ultimate winter combination
94 Watching your weight? You may only need to make small changes to your daily routine
95 Are melatonin gummies the ultimate solution to your sleep woes?
96 Can dieting cause hair loss?
97 These easily available foods are 'great to detoxify the liver'
98 For all those who do not like coffee, these caffeine-free boosters are what you need for instant energy
99 Men, this is why you must stop carrying a 'fat wallet' in your back pocket
100 Emily Ratajkowski opens up about experiencing imposter syndrome; know what it means
101 How Apple prioritises health with their innovations that are 'grounded in science'
102 Does COVID really damage your immune system and make you more vulnerable to infections?
103 Understanding the link between gel nail polish dryer lamps and risk of cancer
104 Expert shares top 5 foods that can help increase fertility
105 These tips will help you choose the right sports bra
106 Why you must not ignore dry sensation in the mouth, trouble swallowing or speaking, and a white tongue
107 Sweet potatoes: Here's how you can pair them right for maximum health benefits
108 'I want to be an athlete; what should I keep in mind when training?'
109 Vegetables, proteins, or carbs--what should you eat first to avoid spike in glucose and insulin levels?
110 Effective techniques to stop procrastinating (plus, tips to deal with a procrastinator)
111 Women, commit to these 5 habits to keep yourself hale and hearty
112 These foods will 'support you through menopause'
113 Long COVID is keeping significant numbers of people out of work, study finds
114 Thing we learnt today: There is a 'perfect way' to eat an apple
115 Do this every morning to get better sleep at night