File Title
1 Technology and digital strategies could bring more tourists back to Indonesia
2 Why energy companies are making so much profit despite UK windfall taxes
3 See the Stunning New Photo of Saturn's Rings Just Sent Back by the Hubble Space Telescope
4 A promising cathode material for magnesium rechargeable batteries
5 NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds First Traces of A Fossil Lake on Mars
6 The danger of losing the service in times of disaster
7 Climate crisis could pave way for global termite infestation
8 More lunar missions means more space junk around the Moon--two astronomers are building a catalog to track the trash
9 How fingerprints form was a mystery--until now
10 On-chip mechanical exceptional points based on an optomechanical zipper cavity
11 Fresh meat early diet reduces risk of dog digestive issues later in life--study
12 Non-processed meat-based early diet reduces risk of dog digestive issues later in life, finds study
13 Degradation of plastic waste using newly developed biocatalysts
14 Size of insects is shaped by temperature and predators, shows study
15 The pandemic played into ageist stereotypes, but intergenerational contact and cooperation can overcome them
16 As we fight to protect species on the brink of extinction, let's not forget the familiar ones
17 A Psychologist Helps You Determine When It's Time to 'Cut Off' A Friend
18 Global supply chains are devouring what's left of Earth's unspoiled forests, say researchers
19 New AI methods to tackle the illegal wildlife trade on the internet
20 Dogs and cats can be expensive--five ways to save money on pet care as the cost of living rises
21 Novel microscope developed to design better high-performance batteries
22 Orca moms baby their adult sons. That favoritism pays off--eventually
23 Getting rid of coal power could make prices fall and demand rise elsewhere
24 The challenge of delivering aid in a disaster zone
25 Wet La Nina winter likely to bring more water into Lake Powell
26 Ocean life may have rebounded quickly after Earth's deadliest mass extinction
27 Tuning local coordination of catalysts for better lithium-sulfur batteries
28 Who Made the First Stone Toolkits? / Science
29 Hominids used stone toolkits to butcher animals earlier than once thought
30 NASA's NuSTAR telescope reveals hidden light shows on the sun
31 FinTech companies true to their word after Brexit
32 A Russian satellite has broken into pieces, littering debris in space
33 Urgent environmental action needed to limit the spread of superbugs, says new report
34 Gene cluster reshuffling drives natural sunscreen evolution in lichens
35 Mosquito's DNA could provide clues on gene expression, regulation
36 New land creation on waterfronts is increasing, study finds
37 Researchers simulate bubble collapse near oscillating walls
38 Physiological study explores how to really reach students with online teaching
39 Fossil discovery reveals complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought
40 Retirement-age workers stick around if businesses keep investing in them, says study
41 Evidence for a chiral superconductor could bring quantum computing closer to the mainstream
42 How does lack of preference affect joint decision-making?
43 New diagnostic test is 1,000 times more sensitive than conventional tests
44 Incoming CEO's political views may drive director departure in a firm, study shows
45 Bread made from a new type of flour keeps you fuller for longer
46 Fleeting interactions between the smallest phytoplankton and bacteria help to shape global ocean productivity
47 Scientists reveal flaws in tuberculosis bacterium by studying ferredoxins
48 Listening to podcasts found to widen the knowledge gap between classes
49 Incel activity online is evolving to become more extreme, study shows
50 Astronomers still scratching their heads over population of ocean-world exoplanets
51 Presence of E. coli is a poor indicator of fecal pollution
52 How a single-gene change led to a new species of monkeyflower
53 A new damselfly species is sharing habitat with UK natives
54 Can clay capture carbon dioxide?
55 Back-to-back mega-quakes devastated Turkey. California faces similar aftershock threat
56 Study finds food and beverage brands are common in child-influencer YouTube videos
57 'National conversation' needed to address air pollution in classrooms, according to researchers
58 Coquerel's sifaka: Critically endangered primate gives birth in Chester zoo in 'landmark moment'
59 SpaceX ignites giant Starship rocket in crucial pad test
60 Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Bags New NASA Contract for Mars Mission
61 This dinosaur might have snagged its prey in midair like modern hawks
62 Overloading workers with too many difficult tasks in a row makes them more likely to quit, study finds
63 Fossil Fruit Shows Ancestors of Coffee Survived Cataclysm that Killed the Dinosaurs
64 Researchers reveal patterns and mechanisms of unhealthy air pollution event in Lanzhou, China
65 Study shows California counties overseen by a coroner who is also sheriff underreport officer-involved deaths
66 Researchers identify how scammers target victims on dating apps
67 Exploring lemur-based seed dispersal
68 Citizen scientists tend oyster gardens
69 A First Look at Whale Sharks in Hawaiian Waters
70 Canberra's superb parrots caught up in housing crisis
71 Cockatoos can tell when they need more than one tool to swipe a snack
72 Where's the snow? Climate change affects ski racing season
73 Tracing the origin of life--a new abiotic pathway for the formation of peptide chains from amino acids
74 ChatGPT threatens language diversity--more needs to be done to protect our differences in the age of AI
75 500-year-old horn container discovered in South Africa sheds light on pre-colonial Khoisan medicines
76 Some of the Riskiest Asteroids Around Are Headed Toward Earth
77 Satellites may enable better quantum networks
78 Scientists develop test that can identify respiratory viruses within five minutes
79 A liquid laser that is robust in air and tunable by wind
80 How to build a climate-resilient water supply
81 Scottish households found to have lower levels of financial well-being than those in the rest of the UK
82 Spotting faint dwarf galaxy Donatiello II
83 US to test vaccines in poultry as way to curb bird flu outbreak
84 Experts concerned about how far bird flu is spreading globally
85 American multinational corporations in China adjust to trade war risks, analysis shows
86 Experts sound alarm on 'exploitative' baby formula industry
87 Scientists invent 3D printed fiber microprobe for measuring in vivo biomechanical properties of tissues
88 Mapping the LGM refugia of deciduous oak and its distribution
89 Evidence that deep-sea black carbon comes from hydrothermal vents
90 Don't feed the bears! But birds OK, new Tahoe research shows
91 Record low sea ice cover in the Antarctic
92 Flight from self-employment as UK cost of living crisis continues
93 Researchers build more detailed picture of the movement of the Greenland Ice Sheet
94 How video evidence is presented in court can hold sway in cases like the beating death of Tyre Nichols
95 'Love languages' might help you understand your partner--but it's not exactly science
96 Precise timings of non-adiabatic excited state dynamics
97 Recalls of fresh meat products may lower customer demand
98 Juice's odyssey of exploration: Jupiter's icy moons
99 As native birds seek cooler climes at higher elevations, will they have enough food to survive?
100 New strategy enables stepwise photo-assisted decomposition of carbohydrates to hydrogen
101 Neuroscientist investigates social cognition in biased juries
102 Scientists develop graphene aerogel particles for efficient water purification
103 Project offers road map for responding to racism as a public health crisis
104 Researchers use water treatment method to capture acids from agricultural waste
105 New models shed light on life's origin
106 Researchers detail never-before-seen properties in a family of superconducting Kagome metals
107 Does increasing farm productivity relieve pressure on remaining natural areas? Study suggests only among native people
108 Newsom administration offers legislation to protect western Joshua tree
109 What are the odds of brothers meeting in a Super Bowl? Not as high as you might think
110 Is ChatGPT 'woke'? AI chatbot accused of anti-conservative bias and a grudge against Trump
111 Paddleboarder comes across mysterious, transparent sea creature off California coast
112 The molecular regulation of self-eating
113 Norovirus Surging, 225 Outbreaks in U.S. this Season