File Title
1 Study explores conversion therapy practices in Ireland
2 CEO education is no guarantee of stock market success
3 Cultural burns can help protect koalas
4 Genomic analyses provide important insights for conservation management
5 Clues about the northeast's past and future climate from plant fossils
6 Heavy snow hits southern California
7 Workers moving products in the US food supply chain at high risk of injury
8 The coexistence of race and anti-racism in Geoffrey Morant's anti-Nazi anthropology
9 Worst-ever February rainforest data for Brazilian Amazon
10 Starting a business can liberate LGBT people to be themselves
11 Algorithms were supposed to reduce bias in criminal justice, but do they?
12 NASA to launch Israel's first space telescope
13 MAVEN status update
14 Researchers reveal multifaceted regulation of crassulacean acid metabolism in epiphytic orchid
15 How some male officers abuse their power over female victims and colleagues
16 The fungus zombies in 'The Last of Us' are fictional, but real fungi are becoming more resistant
17 Sheep as Urban Lawn Mowers Improve Environmental and Human Health
18 Theoretical support for reality of pressure mode pulsations on a white dwarf
19 Quake-prone Istanbul not at heightened risk: expert
20 Euclid spacecraft prepares to probe universe's dark mysteries
21 Russia's aggression threatens efforts to protect nature beyond Ukraine, say researchers
22 There could be alien life on Mars, but will our rovers be able to find it?
23 A Psychologist Describes 3 Ways to Immediately Reclaim Your Hope and Happiness
24 How giant baby galaxies are shaking up our understanding of the early universe
25 Two Nearby Planets Are Perfect to Check for Alien Life
26 H5N1 Bird Flu Kills 11 Year Old Girl in Cambodia, Father Infected
27 See the New Map of One Billion Galaxies that Took Six Years to Create
28 Tuberculosis May Have Been in the Americas for Thousands of Years
29 Russian ship docks with ISS to replace damaged capsule
30 Intermittent fasting diets could increase risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, research finds
31 Air pollution made an impression on Monet and other 19th century painters
32 Readers ask about fungal lung infections
33 Webb spots surprisingly massive galaxies in early universe
34 A Psychologist Offers Two Routes to A Healthier Attachment Style
35 Extinct-in-the-wild species in conservation limbo
36 Ballet Dancers' Clever Trick to Balance Their Turns
37 Solar Flare and Explosions May Bring Bright Aurora and Geomagnetic Storms Monday
38 Clean Air Can Boost Children's Lung Capacity
39 Extensively Drug-Resistant Shigellosis Has Risen this Much Since 2015, CDC Warns
40 A Psychologist Suggests 2 Ways to Not Let Your Anger Take Control of You
41 Scrapping over scraps: British wildlife clash over leftover food
42 Tesla's Full Self Driving Isn't the Only Technology with Speed Sign Detection Problems
43 Voluntary UK initiatives to phase out toxic lead shot for pheasant hunting have had little impact
44 China ramps up coal plant approvals despite emissions pledge: report
45 Far-reaching UN treaty a must to cut global plastic use: experts
46 A contested tool to fight deforestation
47 'Mommy brain' doesn't capture how the brain transforms during pregnancy
48 Researchers propose copper-catalyzed rearrangement of cyclic ethynylethylene carbonates
49 Meet Form Bio, the Spinout from the Woolly Mammoth Company that Just Raised $150 Million
50 Medicated eye drops may delay nearsightedness in children
51 Capturing nanoplastics in tap water with light
52 Nitrogen addition affects trait divergence of plant community assembly
53 Australia's rarest bird of prey disappearing at alarming rate
54 Why are polders an important part of China's water heritage?
55 Indoor 'queen banking' could help beekeepers deal with changing climate
56 China Responds to Lab Leak Report--Says U.S. Is 'Politicizing' Search for COVID Origins
57 Findings provide insights into the surprising evolution of proteins
58 Breaking Down A Rare 'Satellite' Tornado-Merger Event in Georgia
59 Explaining weather balloons and predicting their future use in light of recent events
60 'Irish Giant' Never Wanted His Body to Be A Specimen. Two Centuries Later, Museum Takes His Bones Off Display
61 From telescopes to biological tissue
62 Astronomers Catch A Black Hole and Its Destructive Powers of Spaghettification in Action
63 Exploring chaos on the nanometer scale
64 Recognizing a clear sign that quark-gluon plasma production 'turns off' at low energy
65 Processing, like fermentation and roasting, doesn't cut cocoa's health benefits
66 Are your strawberries bland? Pesticides could be to blame
67 Want your company to weather a crisis? Watch the leadership of the board chair
68 Niger is Africa's fastest growing country--how to feed 25 million more people in 30 years
69 Mapping the 'memory loss' of disinformation in fact checks
70 Report shines light on what US midterm election results could mean for future of American politics
71 Neural network algorithm predicts Arrhenius crossover temperature with 90% accuracy
72 Monkey mouths and hands could be key to future interactive enrichment systems
73 We need to ask students why
74 Older women are doing remarkable things--it's time for the putdowns to end
75 Researchers find sea urchin die-offs threaten Caribbean coral reefs
76 A gender perspective on the global migration of scholars
77 One is bad enough, but climate change raises the threat of back-to-back hurricanes
78 Sea ice in Antarctic at record low: US data center
79 One-click checkout increases spending and engagement, shows study
80 The rediscovery of an ethereal fairy lantern brightly illuminates its mysterious past
81 Rare insect found at Arkansas Walmart sets historic record, points to deeper ecological questions
82 Culture of parents' country of origin influences second-generation immigrant entrepreneurship, study finds
83 Biomass of livestock dwarfs that of wild mammals
84 Study reveals shifting climate trends in the Western US dating back 11,000 years
85 New testing approach diagnoses COVID-19 with near-perfect accuracy
86 Syria peacebuilding efforts must address causes of the country's pre-war 'failed' state, suggests study
87 Hundreds of Washington state plants, animals at risk of extinction
88 Offshore wind halt urged by Native Americans seeking sway
89 Everglades restoration moves closer to reality with a crucial groundbreaking
90 Researcher develops new methods to measure 'forever chemicals' in both the atmosphere and in aerosol particles
91 Experts demand fire safety policy change over health impact of widely used flame retardants
92 Intermittent fasting diets could increase risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, research finds
93 Bitter substances spoil the appetite of oak moth caterpillars
94 Researchers predict how fast ancient magma ocean solidified
95 The Only Guaranteed Way of Seeing Venus and Jupiter's 'Super Conjunction' this Week
96 Disaster survivors need help remaining connected with friends and families and access to mental health care
97 Shark Tag Pinging Weird Locations
98 Three big numbers that tell the story of secularization in America
99 Slime molds are not actually fungi at all, but they are brainless predators
100 Can ideology-detecting algorithms catch online extremism before it takes hold?
101 'Build back better' sounds great in theory, but does the government really know what it means in practice?
102 Cage Diving in South Australia Supported by Shark Researchers
103 A dozen exotic bacteria are found to passively collect rare earth elements from wastewater
104 Compression treatment could relieve horses' painful swollen limbs
105 Countries meet to halt wide-ranging threats against oceans
106 Iran's rare cheetah cub dies of kidney failure
107 Extreme heat is a health crisis, Columbia experts say
108 Seven healthy habits 'may help cut the risk of dementia'
109 Elephants in US zoos? Without breeding, future is uncertain